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We use one of these here in the AccountingWEB office, was just interested to hear what our members have to say on it? What do you use? Have you used both? Merits and demerits? 





I moving house and inevitably will need an accountants reference. I operate a Ltd Co, salary and dividends.



I am currently in the situation of brining on board an accountant, once he is back from his hols that is. Anyway, before he is back I would like some advice on the below if possible?


I have a client that wants to claim for their time when visiting the rental property.

It is not something that I have come across with anyone else. Is this allowable?


Almost a quarter of UK accountancy firms say they are likely to take advantage of the economic recovery and increase client fees over the next year to boost profitability, according to research


Received a mortgage reference for a client of mine over the weekend and one of the questions asks whether i consider that the client will be able to meet the repayments.


Help....  I have been asked to prepare vat under the flat rate scheme and have read all sorts of conflicting info.  1) do I calculate the flat rate % on the net or gross sale figure?


Hi Forum

Can anyone tell me if there is any prohibition on a C.L.G having a private limited company as one if its members?

Thanks All.


I have client who is small not for profit organisation however one of the 2 members resigned in the year.


My client has a 20% share in an S corp, although she is not on the board.  The S Corp wishes to use Retained Earnings to buy a piece of land she owns.  At some level, the S Corp is using her own mo