I need to register client for PAYE and register the partnership as well.


If someone is a partner in a partnership, and the premises wants to take advantage of the Small Business Rate relief, then can the partnership apply for it without any problems from the fact that o

I saw a thread recently on AW that mentioned Gbooks - accounts production software


Out of curiosity I took a 30 trail/ lookaround.


Sorry if this has been asked before (I tried a search but couldn't find anything).


I have a client who is employed and has built up a decent investment property portfolio over the years.

HMRC have decided to look into his 2013.


Hi everyone.

I have come across an issue for a local farmer (not a client) who rents out some storage in a couple of outbuildings. The farm and the tenants are VAT registered.


I am looking for a system on Sage that will work for the needs of a financial advisor and their Gabriel report.


I was intrigued to read some new and original research published by Robert Craven of The Directors’ Centre, reports Mark Lee. 


What are your views on the tax deductibility of visa fees?