I have a company....let's call it Great Apples Ltd. This company is VAT registered. I buy a field and plant trees that create apples. Then I sell the field.


My client is a Dutch national, resident in both the UK and Belgium. He is claiming remittance basis - can he also claim a UK personal allowance?


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A challenging query here for the experts on assets, capital allowances and sale & leaseback arrangements.

I have been using this excellent and reasonably priced software for several years and I am reluctant to change to another software but I have just emailed Moneysoft to see if they have plans to pro


When it comes to the tax implications of BIK in a SME, is there a threshold as to what should be declared and what is not?


A client who owns a fish and chip shop and is on the flat rate VAT scheme, has purchased for £5000 a unit for a deep fat fryer that fits within another part of the whole frying unit.

We have a new client who made a large gain on the disposal in 2011/12.


I have heard a few people say they use Peoples Pensions because the customer service is better than Now Pensions. Where does the customer service element come in?


I have just received the following message for a client:


Hi, I have a new client whom has outstanding self assessments from 06/07 upto 13/14, which I have now bought upto date, but in 07/08 the HMRC placed a revenue determination on his account for £5k,