Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice please. I have an accounting background and my husband is thinking of setting up his own business (graphic design).


I have a client who operates under the cash accounting rules because of the nature of her cashflows - she's registered for VAT and  issues an invoice for recruitment services in accordance with her


I run a £2 mill practice

I'm a shareholder in a VC firm

I'm FD of a £20m t/o manufacturing business


Hi All

Wonder if anyone can give any advice / information for following scenario?


It appears that some work has been done on this website to render it almost impossible for me to type a sentence without the characters being missed out, so making any posting a real chore.


Does anyone know to whom I can make a formal complaint at HMRC - someone who will actually take notice?


Mark Lee visited the recent Business Start-up Show at Olympia and was surprised to find almost 20 firms of accountants exhibiting.


If an individual (sole trader) owns a property which they live in and borrows money on their primary residence via a mortgage to invest the money into an Investment or development Property to eithe


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