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I have a client who has been awarded a construction job beginning in the New Year. He has 6 or 7 sub-contractors working for him.


We have inherited a company which owns residential properties.  The previous accountants have adopted a rather odd accounting policy which we want to correct.


A company bought a property with the view of renting it out. Pre-letting they decorated and put up new curtains.

Are the curtains allowable as a repair or are they capital?


Some clients use HMRC's free payroll software and one has asked me about joining auto-enrolment ahead of their staging date.  I see that BPT has a screen for pension contributions, but does anyone


My client has several BTL properties, which is her only income.

Rather than paying letting agents to do rental collection/maintenance, she opts to do it all herself.


client is VAT registered main contractor engaged in converting previously unoccupied (for well over 2 years) building into new residence - the services they supply to owner will be reduced rate oth


If you submit a tax return showing a 2013-14 refund and payments on account required for 2014-15, what is the latest date of submission of the tax return that will result (assuming claimed) in an a


Since HMRC have removed the option of claiming for the costs of White Goods in a rental property even as a replacement item is this an alternative way of recovering their costs? For example, previo


Hi i have a question as per the below: