fFor almost 6 months I have been  searching for an accountant who is willing to take on a novice in the comprehension of tax and bookkeeping within a small business. I have met with several, rangin


I am preparing accounts and tax for a company that the owner uses for his business as a general builder. I have calculated the additional expenditure he can claim for using one room as an office fo


Hi, and thank you in advance.

I have a client who is a UK resident pilot flying private aircraft transporting 1-9 passengers.  He is registered as a sole trader in the UK.


I act for a partnership which is to be dissolved at the end of this month, with the remaining one partner starting as a sole trader.


Strange one here. Tried to submit a Corp Tax return for a client with a 30/9/13 year end. Got a failure message that CRN didn't match with HMRC's records.


My client is a UK based Limited Company. He receives royalties via an agent. The Royalties do not have VAT on them.


New client has come to me having already set up his one man band company with a share capital of 4000 ords at £1 each.