My Client operates mechanical equipment and has had several employments throughout the UK on a number of construction sites during the 2014 tax year through an agency that operates "the umbrella sc


I need to find something in writing telling me the inflation rate in July compared to a year ago. I thought it was 4%, but I can't find any official site that I can understand.


Sad I know (get a life) but I was looking back on a question posted back in July 2002 on whether any one could recall a deduction of 1/26th of gross rents as an allowable expense.


I have a client whose parents bought two semi-detached houses in 1972 and knocked them together to form one house. Ever since that is how they have been used.


I have a client who has been employed since 2009. He has never filled in a SA return not has he needed to do so.


I'm in the process of completing an IHT205 form for my Dad's estate and I have to put a value on the 1 share (50%) of the company that I own the other share of.


Should invoices that are issued for payments on A/c  have vat on them?



Would love some advice.

I joined a practice that doesn't do much marketing to clients or prospects.


I was talking to a client explaining the benefits of incorporation (he is currently a sole trader - no employees).


We have had a number of clients request to pay their bill by card over the phone/in person. At the moment, we only accept payment via online transfer or cheque/cash.