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Self Assessment

Service LTD with only one employee - director (100% shares).


I took on a new client recently who was struggling cashflow and left their accountant of 10 years 


I have a question regarding treatment of Share Premium on closure of business. At the date of cease to trade Share Premium account stood at £140k and accumulated loss £250k.


A client who asked for help completing a self assessment tax return including a claim for employment expenses has just received a letter from HMRC asking him to reconsider his claim.


I have a potential new client who is working on a self-employed basis for a UK company which contracts his labour to a non EU country abroad.


Sorry all - a bit of a rant.

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement is looming and there will no doubt be another round of painful tax hikes.


Arrrggghhhh!!! Spoke to HMRC on Friday.  we have gone through the client authorisation on a couple of clients and they have simply "disappeared".