We have a client who is looking to acquire a freehold interest in some arable land.


The client has asked whether the price quoted is considered good value.



I have a client opening up a restaurant in the Olympic Park and he is being given a grant to help with the fit of the restaurant not all of it but a significant proportion.  What are the tax implic


Morrison Supermarkets has ended its external audit contract with KPMG and switched to PwC in line with corporate governance guidance from the regulator to tender c


I received an email from Acute Domains pointing out that they have been asked to register multiple domain extensions for a domain similar to my own, including the domain extension 'mobi'.


A CIS Subcontractor earned £100k. Does he have to register for VAT?

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Hi Everyone,


I am in the process of buying a new house and the mortgage company are insisting on an accountants reference and wont accept SA302's or full accounts which leaves me in a bit of a pickle in that I


Two brothers owed a dozen or so properties (personally and jointly) which they let out; each declaring their 50% of income and expenditure and net profit within UK Property pages of their respectiv


This question has appeared before but I am looking for someone to point me in the direction of a definitive answer with supporting references if possible.


It is my understanding that the FRSSE does not apply to Abbreviated Accounts, but rather the disclosures are only those required by the Company's Act.