On VT Transaction+ I need to save a previous VAT period in order to have the correct figures for the current VAT period.


As a small business owner, I am trying to change to computerised accounting. I use company credit card for some purchases.


I know 2 people who inherited a house about 5 years ago, which they let out about 4 years ago.


A very successful client company which is 95% owned by four family members has one external shareholder who owns the remaining 5% of the shares.


I have recently taken on a new client who prepared his first set of partnership accounts. He was a sole trader and then formed a partnership with some one else.


Hi All,

I have been an observer for a while and now need to pose my own question...

A friend of mine has been running a business for a few years now on a self employed basis.


A client of mine has a much reduced turnover and as a result has deregistered for (flat-rate) VAT which is effective 16 Dec.


I have been helping a friend complete his tax return for 2012/13.

He belongs to a Company Share Option Plan and has sold shares that have been held in the scheme for over 3 years.