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Long time lurker, first time poster here. I can't see this has been asked before so here goes...


I am aware of previous postings, in which it has been argued that, when re-mortgaging a let property, early redemption penalties charged by the original mortgagee are allowable as a revenue expense

Anyone any experience of using Logical Office and if so how do you find it.

Client company hasn't been deducting interest payments to individual who is non resident.

Client was informed to prepare CT61 and withhold tax when I prepared last year accounts.


A client today was disappointed to hear that he couldn't claim a new carpet against tax after the old one had been ruined by the outgoing tenants.


We have an employee who has a company car without fuel benefit.

He makes a contribution of £200 per month for the Private Use of this company car.

If you have or are considering providing an IT advisory service to clients, then there are probably a few questions on your mind.


I'm suffering from a surfeit of information.  I have my first staging date coming up on 1st January and I'm struggling to find instructions in the Moneysoft manuals that relates to People's Pension


My client owns a three storey property divided into three separate flats.  He lives in the top flat and lets out the bottom two.  For the first year of ownership however, he occup