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I have a client who is employing someone part-time, 16 hours per week at minimum wage, so £104 gross. According to GOV.UK the business does not need to register as an employer.


Two non resident directors (friends) own shares in a UK limited company (property business). A has 51% of shares while B has 49%


I have a client who receives a share of commission from an Independent Financial Adviser if he recommends a client to him and they take out an Investment.What is the VAT position?I thinki it may be


Good afternoon, I have a husband and wife client, who own some rental properties. One of the properties is let commercially as a butchers shop.


Client has entertained staff to the value of (say) £1000 including VAT. There were 9 members of staff and 3 spouses of staff in attendance. So to calculate cost per head that would be £83.33.


I've just spoken to HMRC on the agent line and been told to complete a  P46.  Really?




My question is with regards to Withholding tax on interest payments to overseas company (Non-EU and not under any double taxation treaty)



Grant Thornton has reported a 9% increase in revenue, up to £512m for the year ended 30 June 2014 - a year ahead than it expected, according to its