Funnily enough I've been asked the same question twice in as many days, but never before.


Two clients have contacted me today because they have received requests for P11Ds dated 23 June.


I am Agent for a UK holding company and they employ a sales manager who works all over Europe and Middle East.


I have tried to login in to Sage v2014 and it says that "You have entered an invalid password" I checked with the client who's sage is the current company and they say there is no login or password


In the 2012 / 13 tax year a client of mine received a 6 month payment in lieu of notice. This put their gross earnings over the 100K threshold, when personal allowances begin to be removed. 


Insolvent company went into administration in April 2013 and ceased trading immediately.


A round-up of the latest news, executive moves and acquisitions from the world of practice during July 2014.


With so much change taking place in financial reporting as the UK negotiates the transition to a new regime for small/medium and micro companies, Stev


Hi All

Do the 5% late payment penalties still apply even where a client has not been issued with a notice to complete a tax return but should have completed one.


Background, we are a fast growing small firm of 12 people having grown

from 2 n half employees 4 years ago. We employ a dedicated "sales" team