I have a small sole practice (10 companies plus a mix of sole traders, personal and trust clients) and currently use VT+ for book-keeping and statutory accounts plus Digita for Personal tax and Tru


Director is drawing a salary less than the primary/secondary threshold with no other employees. Director also claims travel expenses which should go on a P11D but has no dispensation.


A client would like to gift a freehold property owned by his company to his son.


Are you local to Epsom in Surrey and would you be willing to give me an hour or two of your time to teach me how to use IRIS properly? I'm willing to pay you for your time ;)


Are accountants all the same? ‘Magic’ Mark Lee uses a recreational metaphor to highlight how accountants can distinguish themselves and stand out from the pack. 


New SA client has asked me to act for him due to high Underpayments of £1597 on 2011TR, £6843 on 2012TR and a further £6562 on 2013TR submitted himself.


Employer pays his one weekly paid staff member on a Tuesday of each week, with this weeks payday being 1st April.