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If a very profitable sole trader incorporated, and the first years accounts were drawn up to 31/10/13, is there any possibility of still getting a CG34 approval of the valuation, and then amending


What do you think is currently the best option for purchasing a vehicle if you are a director of a small limited company, drawing a small salary?
Purchase privately and claim mileage


Hi, could anyone help? I left the U.K. in 2006, my company hired Deloitte to file my 2006/2007 tax return.


A while ago there were reports that HMRC paid out a load of money to people who whistleblowed on tax fraudsters. But lately nothing seems to be shown on the subject.


We use Sage50 Accounts for our purchase ledger, and a separate (bespoke/built in-house) sales ledger which isn't compatible to integrate w/ Sage.  


There is one director / full shareholder of a limited company who's trade is in occupational health support working for various clients.


I need to recalculate the amount of Tax Credits that a client should have been able to receive going back to the 2006/07 tax year.


Last year I set up a limited company to receive rent from a commercial property (company A). I have taken no salary or dividends from this company.


I've just exited from a truly awful HMRC webinar on penalties.


Are items such as fan ovens, salamander's (commercial grill), steel solid top gas burners and dishwashers deemed to be chattels?