Self Assessment

If a person has owned a second property which has been let as a residential tenancy (never lived in by the owner), is there any roll over relief available on sale?


I have a UK client who is a self employed musician

In 2013/14 he spent 3 months in the US. networking and song writing and was successful in being signed by a management company


I have a client who works as a contractor for one main employer (both happy IR35 does not apply). He works in the same building and commutes weekly and stays over Mondays to Thursdays.


A small company with £20,000 Share Capital held by one person and £20,000 overdrawn directors loan account (same person).


My client is a director / shareholder of a few companies, one of which is a general hire company (vehicles, plant, etc...), but he is remunerated from his holding company.


Please can other practitioners advise how much they spoonfeed their clients.  When I send a tax return to a client and tax falls due, along with the tax return I send the client the amount, due dat


2 directors own 50% each of a company but 1 wishes to sell their shareholding and the other director is interested in purchasing.


I have a married couple with just the wife having a buy to let property in her name.

The PPR is their main home which is solely in husbands name.