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Our recruitment team has promised that the cost of an at work car parking space for a newly recruited employee will be paid for by the company.


I have a client who was advised by a law firm to set up an EBT as a share warehouse for EMI shares. The total amount of shares in the EBT is 600 with a value of £6 as they are penny shares.



My brother has a terminal illness, and is expected to pass away soon.

He was employed by my company a couple of years ago (employment ended a couple of years ago).


Have letter from a firm of accountants to act for one of my clients.

This is the first request received in a while and I do not charge for the time to taken to prepare the reply.


My client owns two fields which he lets out to a farmer who keeps his sheep on the land.

I would be interested to have members' feedback on how much to charge for Accountant's reference - for confirming turnover, profit for the last 3 years, for confirming that client


We use Sage payroll and they want £40 a month just for the auto enrolment add on!



I hope you guys can help me. I am an online retailer (eBay, eCommerce) coming up to the VAT limit - I have about £20,000 in sales to go.


I know it is not the norm but in the circumstances, to protect one third of my annual income which is derived from this client, I filed the accounts with differences.


A client has just phoned me to say he has bought a small house he plans to do up and sell on. He wanted to know should he also put it in his wife's name.