I would like to check whether my understanding is correct.

Certain employee benefits, such as parking facilities at or near the workplace, are exempt from BIK.


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Taken on my first and only LLP yesterday and have no idea why they are running it as an LLP so have advised once we have completed the LLP accounts we will incorporate.


I realise that the legislation is yet to be enacted but I don't think it is going to cover this anyway so does anybody have any thoughts as to whether a tenanted pub is likely to constitute a “trad

A round-up of the latest news, executive moves and acquisitions from the world of practice during April 2014.


Hi All,

I am helping with a VAT return for a client who sells on Ebay.

When a seller sells on Ebay they charge a fee for the item, and also in some cases charge a postage cost.


We are a small accounting practice and feel now is the time to ditch spreadsheets for tracking deadlines.


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I would be extremely grateful for some help here.



With RTI now in place , when do you run your monthly payrolls for your clients? (I would love them to be annual but they are not all annual)



I am doing cessation accounts for a limited co and they will now be trading as a partnership as it is a more suitable entity for them.