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If a director of a private limited company (which he owns) writes off personal expenditure in the P&L of his company, but then "adds back" the personal expenditure in the Corporation Tax comput


I have a client who owns and manages a UK company (micro entity) providing services to a separate US entity. The owners of the US entity wish to "give" my client a 30% stake in their US entity.


Client sold goods and sent invoice to UK company including VAT.

UK company has now requested that he invoices their Paris office rather than themselves.


A new client of mine (sole trader) had not submitted any tax returns for 4 years, these have now been filed and he has a bill of £8000, most of which is made up of penalties.


Whilst checking out the accounts of a club (limited company, and not my client) I got this -


Can anyone recommend a time and billing solution for a small practice with 5 staff?  Preferably desktop based rather than a cloud solution.





To date we've only really had minimal goodwill valuations so haven't bothered getting pre approval (as the impact either way was negligible).  However, we've got a fairly hefty one we're looking at


I have a client who's employees have recently received a payment request from HMRC for tax they owe from their employment.


Hi, I am a beneficiary of a nil rate band discretionary trust that's sole asset is a CPI indexed linked loan secured by a charge on a house … I imagine there are large number of these from 10 years