We have recently taken on a client who had PAYE income through his LTD run by the prev accountant.


New  client company is attempting to reverse a dividend declared 2 accounting years ago. When originally granted the reserves seemed adequate but at the end of the year were not..


A round-up of the latest news, executive moves and acquisitions from the world of practice during March 2014.



Good evening!

My wife is an employee and is safely in the 40% tax bracket with a standard tax code for her personal allowance


I may get a job with a Turkish company which is a member of a large multinational.


I know that if you shorten the accounting period by 1 day this gives you potentially an extra 3 months to file the accounts under CA 2006 s442 (4)(b).


Any answers please...

A client of mine is looking to get into property development, not for rental but to do up and sell on at a profit.


Having done the year end procedure, the balances did not clear.  I took a back up so have restored and can perform the year end again. Where did I go wrong?


Can someone help in providing a template or checklist I should undertake in accordance with AML regulations to be  compliant with ongoing monitoring