A farming client acquired about 4 year ago land for use within the farming trading business.The vendor had opted to tax the land and the client reclaimed the VAT through there VAT return on the bas


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I have a client who currently uses Sage Line50.  The Sage is networked. He is experiencing a lot of problems.


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My client is about to become a shareholder and director in a tech start up company, I have concerns about a possible ERS issue and would be grateful for comments, the facts are as follows -

A new client has presented me with the following puzzler


I do not offer bookkeeping services and my clients tend to be small businesses who use excel.  Some have now outgrown excel and I am finding it hard to prepare management and annual accounts withou


Do you think many employers are likely to choose an auto-enrolment pension scheme that costs them money, if there is one available that only charges the employees and provides middleware?


We have just leased a company car for an employee and they are going to make contributions via salary to cover the additional cost of upgraded specification on the vehicle.