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Self Assessment

I have taken on a new client who works in the oil industry and is based in Qatar. Whilst most of his work is carried out on oil rigs, he spends 20-30 days a year in an office in Qatar.


I am buying a BTL property with my husband. Due to his high tax payer status, I'd like to register as tenant in common with unequal shares.


I presume other members are experiencing difficulty, with this well oiled machine?

One of the busiest days of the month and, of course, we've nothing else to do..........but wait!


Help, I'm having a bit of a Monday Morning brain failure:

woken up now, all sorted.....(12.45pm..)








Has anyone read HMRC's report detailing spending over £25,000, and if so did you notice that HMRC paid £39,600 for three years membership of the Institute of Customer Service, whilst simultaneously

A loss-making company finally ceased trading in May 2015 and the director wants it closed down.


Hi My client has two cafe's under one Ltd Company, and was registered for VAT once the threshold was reached. I'm looking at possible disaggregation if it's permissable because it is having a massi


Hello There,

I have been on the FRS for the past 2 years. I'm under retail so pay 7.5%


While a lot of focus has been given to the 0% savings tax from April, I wonder if some clarification of how the previous banding works could be made.