Self Assessment

My employer, a small business, has been unable to honour the March payroll due to a temporary cashflow problem. They will only be able to transfer funds to me after April 6th.


I have a  client uses self employed surveyors who attend various sites and have to stay overnight.


Are there any P11D or SA tax consequences for a director to claim business use of home in his limited company accounts?

While we all make personal resolutions on 1 January - hope they're still going strong, by the way - the new tax year is starting Sunday 6 April. 


The Govt has issued a consultation document that suggests they are 'considering' doing away with the PPR election where an individual has two properties and leave it to "fact" as to which is their


My practice is just moving into it's second year.


I have a client who is Non-Resident.  He is a sole Director and Shareholder of a UK limited Company.

I think this is a silly question, but I just want to double check -



We have a few employees at the minute reclaiming the tax relief on uniforms.

Does a p11 need doing for these employees?



I'm looking for confirmation that I understand this correctly please, or alternatively putting on the correct path!