Self Assessment

Right so I'm just doing a really straight forward rental property account for a client, & asks the usual; "Do you have a loan or mortgage to buy or renovate said property?"


Hello, I'd be very grateful for the help here. An SA client made redundant early in tax year 2013-14. In this regard he has received the following payments:



If this is simple I apologise, but I am a new trainee accountant.


I have been looking to raise money for my business, out of the blue i have a company contact me who offers finance solutions this is part of the email (We are extending our trade finance facilities


Dear Sir,

We (3 directors) traded through Ltd Company from 1999 to 2009 and then ceased it and company became dormant.  


Is it true that if an employee is going to work for the employer for less than one week is there no need to complete a P46 ?


Client of mine was given a an invoice for £1700 by his letting agent who manages his furnished letting.


This one's a bit out of my normal field ......

I have a client company who do specialist engineering consultancy work in the oil industry.