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Third of accountants are 'frustrated entrepreneurs'

Almost a third of accountants dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur before beginning their training, new research claims.

Running their own business was the most popular pre-qualification career dream among accountants polled by recruitment specialists Careers in Audit, ahead of being a lawyer cited by 22% of respondents.

Another 14% wanted to be a sports star, while 3% had visions of taking to the skies as a pilot.


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I am still a frustrated entrepreneur

Anonymous | | Permalink

I am one of those who has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and set up my accountancy practice 8 years ago (at 27) as a way to achive it.

The profession however beats entrepreneurship out of you!

At all levels I have operated at (and I have been at a final four, a top 50 and a regional independent) the procedural nonsence that must be followed and adhered to really does not foster a spirt of "lets get things done"

Indeed, so fed up have I become with the mind set of accountancy that I am about to leave it completely (with a big cheque for the practice I have sold tucked away in my bank account) to look for something new.

What I am going to do I do not know, but there has to be something more than what I have seen within accountancy for this frustrated entrepreneur

It could be worse!

Anonymous | | Permalink

Thank God the country is not run by accountants. However, lawyers are just as bad - they take instructions rather than make decisions.

Entrepreneurial advice

dan06 | | Permalink

E-Myth, BusinessZone, AccountingWEB's sister website for start-ups and small businesses, may be able to help you. Log onto

Among the features available is BusinessZone Grant Watch, which provides a round-up of the funding available for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a small business. The service launches on 13 April.

Dan Martin

dahowlett's picture


dahowlett | | Permalink

The original article is a great puff piece but whomever they've spoken t gets that kind of dream knocked out of them within 5 years of qualifying, for which see:
There's a world of a difference between running a steady state service business and wrestling with the complexities of modern business. I know very few professionals who have successfully made the transition.

You could always argue that Mike Rake is a shining example but he's in a different league to most others.

There is very little in professional training or practice that equips the accountant to succeed in business. How many for example can help a clietn beyind telling them how to manage cash flow. Do we for example have any concept of value - as in value pricing?

Just a few thoughts.

Surely setting up your own practice is entrepreneurial?

Taxi | | Permalink

Or did I miss something there?

I think the article is just referring to accountants who work for big firms in audit by the sounds of it.

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Good Article

iamcubs | | Permalink

Being a frustrated entrepreneur is depends on you on how to make it positive or negative but what good in it is to be a optimistic. Please check this out!

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