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I have used VT cash for a few years now and really like it, I am now looking at getting an Apple Mac has anyone managed in the last tear or so/ month or so managed to run this accounts package on a


There are plenty of people who will tell you that you should be using Facebook as part of your online promotional and marketing strategy, says Mark Lee.


I have a couple of clients who have buried their heads in the sand and owe several thousands in income/corporation tax going back 3 years, and they don't seem to get much hassle from HMRC.  They ge


How does fee structure work when a company is likely to trade a few months - say 3 months. Would there be a reduction in fee for annual accounts and ct600?


We employed a bookkeeper for 2 years who was responsible for keeping records up to date in Sage as well as VAT returns, CIS returns etc.


I am trying to find out what I need to do for a small family owned limited company in regard to auto enrollment.


I have been approached by a client to claim back dated employee expenses from HMRC. I have questioned him and they are legitimate expenses, but his claim period goes back to 2008/09.


Client who is non domiciled in the UK sold a property (that he inherited) overseas.  He paid Capital gains tax overseas




My client is having works done to his residential let property as follows;




I've taken over an established accountancy practice that's been through quite a bit of turmoil over the past few years.