KPMG has set its sights on the small-business market with the launch of a


I was just doing some agent housekeeping and I noticed a couple of clients (married to each other) who were not on my client list although they have been on the list for the past 18 months.


Hi there. I am having trouble understanding the sentence in bold from the Companies Act;


Client has a Ltd business set up original for the purposes of building a number of luxury homes, all of the properties have been sold bar i which remains on the balance sheet.


Can anybody recommend a firm to advise on the tax implications of UK based company operating in Singapore, possible via a branch, or by a Singaporean subsidiary?


buys a property then goes on to let it out to a tenant, does he charge VAT on the rent ?


One of my clients who pays personal tax in the US and the UK wants to appoint a UK-based firm to deal with his US personal tax affairs.


Does anyone else have this problem?

When I double click on a bank account, or nominal account, or customer or supplier account in the relevant list the Windows file explorer opens.