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I've run an almost paper free office for years using EchoSign for clients to sign all documents.


So the IFA (institute of financial accountants) are being taken over by (sorry I mean "merging") with an australian institute.


 I am beginning to see a lot of non resident businesses set up in the UK (mostly one man bands).


Hi all, any additional ideas welcome, we have a number of Private Limited Companies that are cash rich and we would like the Directors who are the shareholders to take out these funds in the most t


One of our subsidiary companies has ceased trading post year end with the trade being hived into another group company.  The cessation of trade was 2 months after the year end, therefore the profit


We were most of the way through transferring a sole trader business into a limited company with an intended effective date of 1 December, but the transfer of assets agreement has not been signed.


I have a client with accounts year end 31/03/2014 .


When a sole trader incorporates, does anyone continue using the same ledger for the company as they used for the sole trader?


I have a client who is sole director of one company and was a director and 50% shareholder of another company.