I was wondering whether other members could advise me on how they managed to obtain clients more rapidly.


I've been using VT for a couple of years and its been great.  Recently however I've started to get the ?NAME errors and if I follow the work around I can fix it.  However the error keeps reappearin


We are about to act for a new client, who in our opinion should be treated as being employed.  However, the employer (our clients only customer) insists he is treated as being self employed.


My client has been visited by HMRC officers and suggested a self invigilation process in which he has to write down every single transaction relating to his daily takings.


I am treasurer of a Sea Cadet unit. This is a charity with its own Charity Commission number. However we are part of a national movement. This is similar to the scouts and some churches.


If you are like most accountants, you will rarely seek out formal feedback from clients.


Around one in five accounting firms are considering poaching staff and three quarters plan to increase fees, according to a Bloomsbury Professional survey.


Individual (UK res) currently is contracted out through a Norway agency to another company (Co1) and paid via Norway company with Norweigan tax withheld.


I have a client who himself has purchased an electric car.  He is partner in a partnership and has his own property portfolio and uses the car 40% and 20% for these businesses respectively.  Privat