The government has published draft legislation that will shorten the final period exemption for CGT relief on primary residences from April next year. 


A client of mine has been making a loss for the last 2 years and  he has now decided to shut down the company to get rid of the debts.


I have partnership accounts x2 for a husband and wife partnership. One of the partnerships usually makes a loss.


I have a client who is a sole trader, suffers CIS deductions and has three staff.

Obviously he cannot offset his CIS deductions against his monthly PAYE costs as he is not a limited co.


I would like to split a company in a tax neutral way. By this I mean without any triggering any income tax, corporation tax or capital gains tax liabilities.

I have a ltd company which incorporated on 30th May 2012 with the sole purpose of operating a wind turbine.

I filed a corporation tax return for my husbands company using TaxCalc last night.  I was just wondering if anyone knew how long it would take for it to come up on the HMRC website?  Its just that


Hoping someone can clarify this for me please: I have a client who has earned £60K+ from her employment and also her pension for 2012/13. She also has a holiday rental property which had £30K spent