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Mr and Mrs A gift land to their son, C. The hold-over relief claim form asks for details of transferor and transferee including UTR for both.



I would be grateful if you could help me with this.


On homepage there is a link called WHAT S NEW which Is uodated dai,y and is very useful.

No uodates now since Nov 3rd.


I have managed remote teams in different time zones but each team has been from a reasonably similar culture and background to me.  I am now about to manage a team in India.


 Client has a leased car, 80% business use. Costs claimed in accounts are based upon rpm for business miles plus appropriate business % of finance interest element only.


We have been instructed by the insurer to act on behalf of the insured parties.


I need to convert financial statements from Indian GAAP to IFRS.  Where is a good place to start my research for Indian GAAP and the differences between Indian GAAP and IFRS?


I am about to start a multi-currency consolidation and I have been told it is going to be a total nightmare so I am looking for tips.