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I have been musing following the “Bob” thread.  Like him I am no Messiah; most of the time I am just a very naughty boy!


I have always had a core rule with clients, I only deal with them if i deal with everything they do, including personal tax returns.


So since the alliance of KPMG and Xero, has anyone lost any of their Xero clients to KPMG?


We are film makers who set up a new LTD per film to keep all finances and liability separate  per project. All companys will have the same sole director.


Client - whose tax is being done by someone else - has just told me he was reg as CIS contractor back in Nov.


A client claimed BPRA two years ago on a property that he rents. Now he has been offered a chance to buy the property.


HMRC seem to have been holding onto CIS credits for longer for several years now but at the moment it is becoming truly ridiculous and this morning's experiences cause me to write this post to see


Resoundingly, the results of our straw poll was 'check Facebook'. Shameful, I know. I was wondering what your morning routine is? Do any of you remotely check on your practice first thing?


Minimum wage police have hooked onto what is common practice in the healthcare business and trying to make a mountain out of molehill.


When cash deposits are received we account for VAT on the cash received in that period.