Could someone help me with filing an online tax return.

I have reached the balance sheet continued page and have no idea what's going wrong with capital and reserves. 


Would Entrepreneurs Relief be available on the disposal of a Farm when in recent years the farm has been rented out and the farm income consists of the rent and the single farm payment


Dear Friends,

I hope you can help, as nobody to date in the offices of HMRC anywhere has been able to advise me how I can proceed with this matter.


I have a client that organises musical events.  They book the acts, arrange venue, do security etc.  The company is VAT registered.



I posted this in January, but January isn't a time whan tax accountants have plenty of free capacity.  Here is the gist of what I said:

While some accountants win new clients through the force of their personality and reputation, more and more are reliant on their website and social media activity,