Self Assessment

Any PayPal experts out there?

My understanding:

1.  It is not straightforward to obtain the PayPal account balance on any given date (eg. for checking a year end balance)


A client has duly pointed out that she is allowed to claim 10% of the gross turnover as wear & tear allowance on her accounts.She runs the childminding business from her house that she shares w


I was just doing some agent housekeeping and I noticed a couple of clients (married to each other) who were not on my client list although they have been on the list for the past 18 months.


One of my clients who pays personal tax in the US and the UK wants to appoint a UK-based firm to deal with his US personal tax affairs.

I wonder if anyone can help regarding claimable expenses for an unusual self employed prospective client I have just spoken with. He appears to be turning a hobby into a business.



Auto enrolment, online payroll and the new UK GAAP are adding to accountants’ stress levels as they look forward to 2015.

Husband & wife jointly claimed tax credits. In 2003/04, they were overpaid approx. £4K.