My client is applying for a marriage visa to marry his fiancé in Australia. As part of the application he needs to show this is a genuine marriage.


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has invested in building a practice and hiring staff before they had sufficient clients, a kind of "If we build it, they will come" scenario.


what method do you all use to calculate the vat on private fuel? (client of mine uses his own car for business and private use. when we calculate vat on these both what method do you adopt


My email is currently linked to my website provider.  They were bought out last year and service has diminished.


Hello AccountingWeb


I am talking to a potential client, his previous accountant is retired and he wants me to take over the accounts prep and tax return.

I am taking on a new client, for me to prepare their statutory accounts and advise them on tax matters.

They are registered under the Industrial and Provident Acts.




E- Commerce.

I have a couple of clients who sell from the UK to Europe and elsewhere via their own website and the usual other channels eg Ebay, Amazon etc.


Am I going daft here but I cant find a way to export the Detailed Show Transaction Report? The Trial Balance etc has the export buttons but not the nominal transaction report?


I have just started a payroll bureau and have a few clients. looking for reasonably priced software which is RTI compliant for tax year 2014/2015

Any help would be appreciated