Client of mine was given a an invoice for £1700 by his letting agent who manages his furnished letting.


It's been years since I had to deal with a pension deduction from payroll but I dare say it may become more common soon and I've suddenly realised there's a gap in my knowledge, which hopefully one


This one's a bit out of my normal field ......

I have a client company who do specialist engineering consultancy work in the oil industry.


I recently took over a client form another advisor, who had not produced correct accounts.


Accountants looking to expand their services into the realm of ‘virtual FD’ should start small, target specific clients and then replicate the model.


Former Fisher Phillips partner Adam Woricker has been jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to 32 theft and fraud offences. 


Can anyone advise of the phone number needed to query a notice of coding?

Asking for my other half, so the agent's line doesn't apply and he's not in self assessment.


I have a client which deals with imports, they get regular C79s as expected but the value on the C79 is greater than what is taken via direct debit.


I have just finished my pilot training, and i am now a qualified Flight Instructor working on a self-employed basis at the weekends and evenings, with a final goal to go into the Airlines soon.



Office 365 small business / small business premium version/s seem on the face of it suitable for very small/solo practices.