I have a client who has a PAYE scheme but currently no employees, so I have submitted a EPS for these months saying there are no payments due yet he has received a PAYE Specified Charge from HMRC a

I have a sole trader client who's main business is in healthcare. He has ventured into the world of writing and is about to self publish his first novel.


Subcontractor under standard CIS deduction at source. A sales invoice to a contractor includes an amount for accommodation and travel expenses incurred by the subcontractor.


Second time of asking, please.


I have a client who left at the start of the 2012/13 tax year to work full time in the US.


There has been a lot of discussion about franchises recently but they all appear to focus on Tax Assist. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with Certax.


My client and sister has finally sold there newsagents shop. After 6 years of 4.00am starts they are looking something easier going for there next venture.


A sole trader has 2 distinct trades, and decides to incorporate one of them.


Hi all, if anybody can help me with the following it will be much appreciated.