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for the second time today have tried to file online via the  Govt Gateway the period VAT return

Are things better or worse this quarter for the accountancy profession?

What are you doing about AE preparations for 2016 or do you even see a need to prepare for 2016?

Why do you think engaging in AE is important? How do you plan to do it?


In the first part of a series of two articles, Finola McManus’s experience of the pitfalls of recruitment provides the basis for practical points worth sharing to help your pra

One of my client was on flat rate vat scheme. He bought a building and went through opt to tax. He refurbished this property with Toilet and kitchen.


Hi all

We've got a employee who has been ill for few weeks. On Monday she got a sick note from her GP for another 2 weeks.


Father and son, electricians, trade through a VAT registered private limited company taking a combination of salary and dividends.



I apologise i know this has been round the houses but i just wanted to clarify.



A client company is making an employee redundant.   She's been there a lot less than two years (six or seven months), so she's not entitled to statutory redundancy pay. 


A client has earned money and paid tax in Nigeria, he works there for over 183 days a year but has no home there (this being in the UK).  So point one is he is UK resident for 2013/2014 tax year.