A client was declared bankrupt during 2011/2012 as a result of a large debt to HMRC and remains in bankruptcy whilst her Trustee (a very large firm of accountants) attends to a fairly compli


We wrote as follows on 25 June 2013:

"Dear Sir

Mr A

We refer to your notice of assessment of duty dated 30 May 2013 in respect of the period ended 31 March 2013.


A sole trade business is being sold and the new owner Mrs A intends running it as a limited company set up for the purpose. One share is being issued.


I am a sole trader from the US but I live and operate a business in the UK. I want to buy some software and the software is cheaper in USD.


Client has incorporated with the plan to keep the cars in personal name. However the car people say they cannot do this. It was set up as a business contract and must remain so.


I have a client how owns a large house who is looking to convert the property into 2 flats.


I am starting up in business as a sole practitioner, and am trying to work on my pricing strategy.


Hi everyone

If a client is buying the goodwill (i.e. client list) of a local consultancy firm, with an upfront payment of £20,000 - does the seller need to add VAT?



Can someone please point me to a page giving detailed advice on which costs are allowable against CGT on the sale of a property that has been renovated.


I have recently received two emails from HMRC with the following message: