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We have just been over to the Post Office to pay 31 January Self-Assessment.  They refused to take payment.  Apparently Post Office have a 'new rule' that they will not accept cheques for over £10,


Can any one point me in the right direction of calculating the closing valuation for a farmer who buys and sells cattle, this is the only activity on the farm.


Hi all

I have 2 properties and I just wanted confirmation of my thinking.



If I were to receive an invoice from a supplier that had a nil figure how would I account for that on SageLine50?


Client is non resident and is self employed and works entirely abroad in the Middle East and Africa. Client has UK income on which he pays UK tax.


Hi there,

I have a question regarding the self-assessment tax calculation and was hoping that you can add some clarity for me.


A one man limited company client of mine worked as a contractor from September to December on a contract where he failed the IR35 tests.


I would appreciate any help you can offer given the following scenario.


Had a raft of these today, apart from the VAT number format very plausible, especially at a busy time of year!


I have a new client who has been in receipt of a substantial (many hundred of thousands) payment from their bank.