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So i have bought some gardening stuff locally. The supplier says the price is 20 per cent higher i.e. With vat if i pay with card but less if i pay cash on delivery....


Hi there,

I have a client who is of retirement age and receiving pension income of around £35k pa.


On a payroll I run, an incorrect NI number was used for employee A, and actually belonged to employee B.


Well so far we have had two letters sent to our address from Skandia which relate neither to us or any of our clients, and someone else I know has also had one.  Skandia are having a bad week...

hi there,


we have received a repayment notice today saying that the refund has been paid into our client's account on 17/9/2014.




I have a new client who thinks she might be close to the VAT threshold. She sells products in UK, but purchases her stock in another EU country. 


I'm not quite sure that my brain is in gear so please bear with me.


I'll keep this short and sweet!


Hi all,

An hourly paid employee works on maintenance between 6 different sites (all within100 miles of head office), he travels using a company van.


We will start to use currency traders, does anyone know what to look out for and how to rate them?  Someone mentioned 'A Ratings' . If they are registered with the FCA will that be sufficient?