Hi I want to write off some bad debts but having backed up then tried a dummy right off I notice that the transaction, which does include VAT, is not reflected in the VAT liability account .  Does


Weird one where a client has been charged a labour/payroll tax of 8% as well as 30% hiring tax on employees sent over to work in Denmark.

A client, who operates his consultancy business through a limited company, donates considerable sums of money to charitable causes.




I'm trying to complete a CT600 for an industrial and provident society using the HMRC template for submission of accounts and tax return. 


I have a new client who has forwarded a contract sent to him for signing by an intermediary. Client is new one man ltd co who will contract to intermediary.


A client of mine, a limited company, has gone to Canada since 16th September 2013 to work. The work will continue until April 2014. I would really like some help!


Which blogs would practitioners recommend as the best to read/follow?


We have recently taken on a new client who is six years behind with his Returns. His 2008 Tax Return shows a repayment which HMRC will not repay because Return has been submitted late.


An accountant suffering from chronic depression has won an appeal to have his


After January I am thinking approaching my local Chamber of Commerce about giving a seminar on Extended Trial Balances.