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Hi there, 


I am a bookkeeper who is feeling a little out of her depth... 



Have a client that has set up a website for online betting.

He is trying to set up a business bank account but is having difficulty getting an account via the normal high street banks.


If client is on PAYE and 20% tax payer and receives dividends taking him to 40% tax payer.  Is there another way of declaring the additional tax to HMRC without going through self assessment ?


Has anyone become aware of HMRC disallowing ER for shares owned by an employee of an EMI qualifying company as a result of exercising an option, where the company has subsequently gone public in an

A UK based business I work with has been charged Swedish VAT (MOMS).

I believe that the UK business is entitled to recover the Swedish VAT from the Swedish tax authorities.


Good afternoon everyone. I have a company CIS client who is owed circa £6k at 5/4/15 - the company has only been a subcontractor and not a contractor in the tax year to 5/4/15.


My client A Ltd has invested £30,000 in X LLP.

A Ltd is a 30% partner in X LLP and has right to 30% of the profits and 30% of the losses.


Like many accountants I am sure most of our clients use either Excel, Quickbooks (Desktop) or Sage (Desktop) but there is no denying that the cloud is the future.


A UK company is 100% owned by a US company.  UK company started around 15 months back. 


Client has property investment portfolio held in limited company.  He is intending to sell the shares in the company in the near future.