21/7 Posted abbreviated accounts to C/H

23/7 (only now known) received at C/H

31/7 Deadline for filing 


I will soon be making a transition from being a full time employee in an accountancy practice as FCCA audit manager to working for the same firm on a reduced basis as a freelance subcontractor, und


I think I might get shouted at for asking this question but here goes...


A client, which is local church, wishes to reimburse one of its elders, who is an employee, for hospitality expenses.


Finance and payroll practitioners are bracing themselves for significant changes to the rules and some structural aspects of benefits in kind (BiKs), all thanks to


I have a client with a single asset in the special rate pool which it sold during the year and the company accountant is expecting a large balancing allowance in the tax comp because the pool can b


I have a client which is a private limited company wholly owned by the sole director.  For a number of years now he has employed a manager who deals with the day to day running of


Hi all, I ordered a few authorisation codes two days ago. I have just checked the status of my requests and it still says 'Awaiting Code'. Usually authorisation codes are issued on the same day.



Hi - have a signed up PSA, and just trawling through the paperwork !

Two  areas of interest / concern for which advice appreciated


Sole trader farmer is winding down and selling most of his land. ( up to £50K profit)

He bought it 9 years ago and it was subject to vat so the sale will include vat too.