I've come across some software (mentioning no names) which prepares VAT returns as part of its functionality.


I thought I read some years ago that medical insurance paid for former employees was not taxable.  I can see that the rules changed in 2006 but what about employees who retired before then?

I have a client who operates a light haulage business through a limited company. He is thinking about expanding into motorcycle courier deliveries but doesn't have a bike licence.



What's the procedure here: Client based in India is asking that their payment be made into 3 separate bank accounts but not all in his name? 


I have a client whom needs advise re how best to hold his share in a LLP - i.e.

AccountingWEB is pleased to announce the launch of a new channel focusing on financial reporting.  Available fr

Client had arranged time to pay CT @ rate of £945.05. per month. I received a letter saying they were behind with the payments yet the client said they weren't.


OldCo operated 2 trades & decided to demerge one of the trades to NewCo.  Clearance for this demerger was applied for & received from HMRC.


For the year 2003/4 my income tax was worked out as follows:


Accountants come in various shapes and sizes but some advertise their wares as 'forensic accountants'.