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Hi folks,

A client has asked if he can pay his son's school fees through his LTD, as a company donation.


I have a client who is being made redundant and therefore his shares are being taken out of share incentive plan. The shares have been in the plan for more than 3 years but less than 5.


I am aware that where a UK resident individual performs employment duties wholly outside the UK, the costs of travelling incurred by the employee from the UK to take up the overseas employment and


I have a client who is fully self employed and registered as such who provides gardening services during the summer and during the winter is a beater/picker upper for shoots.  He does this latter f


I am on the lookout for a bit of subcontracting work (book-keeping, accounts, VAT, CT, tax returns, anything really!) as work for me is quite sparse at the moment.


Company A acquires Company B part way through the year. So we require a set of consolidated accounts. The Group Fixed asset note is the problem.


Hi all,

Difficult question here I believe.


I have an elderly female client who is in receipt of a pension from the USA. The details of the payment appear on their form SSA - 1099 - SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT STATEMENT.


I have a client who is a self employed cleaner with lots of different concerns, mainly holiday cottage owners.