Before I start, we've partnered with Clearbooks so the majority of our clients who use a cloud system use this.  It has a very useful function in that for any given period you can run a simple comp


Has anyone got the phone number for HMRC Variations either Wolverhampton or Grimsby? The numbers on HMRC website are 0845 which are no longer operational.


I met with a new client last week. He showed me the figures he prepared for his 13/14 return which he submitted himself.


Thinking of moving over to BrightPay.

Does anyone have any experience with this company -

Value for money looks good but

what is support like?


Client has suffered a VAT late filing penalty.  I'm adament the penalty isn't tax deductible but the FD disagrees.  I can't for the life of me find the official legislation that proves that I'm rig


I am thinking of making my first foray into purchasing a block of fees (around £150K) and even before I have met the seller (appointment is on Monday) I am nervous.


Company A has an investment in a subsidiary, B Ltd, stated at cost of £100 in its accounts. B Ltd has net assets of £500,000.


I have a client who sold his property recently. However in the past he had not submitted any tax returns or property rental accounts relating to this property.


The news headlines this morning feature late paying businesses being named and shamed, McDonald’s accused of tax avoidance and a Cheltenham nightclub boss jailed over VAT fraud.


New limited company client is being reviewed by HMRC for accounts not prepared by us