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Hi all

Our client has just taken on about 30 new employees via a TUPE agreement. All of them are coming over from the NHS.


If a company wishes to loan an amount of £100k to the son of one of the directors of a family owned limited company in order to help buy a property, what are the tax implications of such a loan for


Hello guys,


I have a client who has made insurance claims and has been paid out now substantially for the claim with some more to come on final agreement of the figures.


I am winding up a Limited Company as there is insufficient trade.

We have been asked to windup the business only to 31 Mar 2014. 



Property profits have to be assessed on 5 April basis. Is it possible to calculate up to 31 March, as you do with trading income under cash and accrual basis?


Hi All,

I have a client who's company has gone into liquidation, and there are a few personal guarantees that he may not be able to get out of paying.


I am trying to file CT600 and accounts through HMRC Pdf online software and I have one question.