I have been providing a service to one branch of a business with several branches for 23 months.


A director has returned from maternity leave. SMP was paid via the payroll together with some additional salary.


They'll give a 30 min live demo but as i've got no other IRIS products they won't give me a trial i.e. buy or get stuffed.


I think i'll take the later...


I use Chrome internet browser and just recently I have had a problem with blank pages.


Email just in:


Dear sir/ma,




I am the Chief Accountant for a company that is going into administration. We became insolvent due to a major supplier taking its business away from us.

I've recently been discussing the requirement to pay Directors the legal minimum wage - as this could affect the 'dividend versus salary' decision.


I've completed a job for a client, I applied for and received a HMRC login.  The person (employee) who's taken on the job has asked me for my HMRC login because they've not yet received their own.


It's coming up to the scariest time of year - no, not tax season, though that's not far off either.