I have a client who has taken on a lease for 5 years but just pays rent on a quarterly basis to landlord. Can all rent go on p&l or only a portion?


Over here in NI we don't come across these setups often but I believe in the UK mainland there are companies who act as contractors for numerous subcontractors and who then act as subcontracto




My company has bought some IT software from Ireland. There is a VAT charged @ 30% on the invoice that we received.

Which T code do I use on sage?


I am and have been the bookkeeper of the company for a few years. The owner is retiring and the purchasers want to appoint me as their accountant.


If a company borrows money to pay CT to HMRC is the interest payable trade or non trade where the company has both investment and trading activities ?

For companies (including OMB), I usually set up a few things as standard to get co tax relief and little/no personal tax/bik such as employer pension contributions, childcare vouc


I am preparing a 2013 Trust and Estate tax return for the executor of the estate of a deceased taxpayer. (It's not late as I have until May to finalise it).


Basically two expenses paid for by the company and trying to establish if allowable or not: