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As part of a book-keeping/payroll  service - a client has authorised me to make payments on their behalf from their bank.


I am looking to convert my commercial building to a mixed use building with ground floor being commercial and the top two floor residential flats.


I know this has likely been covered a million times but it's such a grey area I thought i'd drag it back up.



A client has owned two properties for many years, Dorset house and London flat.  She has however only ever lived in the Dorset house while the London flat has never been a residence and has been le


I'm hoping someone can advise on what should be simple, but is proving very over-complicated.


A round-up of the latest news, executive moves and acquisitions from the world of practice during September 2014.


Client owns 24% of a holding company with 3 subsidiaries  (father owns the other 76%)




On 01/08/2008 a client left the UK to live and work in the USA.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for some guidance on how to account for trees please?

Some will be fruiting and some will be planted to improve the landscape.