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I have come across someone I believe has been wrongly advised at the Job Centre.  He was on incapacity benefit for several years following an accident and was encouraged by the benefits agency to l


Client sold a company for cash, partly paid at the time of sale and part deferred.  The buyer never paid the deferred part, so client sued.  The buyer counter-sued, claiming that my client had misr


A client has spent £7,000 demolishing an old shed on his farm due to it being in an unsafe state. He has no plans to rebuild it.



Hopefully this is an easy one!

I have a full years cashbook on excel with multiple columns. I want to summarise the cashbook on a monthly basis.


My client is VAT registered (not FRS) & has bought a van on HP for 20K including VAT. He will also be making monthly HP payments of £300 (inc VAT) for this purchase.


Good morning colleagues. I would very much appreciate your input. I have a new client company that wants me to do a six-month interim audit.


We have a client who had two companies - call them A and B

One company had a bank overdraft with a personal guarantee.


A property is rented out, legal ownership is 50% mum 25% son, 25% daughter as tennants in common.


I have two clients who both need to prepare a self assessment.

One is employed but needs to reclaim pension tax relief as a higher rate tax payer.


If a child has to complete a tax return (say they are under the age of 16 and have masses of self employment income), can they sign the return themselves or should a parent sign it for them?