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The company P traded through to the last day of the last accounting period to 31 August 2014 and then the business (not the shares) was sold on 1 September 2014. Accounts and tax comps etc were pre

I know it didnt cross George O's mind to even think of asking us before he made his announcement (thats coming later apparently) but does anyone have a view of the practicalities with regard to fut


Client is company contractor - therefore submits FPS every month to reclaim.


Dear colleagues i would very much appreciate your comments on this issue. My client would like to convert his home into 3 flats, 2 of them to be let out.


The inevitability of change within the accountancy profession has become common currency, but several observers at the Accountex event in London last week voiced surprise at just how quickly practi


I am getting myself confused. Client is of Spanish domicile and arrived in the UK to work September 2010.


We found a client should have registered for VAT and hasn't, limit breached in September so i applied for registration from 1 November.  Was waiting for an answer to one of the questions from the c


Here's the situation.

Company director of a wholly owned OMB located in the North of England won a 12 month contract based in London.


Client has sent me the link to their online Quick Books. On examining the trial balance I note it doesn't seem to include figures for Trade Debtors or Trade Creditors yet the TB balances