If a company borrows money to pay CT to HMRC is the interest payable trade or non trade where the company has both investment and trading activities ?

For companies (including OMB), I usually set up a few things as standard to get co tax relief and little/no personal tax/bik such as employer pension contributions, childcare vouc


I am preparing a 2013 Trust and Estate tax return for the executor of the estate of a deceased taxpayer. (It's not late as I have until May to finalise it).


Basically two expenses paid for by the company and trying to establish if allowable or not:


I have invested over £400,000 into my business over last 4 years.  This year I have started selling and will make approx.£100,000 profit.  If I pay this back to the directors loan account, will it


Our client is considering a short term (4 months) contract in Hungary. He will need to stay in a hotel costing about €1,000 euros a month. Is this tax deductible?



In short, Is it possible to start entering invoices into sage instant accounts without the closing/ opening balances from year end? 


Hello everyone,

pardon the intrusion, but I would very much like to ask the accomplished professionals for some advice please.


Hi, does anyone know anything about intercompany credits eg company a pays for company B's supplier.