I am trying to set up a companies accounts.I have entered the creditors and debtors opening balances and removed them from suspense.I am left with opening balances for property ,paye ni ,bank and v


£4m-turnover, London-based company wants annual accounts and CT600, and supervision of the monthly management accounting process including one day/month attendance in office.


I have a client for whom SA1 has been submitted (3 days ago) but we have not yet received a UTR and I think are unlikely to before 31 January.


a client company owns a building with individual bedsits which have been let to tenants on short-term bases over the past 5 years.


Scenario 1: business A invoices other VAT-registered business (B) but forgets to add the VAT, remembers a couple of weeks later and issues an amended invoice.


My question surrounds the splitting of rental income.  My wife and I own a property that we rent out.  We are both in the 40% tax bracket.


I have never acted for an estate agent and am not about to now, but I do act for a painter decorator who has been doing some work for a local and fairly well known letting agent. 


A client of ours sold his Limited company during 13/14 with an agreement to take staged payments over the next three years from the new owner.


We look after the payroll of a UK company which has recently taken on 2 employees in Jersey and 1 in Guernsey.