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My employer has contracted with an umbrella company which provides us with resources, some of whom are on PAYE with the umbrella company.


Hi just wondered if anyone has used Sageone or Sageone extra as yet, the online pay monthly bookkeeping package that can be accessed from mobiles & tablets.


Have to confess that I have paid little attention, if any, to the recent FRS 102 . Does it apply to small companies?


Have you had any clients use fundraising website Kickstarter to get a business off the ground? Or have you used it for your own business project?


client wishes to buy stake in first cask with a view to selling most of the bottles in 10 to 20 years time - is this an investment or trade?


I filed all of the necessary reports to close a PAYE scheme for a client on 3 November 2014. 

Today we received non filing notices for our client for the month to 5/1/2015.


I have a sole-trader client who trains and assesses apprentices for a government funded training organisation.


Having just stumbled across an Any Answers question where someone completed a Self Assessment Tax Return and overlooked boxes 7, 8 and 9 of the Tax Calculation Summary supplementary page TC 1 I tho


Director has been in credit throughout the year. I am including the disclosure under the heading Related Party Disclosure.


Ok so I'm sat here pondering auto enrolment as you do! I had a client phone me today he's had his letter telling him he has to set up his scheme by 2016.