Having been in practice for 15 years I have never had a Consumer Credit Licence.


Just had to waste quarter of an hour as client sent me a statem,ent showing £25k overpaid.


Had a typical discussion with a client about reducing payments on account recently. I gave all the usual caveats about late payment interest if they are reduced too much.


House was purchased and lived in for a period of years before it was let. Letting continued for several years and the house has now been sold.


Good Evening,

I wonder if anyone could give any recommendations for a tool, web app or template to use to 'easily track' TB movement each month?


I am just wondering, can an accountant who is actively working in practice run their own business? For example, can an accountant also run a retail store?


Client incorporated 13th May 2012.

I have prepared first set of accounts to 31st May 2013.

I worked out that 2 corporation tax returns need to be submitted and paid as follows:


My Client has been dazzled by the latest Sage email praising Sage One Extra to allow him to integrate his web sales without staff manually processing invoices and receipts to Sage desk top.


Client's wife is director of his company and got £7,068 salary and £14,700 dividends (net of tax credit) in 2011/12 so no tax liability.


Hi , can someone please advise me , I have applied for my practising license , can I register as an agent with hmrc to act in behalf of clients or will I need to wait until I get my practicing lice