This is another revenue vs capital query, this time on doing up a home rather than newly purchased but-to-let.


Hi, I have a client looking to form a Ltd company but will fall under the IR35 rules, if he takes a large salary but keeps his total income under the 100k threshold for personal allowance, and take


Really an updated version of an original post in July, and wondered whether anyone have any more recent observations:


Hi all. I was wondering if the people who charge fixed fees charge per return or simply for bookkeeping or both.


I have a client who has been offered an offset mortgage account that will use his company account as an offset account. The company account is a current account that does not earn any interest.


My 1st ever payroll client has just changed from using self-employed people to setting up PAYE and making them employees.


I've had to complete a tax credit form for a client with infant children - submitted last month.

I used an estimate for his income which is from a partnership.


3 of our clients want to go into business together. All in an equal capacity but one has a personal CCJ against them that will not be removed for several years.


I could seriously do with updating my knowledge on the problems with transferring shares on small companies that are frequently coming up and wonder if anyone knows of any good seminars, books or w




I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice who has had a similar experience.