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I have a client who has a large-ish portfolio of properties. The properties are owned jointly with her husband.


 In order to raise funds for a charity  a  car washing event was been arranged.

Car owners who have their car washed were invited to donate to the charity £441. was raised.


What is the Accounting Entries in Landlord's Books for Letting Agents Rents Received, Management Fees and Repairs and Maintenance, What are the Journal Entries I should Post??


My client has a Ltd company and is the only employee. He is based in Edinburgh but works mainly for clients in the Glasgow area.

Hello Everyone,

I was hoping that I could get a bit of help understanding the Benefit in Kind slightly better.


I have a small consultancy which is registered for the VAT FRS.  I mistakenly reported VAT payable based on the net rather than gross sales (hence my username) from Aug 2013 until now.

New research indicates that the anticipated transfer of responsibilities from financial advisers to accountants and payroll as auto enrolment intermediaries is happening far slower than anticip


Limited Company Client using the Flat Rate Scheme

Just want to check I am preparing the Accounts correctly.

Simple Example from the bookkeeping

Sale of 1,000 + VAT.


I want to check whether certain online payments were made so I can chase any clients who did not get payslips from HMRC (great new policy) but HMRC's site still shows data as at 29th January.


I don't seem to be able to locate any recent articles (most recent seems to be 2011) for a Document Management System.