Ltd co has a large loan - which had a loan arrangement fee of £10,000

Is this CT tax deductible?


We receive lots (and lots) of records from clients. Currently we store in storage cases labelled with client name and code. We return records to clients via courier or when they visit the office.


I have a client who has occasional days where he has to leave home early before 6am and doesn't return until after 8:30. This is not his usual pattern of work.



A Management consultant travels to his client and provides consultancy services.


Is there a way in Xero that I can track client STO's?  Still undecided about DD's so trying to see if there is a more streamlined way of checking the STO's.


A client who happens to have a few currency accounts for their day to day business has been approached by some other contacts in those countries to 'buy' the currency.

As Sage forecasting doesn't support Excel 2013 can anyone recommend an alternative please?


 Can Quickbooks manage the Tour Operators Margin Scheme?

Or can it be made to cope with TOMS without too much misery?



I wonder if anyone could help with the following:


Apologies for a newby tax question but I just wanted to confirm my understanding from a review of HMRC's pages: