I have a client company with a potential outside investor.  The investor wants to be "part of the company" and he'd like to participate.


Director looking to rent home office to LTD.


Happy with the calcs, fair market value, licence agreement for non exclusive use etc etc.



How do I allocate the capital allowances within an LLP where one of the partners is a limited company?


I am preparing the 2013/14 self assessment return for a client.
He has received several payments from the DWP during the year called 'Get Britain Working'.


Hi, If a business was to move stocks from UK to a warehouse in USA and fulfilled its US orders from that warehouse. Would the UK company be liable for local state taxes?

A London banker who regularly avoided buying a train ticket on his commute to the City has been banned from working in the financial services industr


Hello, I am in some sort of a situation and would need any advice....


Hi there,

Our practice is on the lookout for a new bit of software to allow us to record staff time.

The main functions we require are:

Hi All,

I have a couple (not married nor in a civil partnership) who jointly own a property that they rent out.


We have pre-paid for a large amount of stock which will not arrive until 2nd week of January. As we have a December year end, should I include this value in the closing stock figures? Thank you