I have a client who went into business with her brother. They set up a company, she sold her house, put the money into the company and the company then bought a pub, which she now runs.


How does VAT registration effect UK property business( not building or construction) just renting, Rent a room or any other type of income that is not from self employed and employed.?


Hi - Company issues an invoice in response to an order sent to them by Microsoft; invoice is addressed to the UK Microsoft address, as this is the address on the purchase order.


Anyone else getting notifications of PAYE notices by email but then there are no new notices when you log in.



I have recently received a letter from my accountancy body saying that they are required to withdraw my UK audit qualification as it was awarded in error which means I cannot take any audit appoint


One of my clients has set up their Sage instant accounts with some opening balances.

From the nominal screen everything looks fine.

Everything is fine in the COA.


Would a property investment company who incurred costs of loan arrangement fees have to treat these loan costs as a non trade loan relationship debit? Little rusty with NTLR


Has anyone out there come across a practical cloud based bookkeeping alternative to the clunky mouse-driven rubbish currently on offer?


Client has had a tax investigation over his 11/12 return, the investigation was over the inspectors 'significant concerns over his ability to fund his lifestyle' He had declared salary of £7,200 an