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Self Assessment

Parents live in property of which 35% is owned by Housing Association. Mortgage on the 65% is fully paid off. Rent to HA £200 pm.


A freelancer who now provides her services through a ltd co.  wants only to be paid dividends and take zero salary.   The reason is that she has already earned from other jobs (apparently both as s


Hello everyone,

we are a UK VAT registered company. Our company is owned by an entrepreneur from Russia who also has a similar business in Russia. 


Could you please advise on the following. A client of mine is a new company director/shareholder (started few months ago). His income will be more than £42,385.


I have a client who runs a bar. A punter came in asked for the "strongest drink they served".


Client is a self-employed private hire driver (slightly less than a taxi), owner driver, bought a Mercedes for 28k, 158G/KM, expected to use 5 years.



I have had mixed responses to this question. 


can you amend a 13/14 tax return simply to include losses brought forward from 10/11 which have not been entered on the returns since 10/11?


Client who is not registered for VAT, bought a van from a dealer for £10000 plus £2000 VAT.

Client paid deposit of £1000