The articles just state that notice must be given.  There is no mention of how long/what form the notice should be in. Client wants to resign due to poor health (heart attack).


I understand that the government has increased the capital allowances amount to 250k from 1 Jan 2013, so does that mean that from 1 jan-31 dec 2013 we are entitled to 250k and jan-dec 2014 we are 


I have just gained a client who sells rugs through 6 concession sites within  large retailers.  Currently he has no stock system.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a computerised system whi


Client bought a house and converted it into two flats. The flats have been rented for 10 years. Client is now converting back to a house prior to sale.


We regularly on the 5th of each month file NIL returns for the preceding month, and in the case of this particular client tick the box "no subcontractors will be used for the next six months" Clien


I have a client who has traditionally traded as a sole trader but who has now created a limited company (which lay dormant for 11 months) through which he is now trading.


In a nutshell we are trying to establish is a property in France is an FHL or not.

At first glance it meets all of the FHL criteria but it is actually a French Leaseback property.


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has


Client needs to make first repayment of student loan this year. Only earnings are £27633 from self-employment plus pension of £57.00.


Looking for clarification on whether funds held in a solicitors client account on behalf of the company is treated as cash or other debtors in the company balance sheet (not the solicitors) for fin