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There appears to be two very different types of relationship between the bookkeeper and the accountant, explains Mike Foster of 


We are a small practice in Rep of Ireland with a small number ( <10) SA100s to complete for Irish clients who happen to have a need to complete a UK return ( mostly rental income in UK).


I usually download closing currency rates from each month.


Client had a dormant company and then started trading last year without informing us. He then asked us to do his accounts which I duly did.

The accounting year end is 31/05/14.

I have taken on a new client and an ECSL needs to be completed for them.


If somebody is just setting up as self employed from the begining of the tax year (15/16) and now running a business, can they claim start up expenses for costs to set up?


I went to a talk by Robert Maas last night.



For a very small ltd company (turnover ad balance sheet less than £250K) with a March 2015 year end, what (if any) are the essential changes required vs the previous year?


During 2011/12 a non-UK resident client transfers a sum from his UK bank account to his US bank account which is automatically converted to US dollars.


Please bear with me, I promise I am reasonably intelligent usually, but I blame the head cold for not being able to solve what should be very simple... and the very basics of accounting!!!