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Self Assessment

I've had a question from a client and I just cannot confirm the answer.

He has inherited a property, he wishes to borrow against it, do some improvements / renovations and rent it out.


Hi there,

Please can someone advise of the implications for the employer if mileage rates in excess of 45p/mile are paid to employees.


We are struggling to get Company UTR numbers from HMRC as quickly as we would like. This taken from their website :

Your company’s Unique Taxpayer Reference


Hi all,

I appreciate there have been lots of similar topics, I have read the forums up and down and used uncle google to help me as well but wasn't lucky enough to find the answer. 



I am a director of my own Ltd company and also the sole employee.


Quick scenario:  A company with 3 directors was taken over by an American company a couple of years ago.


I've a client whose income exceeds the VAT limit but the only customer (NATO - working in Afghanistan) is exempt from VAT under the Quebec convention.


New client does not have a passport nor does she have a new style driving licence. So how do I go about getting an official document with a photograph on it.


Hi Folks

We are trying to reduce papewok as much possible in our practice.


just had a new client in who has always been UK resident, but has been working in Ireland for last 15 years as PAYE worker.