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Guys, Sorry it must have been asked before.


Company has given gifts to 2 employees on retirement (electrical goods), cost of each gift £600. Employees had worked for company for 17 and 12 years.


A UK company has an opportunity in Ireland and will  potentially employ 5-10 Irish residents to fulfil the project.

I am considering buying a block of fees,

What are the pros and cons of doing this? What do I need to take into consideration before & after the purchase?


I took over the business in 2012 before that in 2011 the accountant was replaced by his son due to illness.


I know this sounds ridiculous but how does one register a client company for PAYE over the internet ?  There seems to be a circular argument that you need to register to use the scheme as an agent


I have had an existing client ask me to assist them to complete the lasting power of attorney app for court of protection, and name a relative in the form to assist with care, prop etc, they have m