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Two ICAEW members, who accessed emails of former directors without their knowledge or consent, were both reprimanded and ordered to pay costs of £1,500 apiece.


is it acceptable for new clients to "sign" engagement letter by email - i.e.


A client has started a new company.


Share capital - 100 Ordinary £1 shares


Is it possible to have two agents? The reason I ask is that, to submit VAT returns via Clear Books, you need to appoint Clear Books as your agent for VAT with HMRC.


Can you reclaim the VAT charged by a builder for work done to convert a newly leased building into the type of business required - i.e old building (vacant) converted into dance s


The medium sized group consist of a Parent and 4 wholly owned subsidiaries (A,B,C and D).   Financial year end is 31/3/2014.   Subsidiary A was liquidated during the financial year and Subsidiary B


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I have a client who was paid £3.5k gross interest as part of a MPPI claim. The payer deducted 20% at source.



Will an unpaid director of a community interest company qualify for social investment tax relief provided they comply with all the other requirements.


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Any thoughts on the following would be really appreciated.....