Sole trade ceased 31/03/13

Sold assets to Ltd co 31/03/13

Ltd Co incorporated Aug 2012. Completed dormant accounts to 31/03/13. Ltd Co starts to trade on 01/04/2013


My client incorporated on 31/03/13. I'm in the process of completing the sole trader accounts. CG34 has been approved!  This is my first time completing this so I'd really appreciate some help.


Sage Line 50 is not compatible with Sage Instant. I have a client who unfortunately loves Sage and has upgraded to the 2014 addition.


Hi wondering if anyone can help, is it possible for the Trustees to transfer / re-designate restricted reserves to unrestricted reserves and if so is there a formal process that needs to be adopted


 Company A is the sole shareholder of Company B, and they have the same director (who is 100% shareholder of company A). Company B owns a freehold property and rents it out to Company A.


I have recently become self employed nurse working in a GP practice for 15 hrs a week. I worked in the NHS for 40 yrs and paid NI do I still need to pay this now that I am self employed?


I have a client who has a customer that agreed to pay his company a certain amount as a contribution toward expenses mainly for a sales promotion trip overseas.


We have a client that is selling the business.

The assets being sold are work in progress and debtors. There is no good will as trade is poor


I have a sole trader with a year end date of 31st July and he has now changed at his year end to a partnership with his wife.