Two brothers owed a dozen or so properties (personally and jointly) which they let out; each declaring their 50% of income and expenditure and net profit within UK Property pages of their respectiv


This question has appeared before but I am looking for someone to point me in the direction of a definitive answer with supporting references if possible.


It is my understanding that the FRSSE does not apply to Abbreviated Accounts, but rather the disclosures are only those required by the Company's Act.


I am arranging for a company to be struck off the register using form DS01 since the final assets are less than £25,000.


A friend of mine is currently a sole trader but he now expects to make a profit of around £50,000 this tax year.


I have entered the whole trial balance from the previous year as one journal.  The trial balance i have been given has no customer or supplier balances the previous accounts person used the nominal



Further to my last post on starting up in practice, I'm going to go it alone and not enter into a partnership with others that I know.


Can an excel sheet be imported into a Digita Accounts Production Posting Sheet?

I've tried saving it as a CSV and using the CSV import without success.


I run a UK private limited company that produces software for direct sale online (no reseller). At present, we're not VAT-registered.


Can someone please tell me what is the maximum weekly gross pay to employees to avoid PAYE Registration and therefore RTI (assuming that the employee has provided a signed P46 with box A ticked) ?