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Having looked at HMRC website to ascertain the VAT Flat Rate Scheme for RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS - it's not clear.  Can anyone shed any light on this?


The ACCA has teamed up with the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan in a bid to develop the accountancy profession there.


Sainsbury’s has dropped PwC as its auditor of 20 years while the Big Four firm faces an investigation into its role in the £263m


A limited company wants to donate 10% of it's turnover (not profits) to it's Church which is a registered charity, this could amount to a large amount (£50,000 - £100,000) each year.


Hi folks,

My client runs a B&B and I am trying to come up with a feasible add-back for rates, light & heat.......

The rooms are as follows:


My client works under PAYE in the Republic of Ireland and completes an SA Return as she is UK resident.


Mr X was in a partnership and was allegedly paid much less than promised (salaried partner with no Partnership Agreement or deed) (Circumstantially and generally knowing the client, I am quite happ


I have started a small Ltd company 1 year ago but didn't look into the best way to pay myself till now.


Client is a professional musician. Low earner. Never prepared balance sheet. Always declared on the basis of a receipts and payments statement.