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Self Assessment

I have a UK client with a US PE parent.  The US PE, via an LLC acquisition vehicle, subscribed for shares in a UK NewCo so that it could buy a UK trading business.


A single FHL property is owned by Mr and Mrs client.


I do the books for a partnership where the partners were a couple (unmarried). We filed accounts as a partnership.


Can he still claim entrepreneurs relief? Their business is closing down when shop is sold. I assume that by reinvesting proceedings in a rental property that they cannot claim roll over relief?


Hi all, 


Working with a fairly complex separate overseas and UK structure of companies.


I have acquired a client who has sold a property which they had been gifted in 1987.  This gift was under the general gift relief provisions which existed up until March 1989.

A client wants to protect his business.


A director has booked a hotel using a company credit for himself, another director and an employee purely for business purposes, (they will be attending an exhibition for three days).