Self Assessment

We are trying to establish the value for Goodwill for a small limited company based on the net profit rather than turnover (there are no tangible assets apart from cash).


Client sold freehold on a pub and bought a house to let as FHL.

Business Asset Roll over relief is to be claimed.

Now the client is considering:


One man limited company.

The sole director has a three month contract some distance from home. Rather than pay for a hotel, he intends to rent a flat for the duration.


When analysing a company's fixed asset additions for capital allowances how do you distinguish between what is capital and what can be classified as revenue in capital?



Anyone got some advice for a good resource for tax plans with trusts involved? Looking for rough ideas rather than definitive advice.


A Ltd is a land developer. B Ltd is a construction company. In the case of one particular site some land owned by A Ltd is having some houses built on it by B Ltd.

The owners of a limited company purchased for £3 million in March 2013 have agreed to transfer 5% of the shares to an individual at nil value. I am trying to understand the tax implications on the


Hi all, firstly I have reviewed this and other resources to find the answer so if it has been posted here before and I missed it apologies.


Ltd company client leasing a unit for an initial 10 year period.




I am preparing a return for 2013.14.  The client has a share portfolio showing a JJB Sports negligible value of £2,700 on 2/12/13.