Has anyone set up a creditor protection trust to reduce tax liabilities


Sorry to inflict such a disturbing mental image on you first thing on a Wednesday morning, but the ubiquitous web search/everything giant and the world’s big

I have a client who wants to convert a derelict old building by the roadside on a busy road into a craft/tourist/gift shop; the building hasn't been used for about 12 years. 


Just wondering what other peoples thought are, on this subject.



There's a lot of talk about finding your 'Why' recently, based on a famous book and Ted Talk by author, business coach and motivational speaker Simon Sinek.


So, I noticed tonight from a recent email that BTC have now got a snazzy iPhone app designed by myfirmsapp.  I had a quick look, nice enough I suppose.



I have a friend in Ghana, and she advises me that employment in that country is difficult to find. 


I know assets introduced into  a new Ltd Co from a sole trader are ineligible for AIA, but what about the following circumstances:

- sole trade previous y.e was 5 April 2013


Hey everyone

Just wondered if anyone is in the process of setting auto enrolment up just now and how they're finding it.  


A client, December year-end, has large amounts of goodwill on consolidation arising from prior acquisitions, which were for the purpose of geographical expansion.