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I have a client for whom I have requested an authorisation code from HMRC on at least 4 occasions. My client maintains he has never received the code ever.


I have a new client who had just received an aspect enquiry in respect of a chargeable event missed off his 2013/14 tax return.


Client owns a freehold divided into 2 flats and wants to grant himself a leasehold of 1 flat at the request of a mortgage company. I'm tired and I cannot see any CGT implications can you guys?


The UK's seventh largest firm, Baker Tilly, will become known as RSM after its global accounting network 


With AccountingWEB’s Practice Excellence Awards now in full swing (only four days left to sign up!), we


Client (partnership) takes out a business loan (wholly & exclusively for business purposes) then some 3 years later ceases to trade due to profits dropping to a level which made it not worth ca


Hello, quick question to the esteemed group if I may:


Hi All,

I have been out of practice for a few years, only just returning, and was considering a question that popped into my head when looking over some old papers.


Hello, I am planning to start several business activities at the same time, or shortly after one another within the same accounting period, as a non-VAT registered sole trader. I am thinking about