I am trying to enable efficient posting of data from SAGE Payroll operated by our payroll bureau, into our new  ERP system MS Dynamics AX.

A client has been in business for about three years. Earnings have been very low (below the Class 2 exception), and it is fair to say the business hasn't really paid it's way.


Two companies are owned by similar shareholders, but not quite the same. No individual shareholder controls both companies but two shareholders together would in each company.


Hi I need some help so have registered on here in the hope someone can answer my question.


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I am an ATT member and I know for well this is a tax qualification, I am finding less and less places are accepting mortgage references.


We have a pick up truck (VW Amarok) on an operating lease for the next 3 years and we have just purchased a permanent hood which fits over the open part on the back.  The cost is approximately £1,5

I am preparing my client's self assessment return for 05.04.14 and wanted to confirm if my client can claim split year treatment and therefore I would just need to declare UK income only.


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First of all I do apologies if I write any silly questions.