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Recently I had cause to dig around in an old file for some information for a current CGT calculation .



This may seem like a bit of a 'soft question', but I simply cannot get a definitive answer.

I have also never come across this situation before.


We have to report financial statements in a different way soon.  FRS 102/105.  Most of my clients will be micro entities but there will be a need to report more substantial financial statements und


My client's family have set up a limited company which  owns and manages a property which is divided into a number of seperate apartments.


I worked for 3 years in Finance department of big chain of hotels meanwhile studying accountancy and slowly I'm preparing myself to open my own practice. 


Have you also seen the pop up adverts that are appearing on AWEB

for all inclusive of £90 with average of £2000 refund achieved.


As a retiree, former director and non-accountant, the following situation could almost be a question for an accountancy exam paper.

I have a client who I had advised last year was taking too much out of the limited company account, and should refrain from this practice.  He has said its his wife (who is not a shareholder, there


Does somebody know more about PSC register and confirmation statement ? 


(apologies in advance if this has been covered anywhere, I find the search function useless!)