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If an employee is sent to work abroad, full time, for a period that covers one whole tax year they can be treated non resident for that period.


Ltd Co leases land from Director for £1 per annum.  I've disclosed this in the RP note and I think although the numbers are small it matters.  Would you agree?  It wasn't disclosed by previous agen


Could anyone advise me what would happen if an employee decides to return to work before the SMP full entitlement time off has been taken?


Hello, the person I work for is the sole owner of two separate companies... He often uses the funds from "A inc." to pay for expenses in "B Inc".


Can anyone help me as I am about to buy a practice in Northwest. The practice I have in mind has a turnover of £180K + VAT (£216K).


Well I went to a seminar given by the pensions regulator at Westminster today and apparently when working out which 'workers' have to be considered for your scheme , payroll has nothing t