Self Assessment

Hi, I'm thinking of downsizing my property portfolio yr by yr to take advantage of cap gains allowances. I am single with a 12 yr old daughter to care for and think about her future.

Directors introduce funds into the Company to pay for private medical insurance which is then paid out through the Company.  Will there be a benefit in kind charge for this?


I have asked several of my colleagues this same question who all have differing opinions.

I am self-employed with a small turnover and for the 2012/13 year will be submitting a tax return with actual vehicle expenses, including petrol receipts.


Hello, any thoughts on the best way to purchase business premises?


I am the only employee to take childcare salary sacrifice of £243 in a company.


We have acted for a few years for a UK resident client with an Irish employers pension,  On enquiry, & after some research, we have agreed with HMRC that no relief is available in the UK for th


I have had a number of self assessment clients call me as their request to have tax due collected by PAYE coding has been ignored by HMRC and they have received unexpected bills for both payment of


What next, will it be accountants being picked on? When will these grubby little people authorized by a non entity government relent.


Client had an overdrawn DLA at 28 Feb 2013 of £7,000. S455 tax was paid.