Im a new starter; and i set up a chartered accounting practice some 6 months ago but things are not working at all. I left my old practice with the view that i could get this rolling soon.


Do you have any pub clients or are you the FD at a brewery/pub company?


Just filed my last return!!

The support provided and the price etc...


So, who's chances do you fancy this weekend?

I'd put the teams in the following order, starting from most likely to win to least. 


if i amend a 2011 12 tax return today can i amend again at a later stage if the figures are not correct , I have conflicting information aaah


I do all my work on a laptop and, when I see clients at their offices, I take my laptop with me.


I've posted about this client before. He's a sole trader who has been engaging the help of another sole trader to complete jobs. He does domestic plumbing work.


I have a client who doesn't communicate about their tax. I am trying to go them to comply, but what happens if they continuously fail to file.


Despite spending most of this week in bed with the flu I have only one tax return left to do. The client however has not replied to my emails. I have chased him.