Self Assessment

Self-employed trader uses own home 10% for business purposes.

A Sole trader of a jewellery retail shop…


Can we consider the following as allowable capital expenditures?


1- Internal secured door

I have a start up client who has been offered investment. Will be 200 shares to the investor plus a shareholder loan.I just wanted a second opinion on best approach.

For being consistently a bitch and constantly criticising a well deserved winner of BITCH OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Prize is two weeks of dog grooming and walkies.



I have a client who lets out a residential property (not his only or main residence).  It was bequeathed to him by his mother some years ago.



I have read some of the previous very good Q&As on income splitting. Three great ones linked to below


I have 2 different bank accounts with 2 same-day transactions, what order should the transactions be put in the books? From googling the answer is 'chronological order' but this is not possible to


 I like to know if there are free courses that are held for agents to do SA returns?I am mainly interested in partnership SA.

thank you