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Self Assessment

If you have waived entitlement to Child Benefit, because you expected it to be abated due to income in excess of £50K, and then after the conclusion of the tax year you realise that you are entitle


We applied to register a limited company client online for VAT on 3 March  2015 and despite receiving an email acknowlegement referring us to an update on our online account, nothing is there.

Good Morning 

I currently prepare the the accounts for a small sole trader business. 

My client is looking to sell the business and believes she will get £90k for it


My client structure is as follows:

H Ltd owns 100% A Ltd, 33.33% of B Ltd, 100% of C Ltd, 100% of D Ltd.

Two individuals X and Y own the shares in H Ltd.


I have a director of a Ltd company who is paid £670 per month salary plus dividends who wants to purchase a bike.


We act for an investment company , which owns two properties, one is a freehold interest in some ground rents, and one is the leasehold of a small office.

Hi Everyone


I have a client who became non resident many years ago.