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How would I report the following situation to HMRC?


A client has a 5 employee payroll, currently uses all of £3k employment allowance and will be required to have an AE scheme.


Suppose an employee is about to take up a short term job. It is only going to last 2 months.


I am proposing to do cessation accounts for a Ltd company client at 31 March 2016, then apply to dissolve the company. The company has one director who is also the sole shareholder.


The director of small company has sold a property to his son who has no connection with the company. It is the intention that a commercial loan will be drawn up between the company and the son rega


How much should we expect to pay for someone to prepare an EMI scheme for one employee receiving options worth about £100K now?


My client has got over 15 properties and recently entered into a "Declaration of Trust" as well as formed a Ltd company. What I am not sure about is if this new property ltd company needs it’s own


IRIS support not answering the phone, waited more than 20 min for last week and today. Any idea whats going on? 


Small private company issued capital 50000 ordinary shares of £1 each (12 members).