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Accountant commits fraud to fund gambling addiction

For the third time in the last couple of months I have had a meeting with a contractor who supplies services to a government department (this time the local council) where the council have said the


What are users thoughts?

Certain sites publish fees? Most don't.

What do you think? Do you? Does it work?


We currently have a typical server at our practice.

I am considering using a hosted desktop service.

Any recommendations?


Early soundings from the Bankstream Accountants Confidence Index survey show the profession in an optimistic mood, but exces

I need to convert a qbo extension file to qif - preferably for free...any ideas where I can find? Searches all bring up purchase in USA


As everything is moving cloud based and onto internet how worried are you about security.


The ICAEW have broken with tradition and appointed Jill May and Michael Stewart as the first non-accountant board members.


I am finalising the Accounts for a small Limited Company client of mine. Turnover approx 45,000. Unfortunately they have suffered a significant bad debt of approx 20,000 during the year.