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... are all but gone!

Does anyone else still do a proper letter, on letter headed (digital) PDF and attach to the email?

Thoughts and your experiences please.



Hi, I had worked as a locum medical consultant back in 2010 and filled my tax return at the time. In March 2011 I started working as an NHS consultant (PAYE paid) and moved home.


I hope you guys on here can help me. My wife is an author. She has just been published in the US, and receives US royalties into her UK bank account. She has an ITIN. Three questions:


I was asked by a client to perform a due diligence check on a very successful firm of solicitors that have many accreditations to their name.


Good afternoon,

I have a potential new client approach me and I wanted to obtain your opinions!



I work in practice.  A friend has asked me to do his tax return as he's fallen out with his accountant (in a 'takes too long to do things' way, I do no expect the work to be a nightmare...


Farming partnership (husband and wife) investing in a wind turbine.  Should they create company and put wind turbine and field that it stands in into the Company or should they put the whole farm a

Last week I formed a company for someone.  This week he tried to open a bank account and the bank want a letter from the accountant "confirming what the company is going to do".



I've been asked to prepare management accounts and accounts for annual filing for a company with the following set up....

Company A - sell products and deals with admin


I would be most interested in community views on this;

A client (small company director) leasing a car, can get a good corporate deal.