What does my Accountant mean when he says that the financial statements I have paid him to produce for me " are not intended to achieve full compliance with the provisions of UK G


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My company currently only have a handful of company cars for the sales team.


If you are like most accountants you probably get approached every now and then by third parties who have a proposition for you, explains Mark Lee.


A discretionary Trust for children has built up an accumulated Tax Pool of £4K+.


A Northern Irish chartered accountant has been jailed for six months for stealing £50,000 from clients to fund her gambling addiction.

The past year has certainly been an interesting year in terms of financial reporting, but 2014 will be another profound year of transition, says Steve Collings.

Is there a way of marking a pdf file so that it opens at the page you were on when you were last reading it?


When I log into HMRC online services I have a few old clients on the list which I ceased acting for which I cant remove.

I click on delete client and they just wont go!


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When the contract bills the contractee (the principal, for whom the contract work is being done), he passes the following journal entry::