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Self Assessment

Pension contributions can only be claimed in the year they are paid, in the case of a Limited Company there can be no prepayment or accruals.



A client who takes a camper van and strips the back of it out, replacing it with new or modifying the equipment inside is boarding the VAT threshold.


Is a business bank account compulsory for all businesses or can someone use their personal account?


Father shareholder wishes to waiver dividend, other shareholders wife and adult children (some of whom work in the Company).


The firm I now work for insist that paper is reused where ever possible.


Afternoon all


I have a client who has surplus cash in his company bank account.


We started taking on clients from a large contractor accountants, they started to come in from July last year, in every case the outgoing firm has taken months to send us clearance information, we


Hi i'am a UK resident who has a newly formed Dutch B.V Company. i have 2 employees one who works permanently in the UK and one who splits his time between the Uk and Holland.