Heroic accountant Paul Sopher ended up saving more than a client's tax bill when he ventured out with his girlfriend for a few drinks near Temple, London last week.


Is it legitimate for a business who wishes to remain under that VAT threshold to ask their customers to pay for materials and sub contractor costs directly?



Can a taxi driver trade as a limited company?

Can we put him on a payroll?






I am involved with a small charity, preparing Rec and Payments A/cs.  I have looked at old a/cs, and found some very worrying things.


I will be joining a company that is being set up in the UK.  The UK company will be recruiting staff to work overseas (I will be part of a small UK based team).

When I worked in a big four firm we used fancy templates with our logo all over it and all fancy etc.  Now I'm on my own I don't have such a template.  Does anyone have something to use to present

Whilst aware that HMRC are quite zealous on clothing as an allowable expense, it has always been my understanding that a worker on a building site could claim relief.


If a UK resident trust with UK resident beneficiaries has a UK based investment portfolio which holds only UK investments (but on a discretionary fund management basis) does the trust really need t


A client has a couple of rental properties.


I think I may already know the answer to this question but would like to hear your advice.