Client has total income for year to 5/4/2012 of £70,910.  Angolan tax of £13,400 was deducted and has been claimed against the UK liability.  Total UK liability is £18,374 so relief for all Foreign


I have a client, Company A, who in Nov-13 purchased 100% of the shares in Company B.  Company B has losses for the financial year ended Apr-13 but not yet completed it's tax return.


Curious to know if others charge for a consultation? I'm leaning more towards charging for consultations as there are so many tyre kickers out there with their next brainstorm business idea.


 I have been advised by a client (sole trader) that a wind turbine has been recently been installed and I wonder how the rebate should be dealt with in the accounts.


HMRC has beaten its target for tax investigation work by £2bn in the last year, bringing the total revenue it raised through compliance work to a new all time high


I have instructions in a sale agreement to prepare a final set of Limited Company accounts to the date of sale.


I spoke with a potential client this morning who has setup a Company which will be "acquiring and sustainably managing various farmland projects,.....projects could take place in the UK as well


I commenced providing accounting services to a client in March 2013. This client agreed to pay my fees monthly at £70.83 per month, which was worked out based on an annual equivalent of £850, i.e.


In my small company balance sheet, I need to know where should I put the loan (liability) that the company has to pay to the owner?


Current Liabilities 


My client have an e-learning course website where he receive payment everyday!