Im looking for subcontractor work where i can work from home & in the evenings. I have another job but i really want to have my own accountancy practice running.


A Limited Company has paid a dividend to a shareholder (which happens to be a partnership, but I dont think that is relevant).  This has been board minuted but should the Company also provide a div


I wanted to ask peoples opinions on Goodwill.


Hi Everyone A ltd company ceased trading on me about a year ago owing me about £40k.


Audit firms with academies as their clients will be turning their attention to the 2013 audits and undoubtedly digesting the content of the latest

Hi, I own a plot of land where I am intending to build 2 properties and sell them.


I am condsidering purchasing a property which has part commercial and part residential. The whole building has been opted to tax and I will have to pay VAT on the agreed purchase price.


One of my colleagues has just received an e:mail (not addressed to the e:mail address) but the part of the address is correct, from the Webfiling e-mail address of Companies House.