Hello, I have a client operating a hotel; a husband and wife team who run the hotel through a limited company. The husband works away during the week and returns home some evenings and weekends.


Co A acquired seismic data in African territorial waters, this data is then processed in UK .

Co B licenses this processed data on non-exclusive basis from Co A.


Can anyone provide me with advice on the treatment of a purchased brand license? 

The purchased brand license will be able to be used over a period of 10 years. 


Following agreement of tax outstanding my client has been asked to complete a cfd.I believe this is not compulsory but as full disclosure -as far as we are aware- has been made is there any reason


I have a client who runs a business through an LLP. There are two partners, an individual and a company owned by him. The new rules on mixed partnerships will impact on him.


My wife and I are in Partnership running a small payroll agency. We work from home and have very few tangible assets - some IT and bits of furniture.




if a Ltd company sole director rents temporary accommodation near to temporary workplace, is the full rent and utilities tax deductible for corporation tax purposes?


I have taken on a new client (living in the UK) who worked in Norway from October 2012 to September 2013 for a UK company (based in the UK).

Hi, i hope someone wouldn't mind helping me.