Self Assessment

Our Client is a French citizen and working in Morgan Stanley UK ltd. Following are some important information.

'A' and 'B' operated a trade in partnership, with 'A' being the nominated partner
The partnership dissolved (acrimoniously)
'A' continues the business as sole trader


Is HMRC stopping accepting cheques as a means of payment?


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My client recently set up an LLP, June 2013 to be exact. The year end is June 2014, for Tax return purposes do i pro-rata this or put the whole year in?

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I have noticed former accountant of new client did not check the box on new client's 2012-13 tax return and complete the Dividend and salary income in that section. 


LLP with three members

1 member owns an asset which is wishes to sell to the LLP.


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Hopefully a fairly quick question (although its tax related, so might not be)


I recently registered a business (LTD) with companies house - but I haven't started trading and it's unlikely I will due to a big change in circumstances.


I have been charging VAT on rental management commission to my client, who is a non-resident landlord.  She is arguing that I am wrong and should not be charging her VAT as she is non-resident.  I