I'm going to crowdfund the next ebook - which will be a practical guide to penalties.For those who don't know, the success of crowdfunding projects is largely dependent on the rewards that are pack


I have been using the help and check for upgrades on Sage 50 payroll and it has told me that my version is up to date.


I have a client whose childcare business has grown to a substantial 6-digit turnover. It takes place within her home albeit a separate secure area.


Am i right in thinking that a Parent company that charges rent to its subsidiary / a trading company for use of property, is ok for ER on future disposal?  Because the business trades from the prop



I have a new start up Co  who operate a very basic payroll for 2 Directors.

Minimal salaries paid £640 per month from August.


What happens if the Director works from home and therefore the Ltd company should pay rent, but the Director does not own the home (his wife does) and he is not named on the mortgage.


I am an ACCA member without a practicing certificate and work in a practice that recently lost its chartered status due to a change in management.


Does anyone remember those wooden shields? Decades ago you could buy one from ICAEW. Ages ago there might be a collection of regimental, navy etc. examples attached to a pub wall.


A potential new client has asked a question which I am looking into but wondered if my AccountingWeb colleagues may be able to remove the contradictions that any amount of time on research via the


I have been asked to do the last couple of months' RTI submissions for 2013/14 for a company.