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I have received a letter from an employer today asking for a reference for my nephew who has put me down as a referee on his CV. My nephew has never worked for me.


Hi all, I wanted to ask how, in practice, supporting schedules for balance sheet accounts which have a large inflow and outflow of journals each month are kept a track of month to month (practicall


Client has changed its accounting date resulting in a short period of accounts.

Should the accounts be:

"Period from xx to xx"

"Period ended xx"

"x months ended xx"


Sole director of a company never filed a tax return but takes out 20K dividends and Salary of nearly 8K.  

Does he need to report the income and file a tax return


I'm importing an excel bank statement into Sage (2013) and it all works fine apart from inter-bank transfers.


A new client tells me he was declared bankrupt in 2008 because of bad business decisions. I will be preparing his American (not UK) tax returns.


Client has called me from jersey has 2 enveloped properties >1m<2m so there is a charge for 2014 15 but no filing made yet, so I think it us late, what are implications


I want to know that if we receive the new tax codes from HMRC and will not update it in the next payroll then would it be okay because it is going to adjust in the self assessment tax return of the


Does the earnings assessment for childcare vouchers include all forms of income or is it purely salary and benefits from employment?