I have recently been subjected to a thoroughly unpleasant experience with an accountant.


Three Deloitte partners have been referred to the ICAEW in relation to a potential conflict of interest in their role as administrators to the collapsed High Stree


I currently own 99.9% (alphabet share structure) of my firm, plus a smaller company which is set up for the provision of software.


Is any anyone an expert on dealing with HMRC enquires relating to the application of TIOPA Section 42 in particular the mini profit and loss account and allocation of overheads. I have used time ba

I have a new client whose company has been set up to develop a new type of bike handlebar grip which moulds to the users hand.


Hi, does anyone know how to post R&D tax credit claim to Year End Accounts? I kept R&D expenditure in separate ledger, but now wondering - how do I show it my final accounts?


Can a company with neither any paid employees and nor directors obtain P11D dispensation without a PAYE Reference ?


I am on the point of going insane so if anyone can help I would be most grateful. In the Profit and Loss section get an X ERROR message for AC187.


Hi - I have seen this topic floating around in many forums through a google search but never a straight answer, and often the questions themselves are very confusing so I'll make this as straight f