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One of my clients, a fashion sales company based in UK organises events in Paris. Their clients are from all over the world and UK. 


An accountant has been banned from being a company director for 11 years after the two businesses he was a director of collapsed, owing tax of more than £250,000.


For income tax purposes, Gift Aid donations made after 5 April but before the earlier of 31 January and filing of SA tax return can optionally be carried back to the prior year.


Been approached by potential client.  Recently handed books to existing accountant who has informed that T/o for year exceeds the VAT threshold by circa £10k and given accountant retiring, they sta


I have just received an email via STEP attaching a copy of a letter sent by the British Bankers Association that sets out very clearly their objections to HMRC's plan to access taxpayers bank accou


I have a client (resident and domiciled in the UK) whose investment portfolio is held and managed in Switzerland.  Many of the foreign stocks held therein have made an interest payment and also a "


This has been asked before I know but need someones help