I have just had an argument with two HMRC telephone operators (aka "advisers") who swear blind that I cannot tell them that an SA Return is no longer required, go through a questionnaire with them


It has only come to light that rental property inherited by wife a number of years ago had a mortgage raised on the property in 2012/13.


I am a Sri Lankan and one of my client in UK need me to become an agent on behalf of  him. Can I become an agent of him for self assessment




I have a new client that has been doing all his bookkeeping and accounting on his ipad, paying his vat returns, year end, sales and purchase ledger.


We're planning a team meal and drinks this Friday night as a reward for (hopefully! ) completing all our clients' self assessment returns.


hi all


my dad is unfortunately shutting down his car dealership after only 6 months of trading, therefore the only 'dealings' we have had with hmrc is paying VAT.



So sorry for such a simple question, but my brain has gone dead - and this doesn't happen to me very often!  This client is one who always gives me his paperwork very, very late :-(



A friend of mine 5 years ago bought £15k of shares in a qualifying EIS scheme.


I had problems with VT invoicing. First of all I could not put my company's logo which is a letterhead with header and footer, on the system. It was too big.


What is the best way to explain to a client that business entertainment is not tax deductible? & How to correct this if they have not been doing so?