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Following the changes to the rules in April 2014 are there ay other options available to agency workers other than PAYE?



A partnership was registered in error for self assessment. A notice to file a partnership tax return for 2014 received. No trade or assets held by partnership so nothing to report to HMRC.


Recently took on a new client who is a UK registered company providing services to EU based businesses.


Iris accounts package does not yet use the FRS 102 features in their accounts package.


An employed professional rugby player wishes to make an expenses claim for expenditure on training kit.  The employment contract specifically states that he must supply his own training kit.


Ok so if a company does not pay a salary to a director and never plans too. All the company will be doing is reimbursing business expenses. Mileage subsistence etc.


I confess to having placed total reliance on Sage Accounts Production to know what has to be disclosed but I am wondering if this is really enough?  My clients prepare on FRSSE.  What does anyone e


Credit where credit is due to HMRC.  Applied online for VAT registration for a client on Tuesday, got the number this morning. 

That's a record for me.


Just wondering what software you would recommend for ct filing with hmrc ixbrl formatting etc etc. Currently using abacus


I am newly qualified ACCA Member, and still did not find any work with any Qualified Accountancy firm to complele my post membership training to achieve my Practising certificate.