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Does anyone have any experience of payroll software which deals will Net of Foreign Tax credits?


We are the only major economy to have a mid-month date for the end of the tax year. All others are calendar or quarter end.


Just been offered a good job with a reputable firm: salary is great and career prospects are excellent.


Husband owns some properties. How can he show to HMRC that some portion of rental income belongs to his wife or his children.


I have a client who is a husband and wife team registered as a Limited Company, the wife is the director and the husband is the employee.


Just like everyone else we have had lots of messages from HMRC telling us that RTI penalties don't start untill 6th March.


When a company has been demerged and the net assets of the demerged company have been split between two emerged companies - what is the best description of this within the capital & reserves of

I am not an expert on VAT on imports and exports, but I have read the HMRC guidance.  A prospective clients wishes to establish a UK ltd company and register it for VAT.