I am a management accountant so not an expert on tax or HMRC.


My client was a tenant in his only home. About 10 years ago he then bought the property and let it out. He ceased to live there as soon as he bought it.


My former employer is now becoming my client.  My request for client ID papers has been met with incredulity.


Hi all

Just wondering when I will be able to fill a tax return for 2013/14 - i.e will it become available on the HMRC website after the 5th April 2014?


just logged onto their website and it is taking me to  I've not peeped onto AWeb for  few days so I'm not sure if you have all been expect


In the end of year payroll return declaration question 3; what is the implication of answering 'Yes' if anyone employed by a person or company outside the UK worked for you in the UK for 30 or more


I've just tried to look up 'stuff' on HMRC's website and keep getting redirected to the (hideously awful) GOV.UK website.


Just need some advice please on the 2014/15 CGT position on the sale of a house which is being rented out after first being the primary residence. 

For Example: