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I have taken over a domestic payroll mid-year and the previous accountants have claimed the Employment Allowance.  It's a domestic payroll where carers are employed to look after a person who is in


Are there any other high volume payroll providers who have, or are in, the process of transferring their payrolls from Sage to Moneysoft?

I have a client with one furnished holiday let, satisfying all HMRC requirements for a number of years.

I keep seeing small company accounts whereby a claim has been made for home office expenses. Usually a nice round figure of 1000 per year.


Hi all,

a friend of a client is thinking about owning up to untaxed rental income (yes it is a friend not the client),


I have a client who is a company director and the only employee. I pay him £663 per month. He is currently off sick for 10 weeks.




I have a question about the tax treatment of an intercompany balance in Denmark.

Just to flag HMRC late payment charges [interest and 5% penalty] can be incorrect.

New client with one let property.  Unfurnished. First letting.  I wasn't around on purchase.


Help............I am trying to file an online return for a property management company ( buy to let).  Can anyone recommend what software to use that can be uploaded onto HMRCE website as the deadl