For those bank certificate requests where you are asked to provide your accountant "stamp", what do you do in practice?


Do you have a rubber stamp for your practice?


I am an ICAEW sole practitioner (ex Big 4 and also a Chartered Tax Adviser) working from a home office based near Harrow, Middlesex, t/o < £100k, no staff, specialising in one man companies (con

I have a weekly payroll, with pay date today (9/5) - however, we have already updated and filed the FPS.


Where a director wants to introduce money into his/her  sole director limited company,to say pay for equipment at a later date,is there any upper limit to the


I am director of a family limited company which has for years rented out blocks of residential flats.


We've just received a press notice about the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s announcement that law firms holding client funds will no longer have to submit an annual accountant’s report.


Hi all,

We are setting up a new Hockey Club. Turnover will be circa 20k made up of membership fees £5k, Match fees £10k, sponsors £5k.