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Self Assessment

I am somewhat lost with what to do


Company year end 30 September 2014

Joined LLP as corporate member 1 April 2014


Good Morning All,

I was hoping for some advice please on what you find is the best practice management software!


Hi all

Can I just check with others, the correct way of dealing with a sub contractor tax return when a retainer fee has been deducted from the gross amount paid.

Example -


My client has a small cleaning business and is self-employed.  Her self-employed husband wants to invest in her business to buy her a car.  His profits are in the 40% tax band.  Can his investment


I'm considering travelling to Accountex this year, would be interested to get feedback from others and whether it would be a worthwhile trip.


My client has had an offer to buy all his shares in his personal company.

I believe all the conditions to be able to claim ER are in place.



Can anyone let me know if income tax is payable on a one off payment from the pension compensation service?



HMRC is requesting an original power of attorney, or an original certified copy of power of attorney, before they will accept the attorney's signature on a tax return.


I have been going through my client lists on HMRC's website and have noted that the majority of my Trust and Estate Tax Return clients hvae received late filing penalties.  These have been levied f