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I saw a potential new client last week, they rent out a building for events through a charity and provide additional services through a separate company (which I believe gifted the building despite


On the thread on this subject, someone asked "Who is anyone to say categorically who the site is for?"

The answer is, of course, the site owner.



Afternoon all,


A pretty basic question I assume.

We've just taken on a client that's an IFA and has a self-billing arrangement. Excerpts from his email are below:


Is it possible to defer VAT on the purchase of commercial property? My bank manager says its what now everybody are doing, but I cant find any relevant information on HMRC websites.


I need the 3 digit tax office number for first year accounts of new ltd co client.


I have a client who was in partnership with his mother who died in the 1990's.There has been a bitter legal dispute which has not yet been finalised.The farms have been sold by an arbiter appointed


A builder client is quoting for demolition and reconstruction of a dwelling. Two facades (corner) will remain as will the basement/cellar.


Always looking to drive down costs if possible at this time of year but not at the expense of quality.


Can a Ltd company sell a property and transfer any chargeable gains on the property across to the purchase of another property and therefore not be taxed on those gains? For example the Company own