Self Assessment

In 2012 / 2013 my partner made a loss on their self employment. We set part of this off against income she made from PAYE and carried the remainder forward.


Can my client charge for flying to the Villa for 2 days to paint and maintain it, he went with his wife who is also joint owner and also decorated?



An employee is paid a salary c. £24K p.a. from one company, but they have started doing some admin for a second company (owned by same directors).


If a property is held in a limited company:


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I am just writing my resignation letter to my currently employer as I have been offered a role with greater career prospects.



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I have concerns surrounding our general practice management and I am hoping that some one can point me in the right direction.


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I am fairly new to TaxCalc - I generally think the software is good, but I must say it infuriates me sometimes.

Someone asked me this question and I didn't know the answer.  It has never seemed to matter.

What is the significance of the "K" appended to a UTR on a payslip when paying over the tax?