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I have a client who has an apartment in Spain, he uses a local accountant to take care of his annual tax return over there.  He has now asked me if I can do it from here in the UK.  I'm sure I can


If a limited company closes down, would the director be able to claim unemployment benefit/jobseekers allowance?  I know the self employed cannot, but wonder if directors of their own limited compa


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I was registered with NI as self employed on 3rd July 2014 started trading on 15th july 2014 .



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I established a Ltd. company on 22th April 2014 , and started trading on 15th July.


I’ve never come across a client cashing in one before, but I now have a Non UK Dom client who is currently working outside the UK but will be returning (was here for 10 years previously) at some po

I have a client who runs a small limited company with his wife . He is the sole director.


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Client is a professional sailor and requires various medical examinations (to make sure he is able to go out to sea) such as the ENG 1 certificate- at the last ENG1 medical, he was told that his vi


My client has several properties which she lets out unfurnished.  However, they do have carpets, curtains and white goods.  In the past I have always disallowed the first purchase of such items whe