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Self Assessment

A client who trades through her PSC has just told me that she has been offered by one of her clients for payment for services to be made by a gift of shares in the company, rather than cash.


I act for a property investment partnership, One of the two partners is a company and the other is a Pension Fund. 


Have a client who entered into a contract with HMRC in August 2011 paid them 100k, 85k up front an 1500 per month for 10 months. HMRC agreed to drop the interest charges of 20k.


I have a client who refuses to acknowledge their auto enrolment duties. They have just one eligible employee, so the cost is minimal.


Individual purchases shares in a private company from 2 different shareholders for £750 each on the same day. Total payment £1500.


An organised client has given me the information to complete his 2015/2016 Tax Return. What he had not previously told me is that he ceased self employment early in 2015/2016.


We have had a spate of letters from HMRC relating to 2013 Returns that were filed on time, for which HMRC have PAYE information that does not match the Return.  The letter says they are checking th


In 2015/16 tax year, if the husband has a salary of £30k and the wife has only dividend income of £30k can the wife elect to transfer part of the personal tax allowance to husband?



A customer has set up a limited company and will be buying properties to renovate and sell at a profit.


Dear Members,

I have crunched 2 options for the shareholders/directors of the limited companies regarding on best structure to withdraw dividend and salary and would like your opinion.