My client owned a joint property with his wife when they were married and the cost was £Y.



I have to make a posting for a re payment of Capital to a member of the LLP.

I would normally DR Bank and CR the members Capital Account.


Hi - one of my clients is leasing his business premises which currently don't have the luxury of toilets or kitchen.


Can a LLP become a partner in a partnership firm?

Are there any specific provisions allowing it or not allowing it to do so??


We have been informed by HMRC that they cannot issue a VAT refund to our client nominee account as the rules have changed and each client needs to have their own account.


Ltd Co Client contractor left UK in June 2013 to work in UAE.  He comes back every now and again for a few days.  He has a home in the UK and stays in a hotel in UAE.


I have a client company that was incorporated in October 2010.


Hi Folks

Just got an email from a new client in which he has stated: Why GoCardless? Why not Direct Debit?


Hi, am looking for advice on which form and how you go about submitting to HMRC for overseas companies that we have control in, all of the companies have made a loss, we don't receive any inco


A client of mine is thinking of buying a luxury car that qualifies for the 100% annual investment allowance which seems rather generous.