Bit of a hypothetical question at the moment but if someone buys a property with a tenant as a TOGC do they need to opt to tax the property as well as register for VAT? 



You know you want to sack a client, but how can you do this? Mark Lee explores the main options available to you.


We have a self administered scheme for which accounts are needed - there were two member/trustees.  The following period will see one member/trustee, a member who is not a trustee and a trustee who


I am a sole practitioner through a limited company that is voluntarily VAT registered (turnover about £35k).


I am a director of a limited company and have made a loan to the company to fund the business. Looks like the company is closing down and will not be able to repay my loan.



Basically the situation involves a VAT registered auto mechanics who have started carrying out crash repair work.


I have a Limited Company client currently making supplies to the USA, which I believe are outside the scope of UK VAT.


'I’ve established a campaign group arguing for transport improvement in a city region.  It's a LTD Co. by Guarantee with not for profit articles of association.

It’s not an immediate issue but I need to get to the bottom of the figures when buying a company (SPV) that owns land rather than buying the land itself.