Self Assessment

Hi, completing a self assessment form for a client who has paid over £710 in tax twice.  Am I best adjusting the 2012-2013 Self Assessment online and claiming the tax back in this years assessment,


I have a client whose parents bought two semi-detached houses in 1972 and knocked them together to form one house. Ever since that is how they have been used.


I have a client who has been employed since 2009. He has never filled in a SA return not has he needed to do so.


I was talking to a client explaining the benefits of incorporation (he is currently a sole trader - no employees).


Quick question on benefits in kind for employer providing "PPE".


We have just won a contract by a client in Thailand, but will be a global contract for recruitment advertising services. I.e. we are placing recruitment adverts for them to recruit globally.


It's all a bit of a minefield for a non-accountant learning as they go - NIC payments, £2k NIC allowance, corp tax, income tax etc.


Off topic, I know, but just to wish all members of the forum a very happy Yorkshire Day.


Is it only me that finds e-magazine format (which is supposed to look like a paper magazine or newspaper) and pdfs (along with two-column formats which require scrolling up and down) far less conve


Have just spent 1/4 of an hour on hold trying to get through to the agent help line.  Same thing the other day too.  I guess they have decided we no longer need priority treatment and can wait ages