Self Assessment

I am helping my mother develop her property and wonder if I can have the investment safeguarded against any future tax implications.


Can anyone who is familiar with doing tax returns for GPs point me in the direction of any legislation about claiming expenses?


Can I introduce a loan to my sole trader business at the beginning in order to start the business and claim the repayments as an expense


Inevitable really I suppose.  Just had our first CT return rejection letter citing "incomplete accounts due to no notes" as the reason.


Guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I have a UK resident, non-domiciled client who earns around £50K from his job in the UK.


I've had two incidents in two days where a refund has been requested but HMRC have ignored the request due to a 30 day 'uncleared items' window before the request.  This window is entirely new to m


Elderly client moved into a care home in 2011/12 & her flat was let to generate income to pay the care home fees.


Hello everyone

I have a query relating to Inheritance Tax which I hope someone may be able to assist me with.

I have just picked up a new client who has had difficulties with the previous accountant not filing things in a timely manner to say the least and suffering penalties etc.


I have a client who has started a new business and has spent £4k on a website.