I work for a small practice based in Leeds. We are looking for a new time record software package that primarily allows us to produce monthly WIP reports and monitor staff efficiency.


I trained as a pilot at a cost of over £50k i know i can't offset it against PAYE because it was classed as "revenue".


Maybe it's just me but I've just received domestic fuel bills (gas & electricity) from Scottish Power & I can make no sense of them at all!


A business I represent has asked me about an employee who gave verbal notice to end her employment but failed to work the required notice period of one week. .


Hi all,

I would like to apologise in advance for my question if it is really basic but I really am not 100% sure what to include.


How should you deal with VAT on purchase invoices that are say dated July, but are received in August after the VAT return for July has been submitted?



Apologies for distasteful subject - particularly around lunchtime!

We have bought in some 'pig slurry' for use in an Anaerobic Digester plant.


We currently use the CCH central database for our clients.

Has anyone used it to push out reminder messages to clients regarding upcoming deadlines?


For the third year in a row I've had trouble with my ATT annual return, in previous years I had to submit a paper/scanned paper copy when their online system failed.




A company has a sub-contractor for sales. The company is going to provide the sub contractor with a Car. What would be the Tax implications?