Top five accountancy firm Grant Thornton could be facing legal action on two fronts.

I see Intuit - QuickBooks are the new sponsor of West Bromwich Albion.

if only my home towns most successful accounting software company would put there hand in their



New client. Small Company. Director on PAYE.


My new client has a 60 acre farm which up to about 10 years ago farmed sheep, cattle etc.


The student loan calculator on the

Possibly answer to first question posted a few moments ago would deal with this, but:  Is there any antiavoidance legislation (and if so where) that requires a parent to disclose "notional income"

Can someone direct me to a link that provides the formulae (or legislation) for working out how parental income affects student loan/grant finance?  There is a calculator on website, but thi


As a business should we charge VAT on printing costs to a client.


A sole trader has decided to go limited.  He has three vans under his name.  Two of the vans (purchased recently) he is still paying for on a monthly basis but wants to transfer the payments to the

If a company has two directors one with 60% and the other with 40%. In order to vote a dividend does :

1. There have to be a board meeting on every occasion a dividend is voted