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I deal with a family company which is owned 50/50 by husband and wife and is currently trading.The directors have decided to stop trading at the end of November 2015.The company currently owns the



CIS tax return - my friend has not kept ANY receipts whatsoever.  Apparently he didn't keep any in previous years either but I didn't see or submit his previous tax returns.


Has anyone come across the scenario where individual components are used to create a new innovative piece of equipment to be used in the business? E.g.

I have been working freelance for an International communication Company for number of years.  The contract was UK based but I have also worked from time to time for them in several other European


Members' views would be welcomed please on Card Payment Services, re which companies are recommended (both in terms of cost and efficiency), for a low volume case.


If a company director (and shareholder) of a limited company is permanently based in the USA, can the company make gross salary and dividend payments to them?


Somebody must have thought about this before, but I haven't seen anything written about it.


A new client has asked me to complete about 12 months worth of VAT returns which he has not submitted.  The VAT registration is still in the name of his old sole trader business.


First time I have been asked to produce 2014 draft accounts for the bank on behalf of a client who I took over six months ago from another accountants.