Is any one aware of this, and its implication for advisers and their clients?  Your comments highly appreciated.


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I've read a couple of threads about this subject and decided to post again to see if people's views have altered over time.


I have a client who moved abroad during 2013/14. She went abroad to be with her husband who has an overseas contract for 2 years.


We were asked to deal with a non-disclosure issue for a client, lets call him Tom, using the Swiss scheme.  It took a while to obtain the information we have, and it looks like there is still more


I'd love to know the amount that is churned out by HMRC's computer in erroneous in tax repayments. It must add up to a staggering amount.

A client asked if he could set up a direct debit each month to pay PAYE and NIC and just leave it in place to collect the relevant payment before 22nd of each month.


My  UK Client buys products online.


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I've taken on a client for 2013/14.  The 2012/13 return has the following figures:

Self employment  Profit £5548

CA (737)

AIA (7,999)

Loss 3188


If a Limited company has been active in prior years, but the trade has now stopped, can you file dormant company accounts?