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New Client decided to leave after six months as he wants someone more accessible face to face as his English isn't very good


My client exceeded the £230k before his registration anniversary on September 1, and I have only just noticed whilst preparing the 12/14 return.


I have never come across this one before.

One of my Self Assessment clients got sucked into the now defunct Banners Internet Marketing ponzi scheme.


We have a client which is not vat registered and is a charity.


I can't find anything on the new gov website and so would like to call them but I can't find a list of phone numbers on their website either.


Hi All,

Does anyone know how - or if it is even possible - to get a refund now of CIS tax suffered to date in 2014/15 which could be offset against a 2013/14 balancing payment due?


Hi Folks

I am wondering if anyone could share any thoughts on any legislation to seek guidance on direct debit processing,missed payments,reasonable charges allowed?


Hi all


I am in the process of completing a tax return for a driver in the private hire (minicab) industry.



In the past business has used bookkeeper's address for payroll, as he lived around the corner from the business.