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Self Assessment

A one man company, hires a car on an operating lease throughout there accounting period and the director uses this both private and business would i be right in think that they would need to fill i


Hi all

Can anyone point me in the direction of a comprehensive list of all AE comms that could be needed.

Have looked online but not having much luck at the moment.


Hi all,

A client, let's call him Kevin, has enquired into his residency status in respect of the 2014/2015 tax year.

The facts are as follows:


I have a client who is looking to sell the business which is a limited company but there are various properties held in the company which they want to transfer to another company and then sell the


I have asked a couple of questions on this before, but I am still investigating on behalf of the company I am working for


Client, unknown to me, purchased jointly with her partner (live together, not married) a flat

to rent. Purchased as Joint Tenancy.


As the previous question on AE became very long winded and drifted somewhat, I would like to pose two specific questions, to which I have seen conflicting answers.


I have been letting the spare room in my home for the past few years using the rent-a-room scheme.


When we have a new client we always confirm their identity by asking for one photo ID doc (Passport or Driving licence) and one utility bill or similar.


As many of you may have seen on site, we're running our first ever Practice Excellence Conference on 6 November in London.