In its first year of trading, LLP made a loss. This was funded by the partners (to a different extent by each partner). The partners agreed to treat this as "Directors' loan". 


I have used ftax for several years now and have not been over enamoured by it.  Each year I tell myself I'll look around properly then end up sticking with it as I have to do something quickly and


Our client (sole trader builder) went over the Vat registration limit last summer and should have registered as of August 1st.



I'm a service company that operates outside of IR35, however unsure what answer to give on money soft end of year declarations.


On setting up of the business we loaned the company money to get going. This was done as a director loan.


It's my first time taking on an Irish client.

He's living in the UK and will be self-employed, although all his work will be for Irish companies.


Within the 2013 / 2014 tax year I bought a new static caravan to rent out over the holiday season.  It does not qualify as a Furnished Holiday Letting as it hasn't been let out long enough (100 odd


We use Moneysoft payroll manager for RTI returns. My question is about HMRC requirements for claiming £2000.00 NIC employment allowance.