Client desperate for accounts figures for mortgage application. 2nd full year of self employment. He provided them with 2012/13 SA302 which we had to request from HMRC.


Hello Everyone,


Hey everybody,

I'm new to this forum, but have searched it extensively to check if this one has already been answered...


I have a widowed client with 3 pensions plus state pension. She has not been required to or needed to submit SA tax return in the past.


Not had this in a while so could do with a memory jog.


I'm edging towards expensing both over the life of the loan??


How are others completing Form 42 where the company has standard old Table A type Articles with pre-emption rights and director right to refuse a transfer of shares?

Following the change in the rules applying from April 2013, please can someone confirm whether the following costs are allowable for an unfurnished property (it has been let for ten years or so):


its a newco and we wish to register for PAYE but we aint got a UTR how the hell do we do this its  bloody ridiculuous , i seem to remember one of our senior corerespondents !