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Online CPD - learning at your fingertips

Online trainingWith tax season over, many practitioners will turn their attention to professional development. Nigel Harris puts the case for online courses and presents an overview of current providers.


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Don't forget HMR&C and CIOT

nigel | | Permalink

I suppose I ought also to acknowledge the efforts HMR&C have made to publish (free of charge) e-learning materials recently, as reported elsewhere on this site. There are a couple of handy text-based e-learning modules at: - Compliance checks under FA2008
and - Tribunal reform

The CIOT has a good series of podcasts for members at:

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Thanks for the comments

nigel | | Permalink

Thanks for all the useful comments. I have made some additions to the article in response.

Now Training

Anonymous | | Permalink

I have used (see my question about on on-line CPD last week).

I used the Money laundering training for my team and was impressed, low-cost, easy to use and very well thought out. It even told me which members of the team had completed the course.

I also tried the monthly Tim Good Tax update podcasts and they are excellent in keeping me up to date. I even kept working whilst it ran on my computer! At around a fiver (I think) it isn’t going to break the bank.

Since Tim Good is involved do you really think he would put his name to anything he wasn’t entirely happy with? His old PTP software was excellent and we still use it now.

I for one would recommend it.


How much?

tomtrainer | | Permalink

What are the prices of all the different offerings?

tomtrainer | | Permalink do online courses, and I think they are quite cheap. Does anyone know if they are any good?

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The other P in CPD

theaccountantscoach | | Permalink

And don't forget CPD comes in many shapes and sizes and many different guises.....Might be an opportune moment to remind ourselves of the other 'P' in CPD right here: