We have a client where the assets are understated as we have been depreciating at too high a rate.


Client submitted claim under DIY builders scheme, HMRC have rejected on basis of a clause in the planning which says the property can only be used by the adjacent business.


That's it...more of an announcement than a question... I have downloaded (on spare laptop) to test out the new features. Perhaps if anyone notices any issues they can report. Many thanks.


I am a small sole practioner with approx 30 payrolls that I run for my clients - mainly regular monthly amounts but a few with changes each month, one fortnightly and one weekly payroll.  From Apri


Would any on know where I could access an inheritance tax calculator to include clawback of gifts made in previous 7 years etc?

Your help would be greatly appreciated


I've had an HMRC query with a corporate client of mine.  Its very simple.  There are two transactions in the year.  One is a bank payment of £15k relating to a dividend (all paperwork in order) and


Does anyone know of a way to make it quicker to print invoices in Xero (or Unleashed which I am trialling with a client).


Current UK client who is UK resident, Mr UK has a limited company selling hair products.

My freelance IT consultant ceased trading in May 2013. Now wishes to close down the company as soon as practical.

The company is solvent and has a year end of March 2014.


Well, a very small number (thankfully) of penalty notices came in the post yesterday, including three surprises, where we hadn't realised returns had been issued.