Hi.  I have a client who, through a Limited Company, tried to reclaim VAT on the purchase of some fixtures when a business was taken over.  The purchase hasnt technically been paid for as it has be


Hi everyone. I've set up some new payroll schemes for new clients in March.


Could somebody enlighten me on the following as I am currently in dispute with HMRC.I have a client who set up 2 bank accounts back in 2006 for each of his grandchildren and transferred approx.100k


I am completing the financial statements for one of my Ltd company clients.  In doing so, I have noted that the directors/owners have purchased a number of items on behalf of the


I have a client with a limited company whose only income in the last year was rental income, but his tenants have all left now so this has ceased.


Probably a completely daft question....


Despite working in practice since 1987, this is the first time I have come across this!



Just received this e-mail from an accountant touting for business:

"Pay no tax on your profits for first 5 to 10 years,


Hopefully quick and easy question:


Afternoon ladies and gents,


I hope this annoyance of mine finds everyone enjoying a nice sunny May day!


Hi All

Quick question - we have been the auditors of a UK company who are owned by a large Indian company for a number of years.