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I have been preparing rental accounts for a client for 10 years. He 'owns' three furnished properties on interest only mortgages and normally makes a small profit each year.


I have a new customer whose business is renting domestic goods.


Does changing the 'Description of partnership trade or profession' on the SA800 have any consequences?


Hello, let me quickly say, I'm not looking for an answer here, I'm looking for someone to suggest who I should speak with, be it themselves, their firm or some superhero they have worked with!


A client has received a VAT visit. Everything was in order except for one matter. The VAT officer is no allowing a VAT from 


Banks are increasingly offering a "Loyalty Reward" (or similar words) to be credited to business accounts (probably as a sop for their increased charges).


Keeping clients happy and profitable was rated as high priority for 90% of accountants taking part in the recent AccountingWEB/Xero survey looking ahead to p



Will appreciate if someone help me. please

What is Flat rate Vat rate for CAR WASH  business


Can anyone put me straight on a question where research tends to reveal conflicting advice and TCGA 92 is (as ever) as clear as mud!


We have taken on a new client that is a small motor garage.  They have only been established a few years and at the outset they took out hire agreements for the bulk of the necessary equipment.