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If I partnership has a loss brought forward from a pervious year, the year that it has a profit do I have to use all of the loss that year or can I only use the loss less the personal allowance and


Morning, I have a VAT question regarding sales in a sports centre at an academy high school.


I've got a client with a July year end.  its a small Ltd Co.  I don't want to do it this year.  He talks and talks and talks.  I'm slightly uncomfortable with his explanations of home being the bas


We have recently had a demand for payment of a penalty for a late return in 2011. This is the first demand for it and it comes with interest. I've also been chased for returns from 2009 recently.


may u please help with a topic for my dissertation currently studying accounting and finance


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I've been tasked with typing a charity's income & expenditure sheet for year end 2014 while casting my beady eye on the figures.


 I work within a SME and a colleague has recently received a significant pay increase. The company also offers attractive bonus, this year the bonus could be approx. £9k.


A trader decided to incorporate, with himself and his wife as 50:50 shareholders. The incorporation work was done by the wife, who is also the company secretary.