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Self Assessment

How can I ascertain whether the Guernsey based Commercial Property Trust is an equity based ‘offshore fund’  holding less than  60% of its net assets in interest bearing assets?

I must say I often feel that some of the comments around sacking clients are a tad harsh on

here, and do not ever think I would be as harsh. 

Today I finally snapped.


Hello All,

I'm a qualified accountant who has been practicing taxes for over 11years outside of Europe. I am a sort of generalist (corporate, personal and VAT).


In Sage Line 50, I have a custom remittance advice designed and used before in Sage Instant Accounts.

New client worked for a company for a number of years. Then they asked her to go freelance but using a company. Same job, same hours, same everything, no holiday and as such no protection.


Father dies in 2009 and the will leaves estate to son and daughter equally.


Hi all

Im looking at a client in Jersey and they are purchasing a building through a newly formed SPV. Ho do Jersey companies claim CA's?

Kind regards


Hi everyone,
Wondering if someone more experienced can help advise on what I'm supposed to do in the following situation:


Pension contributions can only be claimed in the year they are paid, in the case of a Limited Company there can be no prepayment or accruals.