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Accountants will have more opportunity to provide probate services this year after the ICAEW relaxed its rules on who can do the work.

HMRC's guide to completing a tax return indicates to report a capital gain only in certain circumstances (e.g. proceeds and gain above given limits).


Just a few queries re when a private company (with model articles) which was incorporated in May 2013 issues shares


Hi everyone


We've a labour only subby (who works through his limited company) and his company is still waiting for its 2014 CIS rebate (£6k).  



I have been asked to do management accounts for a client.  Can anyone recommend a good template?


Hi ,has anyone out there had any recent interest from HMRC regarding clubs and how their taxable income is split .Had some recent enquiry about fairly minimal visitor fee income in relation to bar


I have a payroll client who just has just one employee, who is in his early 60s, and earns around £600 a month, part time; on this basis he appears to be a 'non eligible jobholder' and so doesn't n