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Quick PDF wins for accountants - Part 2

Simon Hurst continues his review of useful Adobe Acrobat features with five more suggestions on how you can use PDF files to speed up your document management and work processes.

Invite comments on a document and manage the review process
If you want to consult others on the content of a document, or even just to invite feedback from an individual recipient, then Acrobat provides a rich set of tools and functionality to help you.

Once your document is ready for review, the Send for Review option from the Acrobat File menu provides options to send the document by email,


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1000 words

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

as with all bloatware , always use 1000 words when 10 will do

did anyone bother to read all of this ?....yawn

quick pdf ?

ps - what really irritates me is twits (including the icaew) that give links directly to bloated pdf files

shurst's picture

10 words

shurst | | Permalink

Perhaps reading it would help some produce better PDF files...