For the year 2003/4 my income tax was worked out as follows:


Accountants come in various shapes and sizes but some advertise their wares as 'forensic accountants'.


My new contractor client has been working under his current contract for more than 24 months and wants to continue with company which he contracts indirectly through an agency.


I have a new client - contractor limited company, who has been working under the same contract for nearly 3 years now.


Submitted August RTI with wrong data. Need to correct the error. Do I correct it in September month with YTD adjustments or resubmit? I use money for RTI.

Thanks in advance.


Can someone please confirm at what point liability to taxes will trigger under the 183 day residency rule ?  ie Upon exceeding 183 days in the UK, will an individual be taxable from day 184 or will


Has anyone else been spammed by them to their AccountingWeb inbox twice this week?


..or is it just me?!


Has anyone considered using Bitcasa as a backup medium?

Mark Lee follows up his first article in this series with observations regarding popular ideas that may be more trouble than they are worth.