My Institute allows a reduced subs rate if earned income is <£12,700 p.a

I take a salary of £10k + divs.  Are dividends earned income?


Many thanks


Client's employer reports FCA fees as professional membership subs on P11D.  These are for individual registration with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, formerly FSA).


I am looking to purchase a block of practice fees, are there any rules of thumb that can be used as a basis of valuation? 


My client (sole trader) runs classes in the evenings which are a 250 mile round trip.  His car broke down and he hired a car for the day to do the journey.  Can he claim the mileage rate and the ca


Hi, I have been approached by a CIC to clarify their situation with regard to the issue of grants. Can these be classified as an expense?

I'll give the full scenario of this after asking the main question.

I've been tasked to complete a self assessment form for year end 2011. Yes it's overdue!


My client (Ltd Co) has ordered books from Amazon but they do not provide a VAT receipt although it would seem VAT is charged.  However the 'non VAT' receipt is in the name of the director, not the


Our startup private Ltd registered in UK(12 Feb 2014) engages in the "Other Business Support Services" code and actually it operates New Business Development and Sales Consulting Services.

In the back of my mind I recall attending a course on ER where it was said that the 3 year limit can be extended by HMRC in exceptional circumstances.