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Sorry to ask this, but  notices 480 and 490 are lengthy and not really fully sure re treatment.


If the net income is over estimated, on the renewal form, and tax credits are reduced or stopped and say the amendment is sent in 3 months later will HMRC then pay the underpayment?


How do I take money from my partnership and what do I pay tax on?


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I have a client that has been trading for 2 years. In that time his company have bought a commercial property and have opted to tax the property and reclaim the input VAT on this.


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Apologies if this has been answered somewhere already.

My client purchases from Adobe in Ireland and has received the following invoices over a year in this order:


There are lots of comments on AWEB about Self Employed Use of Home and Rent of Director's home and there seems to be lots of conflicting opinion too.


Client make a a number of payments each year overseas. There bank charges are really high  and while turnover has not increased bank charges has increased by 50% year on year.


If you are a Partner reading this then congratulations! You have already found some time to focus on managing your own business.

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