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New client has come to me having already set up his one man band company with a share capital of 4000 ords at £1 each.


I have not dealt with the sale of a rental property to a family member before and I am just curious as to whether there are any rules I need to be aware of in this situation.



A client has appointed an IP. His small company is irredeemable. Much as I want to help the client, I do not want to be the IP's unpaid assistant.


Hello folks

We have never experienced this before but here we go:


Hi All,

I started a bit of an argument around striking off a company that has creditors, but can't afford to liquidate.


Under the Work Tie of the Sufficient Ties test, a definition of work includes travel where "travelling time where the cost would have been a deductible expense for tax purposes had you incurred and


Our client runs a successful trading company which has built up a reasonable amount of cash reserves.


I have tried literally every high street bank and been declined, I do not require lending or even a debit card. Simply an account to hold funds and pay suppliers.