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A property is rented out, legal ownership is 50% mum 25% son, 25% daughter as tennants in common.


I have two clients who both need to prepare a self assessment.

One is employed but needs to reclaim pension tax relief as a higher rate tax payer.


If a child has to complete a tax return (say they are under the age of 16 and have masses of self employment income), can they sign the return themselves or should a parent sign it for them?


Practice gurus, who have their own agenda, they tell us of the about inevitable doomsday scenario for accountants - Compliance services will no longer be needed.


I wasn't aware of this and went to a brief seminar on this at Accountex.  Am I right in thinking I will need to do a quarterly report for my CIS contractors (despite similar information being submi


Client who was widowed about 10 years ago, purchased jointly back in 1980, a holiday appartment in Spain, which has just been sold this month.


Had a new client approach me with a CGT issue.


I have a computer phobic client who regularly has to spend a lot of time on the phone ordering replacement CIS 300 forms because they don't arrive when they should and he then has to deal with the


I heard recently that Dunkleys, a Bristol based practice are sponsoring the "Shaun in the City" initiative.