Is there a way to grant control (51% voting rights) to the management of a subsidiary without transferring ownership?

Sorry to be beating this horse to death, but I am still confused about the interpretation of ESM2051 available here:


I received my EE invoice today and it says that they will be taking the money out of my bank account tomorrow! I have the money in the bank but what for people who have very little spare money?


Put a post up a few days ago and still confused on this.


Can a company claim R&D tax credits for the first half of an accounting period, where they have submitting a grant claim for the second half of an accounting period?


We act for a number of husband and wife companies who either receive the usual £700-£800 per month salaries or one of them nothing if they work elsewhere as well.


Hoping someone nice on here can help.


Got a UK company with a branch in the US.  It is a PR/Media company and so a branch is required in the US for face-to-face meetings etc.


The business I work for currently acquires a large portion of its customers through pay per click advertising on Google.

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This tax payer is seeking Enterprise Investment Scheme CGT exemption (aka disposal relief) after selling their shares.