I cannot access clients' PAYE payment history with my Agent ID on HMRC system. Am I missing something?

Surely as agents we should be allowed access to this?


A client has a pre 2006 life interest trust that generated losses on the sale of an investment portfolio (to a third party) some years ago.

We have a trading company and a holding company. The holding company holds all of the shareholding of the trading company.


I have a new client who is self employed and requires me to prepare their SA.


Taken on a new client this year. 

The client originally started trading as a partnership on 18th August 2011. There were 2 partners, but one left on 28/09/11.


My client has been recently told on the phone by HMRC that they have a PAYE overpayment for 2004/2005.




a multi site business with circa 20 plus long leases [ 20+ years remaining ]  and a number of short term leases < 10 years remaining