Quick question.

Father transferring land to son for inheritance tax purposes - 60 acres @ approx value £600k.

There is income from conacre on the land of approx £6k per annum.


Anyone still using Faxpay to report wages to client’s bank for processing? What’s the least cost/least hassle 21st century alternative?


I am the only accountant in a small investment club  - but working in the public sector I have very little idea of where to start on this!


I'm a contractor with a Limited Company.  My expenses are paid by the client on a self-billing basis.  The company that contract me through to my client haven't paid me the VAT element of the expen


Client has a gain of £32700, less AE of £10600, £22100 charged at 28%.  Also has further gains subject to ER.  Does a claim for EIS deferral relief have to be restricted to £22100, or can £32700 be


We have a builder client who had a VAT inspection and the inspector has raised two points and I enquire whether any other practitioners have had similar questions raised?


We've used Sage payroll for our bureau service to clients for some time now (150 payrolls ranging from 1 to 80 employees)



I am struggling to find a concrete answer to this after weeks of searching, so i would love for someone to post a correct and concrete answer.


Hi there, it's my first question so appreciate you reading.  My tax problem relates to long-term investment cash flows (25 years and up) and is as follows:


We use IRIS Payroll professional to run payroll for clients.  It's a very good product so no issues there.