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Hi All,

I'm currently competing my coursework assignment for university and would be grateful for any advice that you could give me:


Have any of you any experience of Companies House late filing penalties – or even better, experience of appealing against these penalties.



I'm new here so please forgive me if this doesn't hit the right spot.

What would be an efficient way to structure a serial entrepreneurs companies in the following scenario:


Please can somebody help me with this one?
I have a client who sold goods to a company based outside of the EU but was asked to deliver said goods to a private individual outside o


Client incorporated a sole trader business at the end of 2013/14. Previous accountant recommended and took care of incorporation of sole trader business for the client.


I have an LLP with a 30 June year end and two corporate members.  One corporate member has a 30 June year end, the other 30 April.  


Checked a new client's previous accounts for 2006-07, and found that a capital gain was included in sales by mistake.

Is it too late to send in an amended return?


I am the director of a limited company which owns a mixture of residential and commercial properties which are currently rented. The company at the moment is not registered for VAT.


Please does anyone know the typical range of fees charged for producing a comprehensive Business Plan document (incorporating market research, business plan and projected financials) in the London