I have a graphic designer client, who does small amounts of work with US clients. She is a UK resident, based in the UK, doing work for a particular NY client.


Previous questions have been posted as to whether tax relief can be claimed on goodwill post 01 April 2002, but if you are able to, what is the correct procedure?


A business, several years ago, received money directly into its bank account but could not identify who it was from. Not the best bookkeeping going on at the time, I'm afraid.


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If my company owes £1000 to company B, but Company B also owes my company £200, could I raise an invoice for £1000 and a credit note for £200 or is this not permitted? 


The situation is a UK small Limited company where the 100% shareholder is an overseas company, which has borrowed a considerable sum of money from the UK subsidiary company.  The Overseas sharehold


My client is a director of his company and has made a loan to the company. There is a loan agreement and the company will pay quarterly interest to the director.


A consortium featuring former England footballer Danny Mills has acquired West Cornwall Pasty Company after the firm collapsed into administration on Friday.


I left a top ten practice at the end of 2013. I am currently working in the tax department of in a large company turning over £700m+ on a 12month contract.


All, I've just been looking at my clients' payroll for the coming year and working out what best to suggest those owner-managed limited companies that are outside of IR35 pay as a salary, and it lo