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A new client has recently come to me with concerns over CGT liability with regard to the sale of his ex-matrimonial home.


I am consolidating a group which consists of limited companies and LLP's

The holding company has an interest in the limited company and LLP's. It receives a profit share from the LLP

A private limited company issued additional shares, some to the sole existing shareholder and some to a new shareholder.


Married couple have been running a trading company for many years. To ensure continuity they want to gift all the shares in this company to their nephew.



Before 2015 budget did dividend income impact on savings tax rate?


The HMRC website says :-


Has anybody noticed that EPS detailing CIS deductions is now rejected if not filed by the 19th of the month.


I have just taken two new clients and I have had to sort out appeals on both.

I have a client who has minimal business assets - he wants to incorporate his partnership. The only assets he will be transferring will be some desks/furniture and some IT equipment.