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5 years ago I used my savings to renovate my Mother-in-law's (MIL) house; this included the incorporation of mobility aids to allow her to live independently.


Hi All


I want to change our accounting software which currently integrated with our webshop (merchant site), and paypal.


A client makes all his sales on osCommerce and is VAT registered with effect from 01/01/15. Sales are to consumers so net prices will be reduced by 20/120 to absorb the VAT.


My client is a sole trader who runs a payroll for 10 or so employees.


I was expelled from the ICAEW around 7 years ago with a recommendation that no application for readmission should be considered for 10 years.


A client wants to know if they should put their private medical insurance through their company.  My initial thought was No due to BIK but have done some calcs to confirm.


I have just picked up a new client, who is a sole trader. His business used to be run as a limited company and ended up incurring Corporation Tax losses of nearly £150,000.


Where do I enter P11D expenses on the self assessment return? I am not employed or self employed but I have partnership profit in 2013/14.


I have a client who has for the first time rented out his private residence as a holiday let for the months of July and August 2013, and over the Christmas period, and for the odd week at opther ti



I will call Companies House on monday but I'm hoping somebody might be able to answer over the weekend: