Hi all,

I am new to business. I do bookeeping and some SA (family and friends mainly)


A director claims for his own business mileage at FPCS rates, he wants to lend his other car to his employee and wondered if he can claim another 10,000 for the miles she does but paid to him (mile


I'm a freelancer on the VAT FRS and heard I can add VAT to the receipts of expenses used whilst undertaking work for the client.


Solicitors practice.

6 partners.

One leaves

Accounts prepared (by the practice) and they say to leaver you owe us £350k, pay up or else.



Company A has an employee that works for Company B. (Both companies involved with marketing).

Company A invoices Company B for the time worked.

I have 2 questions.


HMRC says that

"If your director's loan account is overdrawn after the last day of your company's Corporation Tax accounting period but you repay it in full within 9 months:


My client is applying for a marriage visa to marry his fiancé in Australia. As part of the application he needs to show this is a genuine marriage.


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has invested in building a practice and hiring staff before they had sufficient clients, a kind of "If we build it, they will come" scenario.