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If a client makes gift aid payments from a joint account can the payments be split in a ratio of their choosing or has it got to be 50/50.


My client was born in Brazil of Brazilian parents but studied and has worked in Holland for several years and is a naturalised Dutch citizen and has a Dutch fiancee.  In 2013/14 he was resident in

I use QuickBooks online, which is has a detailed report of unbilled time charges.  However, it doesn't have a report showing a summary of unbilled time charges by client.


I would welcome some confirmation on the following:  A trust was set up more than 30 years ago by Settlor (S) for Beneficiary 1 (B1) and then Beneficiary 2 (B2) "in succession".  Then after the dea


Hi All,

I have a client which is a LLP and in the previous tax year they made a loss which was allocated across the various tax partners.


Does anyone have a good resource showing the all-in cost of hiring staff across Europe, particularly the "big" countries like Germany, France, Italy etc?


The liquidators of collapsed Gibraltar based law firm Marrache & Co have filed a claim to sue Baker Tilly Gibraltar for £28m.

Not a question, but for the first time in ages some praise for HMRC.  CIS return submitted, but with payment to wrong subby (my fault entirely).



New client who is a sole trader  on flat rate vat scheme so I understand that other income will be included in the turnover for vat.


Understanding and then articulating to your clients why you do what you do is fundamental to winning new clients or business, says Raoul Monks of