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Self Assessment

A plumber bought some goods for a client in the client's company name.

The plumber is not VAT registered and has recharged the company gross.


Hi, I appologise if this is a naive question. Just to give some background


i have closed down my business which i run as self employed and the final figures show a loss. the premises, ie.


I have a sole trader client who has been paying an young employee with no other, job well below the lower threshold so had no need to set up a scheme.  However, his income is increasing so he can n


Client is borrowing £200k from his limited company. The plan is to repay it by instalments over the next three years.


Have the changes that HMRC proposed several months ago come into effect from April 2015?


A one off lump sum for a partner paid at end of tax year, where should this be posted in Balance Sheet


A client asked me this question this morning - immediate reply was no and then I had second thoughts.