how many accountants routinely check clients PAYE coding notices?


I have a client whose main work would either be zero rated or outside the scope for VAT.

HMRC are asking for details of his turnover since January 2004. Can they go back that far?


Have had a client approach me re advice on Stamp Duty - he is considering purchasing a property (not in a disadvantaged area) for just over the 1% threshold.


Do any of you have subcontractors who have registered for the flat rate scheme in order to make money from it? A new client of mine has just asked me to sign him up to the flat rate scheme as he ca


Hypothetical situation:


I have a sole trader client who for 2012/13 has a tax bill of £3,000.

It is her first year trading.


Client has a number of employees who receive child care vouchers, and joined the scheme since April 2011. Vouchers are provided through a salary sacrifice arrangement.


Hi I want to write off some bad debts but having backed up then tried a dummy right off I notice that the transaction, which does include VAT, is not reflected in the VAT liability account .  Does


Weird one where a client has been charged a labour/payroll tax of 8% as well as 30% hiring tax on employees sent over to work in Denmark.

A client, who operates his consultancy business through a limited company, donates considerable sums of money to charitable causes.




I'm trying to complete a CT600 for an industrial and provident society using the HMRC template for submission of accounts and tax return.