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Self Assessment

hi I am working out which is better.

Employee is in the tax band of 40%. the allowance is he easy part I have worked out the take home salary would be.



Sometime back I set up a business bank account which is just in my own personal name - let's say that is 'Joe Bloggs'.

I have not used the account for some months.


I have just picked up a new limited company client from another local accountant (AAT).


A British client with an Italian wife is fully employed in UK. The father-in-law, a business man in Italy wished to give them a house in Italy and in effect reduce his own tax bill.


I don’t normally do payroll, so could I just check this?


My client stopped trading now and wants to close his self asessment.


I have a client who normally gets a repayment of VAT.   Unusually, he owes something this quarter.

Can I check online whether he has a direct debit still in place ?  If so, how ?


We have quite a few clients who pay staff a net salary which we then gross up. I have tried to get them to move to gross payments previously but they are reluctant to change.


Making Tax Digital


Overall impression of the road show I attended was that HMRC will, in one form or another, implement the proposals that they have set out.