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Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what is happening?


Our new client came to work in UK in 2004/5 tax year and then went to work in the Middle East for 10 years.


How are the shares in a small limited company valued when the sole shareholder dies?


I am currently working on a small charity's account, I check the charitis act 2011 on the requirement of accounting records: it needs to be able to disclose at any time, with reasonable accuracy th


Company client entered into an agreement with a registered nursery to pay childcare costs directly on behalf of the directors.


On Sage 50, I can get Summary Listing of Aged Debtors and Creditors.   I can get a Detailed Report by Debtor or Creditor.   How do I get ONE Report of all the Detailed Aged Debtors (or Creditors). 


Why is it so difficult to write website content?

My new website is about to go live soon with a bit of marketing booked to go on the back of it.


I have a corporate client who is selling his freehold commercial premises with vacant possession.

There will be a capital gain subject to corporation tax.


Client having ago at me for not telling her when to pay Class 1A NIC - which she has done each year for the last 20 and clearly the statement of Class 1A due with payment details that she signed as