My client's solicitors deposited monies they were holding on his behalf with the Bank of Ireland.

Client is in construction and the contractor is typical of the larger companies and knocks applications back and this makes cash-flow difficult at the best of times, but sub-contractor rates have b


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has

I have been told that a social worker who is currently self employed has to trade through a limited company from now according to changes in this sector by HMRC, they work for sev


We are a small company (< £500K sales) and under Companies Act exemptions our accountants prepare unaudited accounts.


A property that was commercial use was purchased.    I was advised at the time to opt to tax and have been charging the business occupier VAT on the rent.


I have been asked to prepare a set of accounts to period ended 31 March 2014 by a client I have just taken on.


Client who is an author writing a book about about life coaching has enrolled on a life coaching course.  I told him that I didn't think this would be an allowable expense but he seems to think tha


Client owns commercial property, he has carried out repair works, one of which is the Tanking of basement to avoid damp/rotting to building as advised by builder, also property unfit to let until t