I have a client that is required to register for VAT (TVA) in France and I am having difficulties in finding out how to actually register.


I have a client who acquired a property overseas during a tax year in which he was absent from the UK throughout.

What is the standard terms of a training contract with staff members?

1. Do you generally say if they leave during training contract that they have to repay all costs for training?


When a new company is formed, Companies House, by law, (apparently) have to set the accounting reference date to the end of the month of formation.  Eg if formed 15th December, the first year end w


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The ICAEW disciplinary system is quite assiduous about enforcing its rules on reporting and compliance - for example by fining accountants who fail to submit their CPD records.

If a company is issuing new created shares to a shareholder would form should be completed to reflect this.


A sole trader is running a cafe business, and also co-owns a domestic rental property which is being rented out at the moment.


We have been asked to provide a reference for a rental guarantee, only about £4k and the client can easily afford it, but 2 of the questions are: