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Sorry if I have missed any posts on this, but looking at 2015/16 NI rates, the employment allowance is still available for 2015/16.


Is anyone else finding that Companies House in Cardiff are getting slower to process documents?


My client is receiving a salary (paid through PAYE) of over £30K p.a. for, as far as I can tell, doing nothing at all except being a friend of the business owner (not a client).


A client of mine is sub-leasing office space from a fellow group subsidiary who has a lease agreement with the Landlord for a term of 10 years with a break clause after 5 years exercisable by eithe


We intend to claim capital allowances on the expenditure on a playground trail but just want to confirm that its allowable.


My daughter and her husband bought property in London 2007 for £230K.Spent £70K on loft conversion 2008. Went to work full time abroad in 2011 and let property..


What value do people start capitalising fixed assets - SME?


At the end of last year more than five million people were automatically enrolled into a pension scheme as a direct result of auto enrolment.


A colleague and I have been looking at posting journals for a client on their Kashflow ledger. We looked at the example given on the Kashflow help page.


I have just seen a letter froom the Pensions Regulator address to one of

my company cliients stating they must start a workplace scheme, if they