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Self Assessment

I am preparing tax computation for a client who has property and self-employment (consultancy) income.


Ok long story short my dad died a week ago.  Our return is due start of June. I think he may of been the sole employee not sure if that matters on vat returns.?



I have been trying to get a conclusive result on this. I did go over the residence tests and split year rules and still not sure if I am correct.


Brief summary...

Single woman buys a house that has an office attached.  She buys the main home (75%) and her sons company buys the office (25%).


Can anyone recommend or be willing to let us have a simple excel spreadsheet that will enable us to input client data into and which will throw up all due dates and reminders for vat returns, accou

I have been approached by a married couple who are about to acquire 4 buy to let properties. Mr is already a higher rate taxpayer but Mrs has around £24k of her basic rate band unused.


We use one of these here in the AccountingWEB office, was just interested to hear what our members have to say on it? What do you use? Have you used both? Merits and demerits? 




I am currently in the situation of brining on board an accountant, once he is back from his hols that is. Anyway, before he is back I would like some advice on the below if possible?


I have a client that wants to claim for their time when visiting the rental property.

It is not something that I have come across with anyone else. Is this allowable?