Talking 2012/13 year here, so I don't believe the simplified cash based return can apply here.  Client has a large outstanding balance outstanding from a client he has invoiced.


Partnership client has donated £2.5K to their local greek church (in UK) - is there any tax relief on charitable donations if not made under Gift Aid, i.e. deductible from business profits?


How quickly will the First Tier Tribunal respond to an application to close an enquiry?


I have a company which bought a custom made tool from a supplier.  The supplier required that the price of tool be invoiced in 3 parts as work was progressing.  Two of these invoices were raised an


Hoping someone can help.

Have been approached by a client whose tax affairs are in arrears. Both he and his previous agent have not been well, and the latter


I wonder if anyone can help. I received an enquiry from a prospective client who runs as a limited company and has drawn cash from the business.


Hi, can someone please explain, how mileage allowance is put in to motor vehicle expenses, I understand that the allowance is 45p up 10,000 miles and above that 25p, so if a clients gives petrol re


I have a rather unusual scenario concerning an interest in possession trust.


A little bit of background:


I have a limited company client who has been served notice of termination of their lease by the landlord who wants to redevelop the property.