Self Assessment

I went over my minutes on my mobile phone plan this month for the first time in ages.  What astounded me was that the 0300 numbers where more expensive to dial than the 0845 with O2.  Now when you



I work for a company (The Company) that was bought by a company that was set up a team of investors (The Parent).



We are group company with one subsidiary. i wish to inquire whether do we need to get our accounts audited.


I have a client who is a trainer.


I’ll give you a quick overview of my client: I am advising a group of companies that develop new build residential property sites.


One of my clients has asked if he can pay a new employee just a per diem while working abroad for several months without a base salary.


A new limited company client who has registered for vat as from 1 June.

We have registered him on the flat rate scheme and agreed to monitor the position.


There is relief for capital losses on loans to traders under TCGA92 s253. Under this relief, the borrower must be resident in the UK. What do they mean by 'resident'? Living in the UK?


Non Dom but uk resident (here for 9 years) leaves the uk the work abroad. However, only spends a few months abroad before returning to the uk.