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Atm, my various clients use 4 different AE pension providers, which means I have to upload the files from Payroll Manager to each separate scheme each week/month.


Can a sole director set up a childcare voucher scheme to take advantage of the tax/NIC saving on the vouchers to the nursery?


Good morning. The 9am Lowdown has an American slant today with the news of shootings in the United States.

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Two directors regularly use company card for their travel and subsistence expenses.




I have a new client that is a large sub-contractor (non gross) thus cis being deducted.

I would be grateful for thoughts regarding this situation.


I have a limited company client whose director (one of two directors) and 50% shareholder has died. What to put on the online Annual Return as far as his shareholding is concerned, please?


A new client has not been resident in the UK for the past 25 years or so, but has been renting out his UK property ever since, and also has some UK bank interest.


Have seen that the Taxfiler website has been down since around 3 this afternoon. I assume it's just not at my end because when I use website checkers it shows that is down.



I run a small phone company. Wholesale Airtime (phone calls) now fall under the Domestic Reverse Charge.