I am a sole director/shareholder of a UK holding company of trading Ltd co. I receive an annual dividend from the holding company. I am resident in Slovakia where I pay tax on the dividend income.


I put in a 2009/10 overpayment relief claim just before 5.4.2014 for an elderly and confused client and HMRC have confirmed they have received it on a timely basis but we are awaiting certification



My company ,what is VAT registered ,sold scrap gold for amount 10 000 £ on April 2014 .


Can you get income tax relief for replacing an old boiler with a new better energy boiler against furnished lettings buy to let property?   


I have a client who has just swappe accountants.

However they have not paid and we have received a professional courtesy letter requesting information.


About a dozen years ago I heard John Welsford of the Mercia Group Limited say that one of the big problems facing the accountancy profession was that partners were working harder and harder and lon


Can anyone advise if it is permissible for a company to pay into a personal pension of one of its directors and shareholders (50% holding) who is not an employee of the company.


A client receives payment in advance for goods to be delivered. The payment is 100% of the consideration, and is received in say March. The goods are then delivered 6 months later in September.


Dear All

I would be greatfull if you could advise me on  following.