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A non equity member of an LLP has an initial share stipulated in the LLP agreement which accrues monthly and is paid in full monthly as 'salary'.

Two ICAEW members, who accessed emails of former directors without their knowledge or consent, were both reprimanded and ordered to pay costs of £1,500 apiece.


is it acceptable for new clients to "sign" engagement letter by email - i.e.


A client has started a new company.


Share capital - 100 Ordinary £1 shares


Is it possible to have two agents? The reason I ask is that, to submit VAT returns via Clear Books, you need to appoint Clear Books as your agent for VAT with HMRC.


Can you reclaim the VAT charged by a builder for work done to convert a newly leased building into the type of business required - i.e old building (vacant) converted into dance s


The medium sized group consist of a Parent and 4 wholly owned subsidiaries (A,B,C and D).   Financial year end is 31/3/2014.   Subsidiary A was liquidated during the financial year and Subsidiary B


Hello everybody


I have a client who was paid £3.5k gross interest as part of a MPPI claim. The payer deducted 20% at source.