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My client has suffered a small amount of CIS deductions which have only just come to light.  Is there a way to claim this retrospectively?  They go back to Feb 14.If I can claim this, how do I do i


Why is there a giant advert on Aweb pushing the screen down? If I was the kind of person who finds that kind of thing annoying I'd be annoyed right now.


I have been approached by a prospective client who was referred to me. They are an estate agent and are required to submit an accountants report to the National Association of Estate Agents.


When you run your own practice you have to make all of the decisions.

Have a Jeweller client (limited company) where the directors wish to permanantly withdraw stock for their own/family use.



2 group companies

Parent has 14 month period to December 2014 (14 month profts £100k including dividend income of £15k received 31 December 2014)


I was thinking it would be useful to create automatically calculated journals based on set formulae and account balances in Xero - e.g.


I recently got rid of a client who was a terrible payer but through a mutual client I have since found that in the current year they have been manipulating grant claims by inflating invoices so tha


Grandfather runs a fairly successful consultancy business, which makes c£60k per annum.  The work is regular and he will work for the next 10 years before winding down.  He is very wealthy, he is a




Just wanted to know if i was on the right tracks with the following. I am not an accountant so please excuse me if i get a bit confused on this.