Recently I did some preliminary research with 137 practices that suggested that:


My client has two companies running A & B.

Both use cash accounting sage.

A company receives a vat invoice from a supplier.


I work for a UK registered charity which provides educational/training events in the UK and Europe.


Does anyone know how long simple non-risky VAT registrations are taking at the moment?


What are the implications of parents issuing shares to their minor children for tax planning purposes.


Client was in an LLP. Split up from wife who was best friends with the LLP accountant - divorce was messy


I have recently started receiving HMRC correspondence for 2 clients both of which I stopped acting for more than 6 years ago which is very odd and probably due to an HMRC error.


Accountants need to focus on 10 key areas to help grow a flourishing practice, according to the deputy head of operations at AIMS John Hyams.

I have a client who lives abroad and wants to buy a few properties in the UK to rent out - admittedly I don't have many property clients but he is wondering if it's best to purchase them himself or