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We currently use IRIS to prepare SA Return, CT Returns and Accounts. Currently looking to change to either BTC or Digita and wonder what other AccWeb users think of either product?


Hi All,

I have been approached by a client who wants to register a limited company with 2 directors / shareholders.


I've got quite a few clients who I agree a fixed fee payable monthly which includes all work required.


Sorry, basic question re. SA700 returns, as I don't normally do them:


I am planning to start a small accounting practice. I need accounts prep and payroll software.I am looking for low cost software.
Any suggestions advice please


Please help!
I am a management accountant but I am helping my partner fill out his partnership and SA tax return. He is a plasterer.


If one did not Pay is class2 NI for few years. He now want to pay class 2 NI and Class 3 NI.
I want to know if there are fines / penalties for not paying NI.


Hi, I have, I think, a very simple self-assessment return.


Hi  We offer a t-shirt to all our employees with the company name and logo on.  These t-shirts are offered to employees when they join us, but wearing them at work is a choice. We are a company of


I have been asked to act for a childminder who has been working together with another childminder for 4 months.