Client hadcompanies  in a number of countries but has closed them all down including the US company


has anyone experienced any problems with Moneysoft payroll since the windows 8.1 update.


I have got a new client. She is self employed photographer and tour guide in London. She has got some expenses for a dentist treatments (standard treatments) and food supplements (vitamins etc.).


Has anyone noticed their client's PAYE payments seem to be a mess on the HMRC website?


Is there a way of finding a limited company just by an address?

Tried googling the address but not really any good because it missed most of my clients that are rgistered to my address.


Client liquidated a czech company and paid around £1000 in legal fees.


Traditional approaches to time management tend to focus on the creation of lists of one sort or another, says Mark Lee.

Client of mine is in the process of leasing out her shop as a going concern for 10 years .


I did a much needed clear out of my shelves over the weekend and found some duplicate (and hence pristine) copies of some business books, along with some useful training CDs/audio tape programmes.