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Sami left UK in 2006 and filled a from P85 to let the HMRC know he is leaving UK and started his own business in Germany.


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A client is seeking mortgage borrowing from a well-known high street bank.  The borrowing is 70% of the property value.


Can you advise of the treatment of Deprerciation and capital allowances for a web site


Client sole director with a 31st March year end.  He doesn't have a dispensation in place and has missed the P11d deadline for 2013/14


IT Contractor working through his own limited company.  Travels Sunday night from him home to his rented flat every week which is nearby his client location where he works.


A client who is a partnership wishes to incorporate as an LLP.

I know that the LLP is transparent for income tax purposes like the partnership.

My client is a non-domiciled UK tax resident who received a substantial distribution form a South African family Trust, whereby the trustees, the Trust, the settlor and the other beneficiaries are



I am doing accounts (01.03.2013 to 31.03.2014) of one of my new client - Company .Turnover is around £90k for 13months trading which is above for vat registration threshold.


I'm aware that in the construction industry that the VAT rate chargeable can vary, depending upon the type of work done (new build, installing insulation etc), but does this apply to surveyors? 


My client is an NHS hospital doctor who works privately also to see patients to prepare independent psychiatric reports per solicitor requests.