Been offline for a few days so I  don't know whether anyone else spotted that the personal allowance for those born after 1938 has, according to the Treasury policy statement, been set for the next


Hi, can someone please tell me the difference between an asset impairment and loss on disposal of an asset , both are on the income statement?


Thank you


A parcel of land purchased by my company turned out to be almost worthless as the vendor  had made fraudulent claims regarding a planning consent which never materialised.


A new client came to see me recently.  She has not completed any tax returns since starting to trade in early 2011/12.


Can someone please enlighten me on Payroll Liabilities with regards to a major change that came in this year in the way payroll liabilities are handled and how to  implemented this for clients.




I need to find out whether a part-qualified ACCA with BSc (Hons) in Accounting do the following:


1. Start an accountancy firm by registering a company


Hi all, thanks in advance for any help

Hi we are setting up a new venture at work with the payment protection my understanding is all vat on insurance is exempt.


I am preparing a charity clients accounts ready for audit and have just done a check on their vat reclaim.


Does anyone have any thoughts about the question asked by my client: