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What would the tax treatment be on a loan to a UK resident director of a non uk company.

The company makes the director a loan above £10,000.


I have a couple of questions relating to the purchase of shares from a retiring/outgoing/selling Shareholder by a new shareholder (and hence new owner of Private Ltd Co):

Seventy percent of the 600,000 start ups launched in The UK in 2015 were millennials in the 18-34 demographic, according to Xero's chief marketing officer Andy Lark.

Hi All


What is the most tax efficient way of purchasing a car which you will use 50% private and 50% business.

Would this be leasing the vehicle or buying outright.


An overseas company is buying a UK company

Can anyone direct me to any useful information/document regarding post acquisition procedures - thanks.





I am currently unable to connect to the Taxfiler website, my email to Support bounced back and my phone calls (to Sales and Paresh Patel's mobile number) have gone unanswered.


I have been running my practice since April last year and have done everything on a shoestring without using software, i.e.


we have a client who is about to have a VAT inspection. in the past we and the client have experienced problems with the officer assigned and have no wish to have further dealings with him.


Client has received an adjusted self assessment tax calculation for 2014/15.  Additional amount due relates to Class 2 from earlier years.