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A client has sold a fishing boat under 10 metres with a quota I think 140.65 vcus. (Boat 9.99 x 4.800= 47.95vcus and engine 282 hp / 1.34 x .045 = 94.70 total 140.65


This concerns a new client.

A self employed construction worker broke his wrist and was off work for seven weeks late last year.

A resident but not domiciled client claiming the remittance basis wishes to take advantage of the Business Investment Relief (BIR) rules and bring £1m of overseas income into the UK and invest the


I filed a client's Tax Return on Sunday and the repayment is in my bank account this morning. Is this some sort of record? Well done HMRC.


The judging panel can now be revealed for AccountingWEB’s Practice Excellence Awards 2015.

My client is a company providing training services. HMRC are calling soon to review last 3 years returns. Client has made two revelations to me at this stage.


practice is growing but I would not yet choose an integrated package until we stabilise.


We have a client who is working (and living during the week) out in Amsterdam on short term contracts that will exceed 6 months due to the contracts re-occurring.

Mike Foster takes a look at the changing role of accountants and bookkeepers and the move into business mentoring.