Self Assessment

I am planning a startup. We are building a product. I will be looking for investors. What problems could my personal debt have and what are the solutions? I have a DMP.


My client is a sole trader who has recently become a limited company. He has gifted his assets (tools &equipment) totalling £1900 to the company. How should I account for theses gifted assets?


I am in the process of starting my own business just wanted to know the tax implications as I will still be employed full time by my current employer. My company will be limited


I have a full time job which all my tax, NI etc is taken care of. But I also run a small business which makes me self employed.


I know in the 2012/13 Tax Return, Child Benefit could have been received for a maximum of 13 weeks.  


My Client operates through a Ltd Company, he is sole "employee" and revenue generator. In previous years he has just paid himself only dividends of £5k per year.


I have a client selling a hotel business which we hoped to complete on 31 March but failed to do so.  I understand that we need to make a joint election for fixtures under s198 but we have not prev


My employer, a small business, has been unable to honour the March payroll due to a temporary cashflow problem. They will only be able to transfer funds to me after April 6th.


I have a  client uses self employed surveyors who attend various sites and have to stay overnight.


Are there any P11D or SA tax consequences for a director to claim business use of home in his limited company accounts?