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Self Assessment

Client sells his company and gets cash and redeemable loan notes. He wants to bank ER so makes a S169R election.


I have a client who was gifted a property in 1992, and sold it last year. He therefore would have CGT to pay on the gain,



Similar questions have been asked before, but not specifically this one.

Dear all. I hope you can help me with my query. My partner is a taxi driver and I keep accounts for him and some of his friends.


Hi - I have promised to help a friend with the requisite paperwork to transfer her business to Limited company.


I work for a property developer, we have been approached by the sole beneficiary or a very ill property owner who is only expected to live until Xmas and is in Hospital in Canada.

Having ongoing issues with one drive and wondered what others use and could recommend in terms of all client folders being saved and accessed in the clouds by myself and staff (<5).


I appreciate that this subject has probably been discussed ad nauseam but I continue to be inundated with letters from HMRC for every client, threatening all sorts of fines for paper Returns all su


I have 2 questions really

I know there was talk about doing away with PPR elections - Did this ever happen?