Despite previous warnings to watch his turnover, client presented his records in January 2014 for accounts preparation when I discovered his turnover during year to March 2013 had reached £95000 bu


We've been needing a new system for a while now. Our business is £2m t/o, it's a leisure centre which is the parent company, with a hotel as a trading subsidiary.


I'm currently using Kestrian/CCH and they've changed the format and its awful.

Can any recommend what they use please?


As a general rule a trade cannot commence until the trader is in a position to provide those goods or services which it is, or will be, his or her trade to provide, and


I have made a mistake on inputting something on Sage so I have used my restore backup from my backup file.  This came up with Error Creating File C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Accounts\AccData\Deskto


Can a director/shareholder receive dividends only without declaration of salary?   


I am trustee for a small charity which gets all its income from donations and a few grants.


Has anyone got experience with the above or similar products?

How do other small firms keep their contact  and clients' details?


I’ve a mate who has £80k sitting in a company that apart from bank charges and a bit of interest is now effectively dormant - he’s sole shareholder, only director.