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I might just be having one of those mornings.... I prepare the Ltd Co accounts in VT+, the CT600 in taxfiler.

Hi all,

Our company has recently undergone a restructure.

Until the 22nd of the month we had 2 shareholders, both owning 50% of the business (A = 50%, B = 50%).


I have a client who has rented out one room for a number of years and claimed rent a room relief. Part way through the year they have moved overseas and let their entire property.


Hi. My client is a used car dealer. For the first time they have brought a used car in from Jersey and have been advised to make a NOVA application.


Took on a new payroll at the beginning of the year and everything is running fine until the client received a demand under a different Accounts Office reference.


I thought this would be easy to determine but I haven't been able to find any documentation to indicate whether a CIC can file abbreviated accounts if it satisfies the same requirements as a limite


I understand that a childcare business supplying exempt services cannot recover vat on capital or refurbishment costs.


Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a finance newb, so please bear with me!! 



Hello everyone

Could I please get some advice on what my legal (if any) obligations are for reporting the following:


A client has asked me to sign the Ltd company abbreviated accounts I prepared for the bank.