Working abroad: an overseas overview. By Max Williamson | AccountingWEB

Working abroad: an overseas overview. By Max Williamson

Max Williamson, director of, says a stint working abroad can be more than a busman's hoilday. But where should you go?

It is highly unlikely in today’s environment that any multinational would appoint a head of finance who hadn’t proved their worth in an international environment. Far from being a busman's holiday, appointments abroad demonstrates mobility, flexibility and cultural awareness: qualities that headhunters and employers alike prioritise when making senior appointments.


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Training in the UK

Anonymous | | Permalink

I for one would like to work in London or on the continent. My stint in a CA firm in Buckingham was refreshing and invigorating and would have ideally loved to complete my training there. The logical thought of progression is so different from the ad hoc, impromptu way of training if we do get one here in Asia. Professionalism is a different word out here and may mean refining Guanxi skills rather than analytical ones on paper.

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living & working abroad

shaunmcguinness | | Permalink

I've lived in the south of france for 2.5 years and manage to run a UK Ltd Co from here. I do have to visit the UK but keep visits down to 5 days every two months now.

Most correspondence is email and online web meetings are the norm with my clients.

I don't know if I could cope with living in the UK now!

Learning the lingo is a MUST and i am amazed at how many expats here just talk in loud English and make no effort to learn the language. Quite rude I think.