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Company 1 with a single director and no other employees.  Multiple clients.  Work is sub-contracted to a team from company 2 which is owned by the same shareholder.


In oil and gas, contracts for the capacity of pipelines to be used by field operators sometimes contain a send-or-pay clause, meaning if the operator of a field does not send any oil or gas, they s

Client is closing his consultancy business to take a permanent job. The company has reserves of about £100k.


I think I have this right but just want a second opinion.


Sage Live, formerly known as Sage Life, was officially launched at the 2015 Sage Summit in New Orleans today and will be hitting the UK market imminently.

I am preparing a set of financial statements for a client of mine. When I started working with this client I discovered that they were claiming back purchase VAT that they should not have been.


I have a new client who uses his private car for business. The car is not an asset in the company books so not a benefit in kind.


Anybody out there has PI covering company valuations? This is in connection with potential investors in a going concern. If so, can you recommend an insurer who underwrites.


I'm in uncharted territory, never had a client cease trading before.
A sole trader client has ceased trading. Still making profits though in final year.


Cannot access hmrc site but there do not appear to be any listed known issues?