After having a conversation with HMRC VAT Helpline I am now more confused than what I was before ..................


Probably easier if I use some very simplistic sample figures to illustrate my question:

Earnings £30,000
Net received by Company £24,000
CIS credit of £6,000


Client started self employment in 2013 \ 14 having previously earned £10k in PAYE employment.  There is a small loss in the first accounts to 5th April (by virtue of Annual Investment Allowance). 


I have a client who uses FBA - Fulfilled by Amazon - for a large chunk of his sales.  What this means, is that the orders are processed and sent out by Amazon themselves, under their branding.


I've just joined the site.

Please can you help. I'm planning to make an application to the UKBA shortly.


I need to obtain details of certain property purchases/sales in 1988-1990 how to do i go about it.  Does the land registry hold details and what authorization do i need to get such information


should Van be included in plant or motor vehicles in fixed asset note in statutory accounts?


I am currently doing the books for a small engineering company. It is a limited company with two owners (50/50 share split) and several workers.


If someone buys a pub and registers for VAT are they able to reclaim the VAT spent on the refurbishment costs?


A prospective client has approached me about late vat reg. She exceeded the threshold about two years ago and has informed HMRC.