Self Assessment

My client lives in an enlarged residence, and he is now considering separating the extended part of residence, and selling this in SE England, for perhaps £500,000.


dear members,

with the new rules on renewals allowance, is buying a free-standing washing machine capital or expenditure/. or none at all?

A client is in their first year.  Their annual sales will not exceed the £150,000 limit by more than £15,000.  Their first year in the scheme ends on 30 September 2014. 


Saw a 2 person partnership last week. One person overbearing/ nasty - the other I'd like as a client.


Hi I am looking for recommendations of CPD providers.  I have just received a link for Tolley's.  Does anyone use them? All recommendations gratefully received.


Are you able to agree a dividend at a board meeting and back date the payment to a previous period on the basis that say the a 15k dividend was agreed for the year say to 31st March 2013 and the ac


I am a sole trader and do property maintenance. This can be installing a new kitchen to plastering to small building works.

My turnover is 50k ish and my expenses are 28k ish


I have a client who has paid £600 in parking and £1000 in food (£5 per day claimed) during the tax year that hasn't been reimbursed by his employer for business use at many sites.

There is a good chance I am over complicating things in my head but I just want to check this as this is the first time I've dealt with a situation like this.