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Self Assessment

Hi all, hope you are well on this fine Friday morning!

I have a few queries on Entrepreneur's Relief if any can help.

The facts:


Where a person has two properties let out in Spain, say, one let out at 160 days in the year and the other 80 days - is it possible to average the two sets of days, in order to exceed the 105 day l



Can I ask what tax liability would arise (if any) on the assignment of a single premium insurance bond, from a trading company to its director/shareholder

How much do you attempt to squeeze several business into one for a Self Assessment?


Ashamed to say that a very recent seminar was the first time I clocked that the pensions allowance for 2015/16 is £80k, not £40k.

Please will you join me on the step of shame?


Husband and wife have recently purchased a furnished holiday let in Cornwall.

This will probably get a lot of publicity and lead to clients thinking it's mainstream tax planning:


I have a client who has a rental property. He wants to provide his father in law with a lifetime "pension" of £900.00 using rental income.


Just tried to arrange a TTP agreement for a CT bill, I was told that HMRC no longer offer time to pay where there is a Directors Loan outstanding.