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I am a commercial artist with turnover of £100k and profit of around £40k who has been trading for 5 years.  I am now wishing to incorporate, I have spoken to my current accountant about  the proce


Would the training costs for a director who is not an employee (I.e. does not have a contract of employment) be an allowable deduction for corporation tax?


We're ramping up our coverage of the Independence vote - as you may have seen on site. 


An accountant has been excluded from the ICAEW and fined nearly £15,000 for issuing audit reports on beh


We have had Fee Protection Insurance cover for over 10 years, and overall if we had put the money aside and "self-insured" we would have been a lot better off than handing it over to the insurance


Can HMRC charge a penalty for a careless inaccuracy to a UK incorporated company which is treaty non-resident as it is controlled and managed from Spain   


I have a client who is a sole trade builder and he takes his dog (which is a domestic pet) out with him to work every day to help guard his van and tools when on site.


Does anyone know if there are any tax reliefs to be used on selling a rental property (owner never lived in)?  Flat was bought back by Council under a Compulsory Order.


Can any one give me useful references for the following.

Employee sets up new company.