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Can anyone recommend a payroll software provider (preferably a free version!)?  I'm a one man band and just want to pay a £10k bonus this month.  It will be the only payment I make this year and HM


My firm is considering introducing a secure document exchange facility to our website, is anyone willing to share their experience of how well they have found it to work in practice, any major head


If a company made large profits in 2009, is there a time limit for later losses to be set off against those profits to recover tax?



I was after some assistance with a corporation tax scenario if possible.


I am not an accountant but just trying to help my mom with her messy books for her small ltd company. This is a single director single shareholder company (same person) with 1 share at £1.


Regarding a micro employer who has not yet filed any FPSs for 13/14 or 14/15, what are the late filing penalties if everything is brought up to date before 5 March 2015?



We've received a Direct Earnings Attachment (DEA) order from Dept of Work & Pensions (DWP) for the employee of a small client.

I have two new limited by guarantee company clients with separate trustees.


Four family members have been gifted development land with a market value of £400K and wish to transfer the land, at market value, to a development company of which the four family members are Dire