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I have a company, owned by two people, one of whom wishes to retire and take up a consultancy role, the other who wishes to take more of a back seat with a view to scaling down to retirement in the

I have a doctor who has an employment contract with a hospital trust.


I did a VAT registration for a small Ltd Co which started trading on 05/01/2015.  HMRC wrote back and asked for further information, which included proof that the Ltd Co is trading.  Client filled


As this is the month after self assessment, we know many accountants will be off on their travels. 


The business is small, non VAT, and run from home. The internet usage is shared between home and business. Home pays £10 monthly, business pays £25 monthly, in total the bill is £35 monthly.


A managing director transfers money from one company (multiple directors and shareholders) to another company (of which he is the sole director and shareholder) stating that it is payment for work


More of a moan than a question, we are currently running Moneysoft payroll software and due to it not being able to fully cope with AE started looking for an alternative.    


My client operates through a limited company & at present offers a range of osteopathic & holistic services via multiple consultants from business premises that are owned personally.

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I have made an onerous lease provision in my year-end accounts ended Sepember 2014.

I have a few questions:

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