In the good old days you could phone the local tax office and ask what HMRC regarded as being 'the norm' in respect of gross profit percentage for a given business or industry.


Client is constructing an office extension with the expenditure being split between plant and machinery,integral features and non qualifying expenditure.


People without the right skills and knowledge should steer clear of giving advice 


We have been approached by a new company to undertake their accounting and tax work and their sales team.


Hello, are there any members out there based in Co Down, preferably Ards Peninsula/Downpatrick area?

I am beginning to think about April 2015, as that year I will have a third client on autoenrolment.


I am thinking of getting Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 to use in the practice and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience of using it in a business enviroment and whether its practical.


I have been asked to act for a Northern Irish (non-audit) company by a Northern Irish client based in England (I act for her company registered in England already).  Does anyone know of any differe


Mark Lee explores some of the approaches startup firms of accountants can adopt to ensure they have a positive impact.