I have been asked to act for a Northern Irish (non-audit) company by a Northern Irish client based in England (I act for her company registered in England already).  Does anyone know of any differe


Mark Lee explores some of the approaches startup firms of accountants can adopt to ensure they have a positive impact.


So we upgraded from Viztopia to CCH Accounts production, and most of our clients use an in-house basic bookkeeping software.



I'm a one director/shareholder small limited company.

Would like to set up a pension where the company contributes to the scheme.


Just wondering if anybody can recommend some kind of automatic and cheap accounts creation service for a Ltd company with very very simplistic and small transactions.


I've just been going round in circles on the HMRC website.

I have a form CT41G (Clubs) to send in.  Does anyone know where I should send it ?


So long now I've seen SEment as a trap. In that if it ends some crucial benefits are no longer within the reach of the person.


I'm looking for some help with a consolidation and some feedback in general as I don't have strong consolidation experience. The high level details are as follows:


Just starting out as a sole practitioner

Need a website but been quoted £750.  I have seen the web sites the designers have created for other accountants and it is impressive