Self Assessment

We have received a letter from an examining board relating to a change in the process they calculate tax on exam marker's income; most probably because of RTI.


I have a client who is enquiring whether he can add my fees for preparing his tax return as an expense in his tax return?


H&W directors/owners want to sell old car to company.


Individual has a let commercial property with no debt, however, the owner has a large personal overdraft.


In the past two days I have received two e-mails purporting to come from "", the latest one being:


Hi I have a client who is a LTD company, whom is coming to the end of the lease purchase, where they have a balloon payment to pay and then the company owns the vehicle.  They have told me that the

I would appreciate any comments on this scenario:

A owns 90% of a private company and B owns 10%. They both own ordinary shares which have the same rights.


I'm acting for a farming partnership who are having solar panels installed on one of their farm buildings.

I am a sole practicioner with 50 clients at the moment but growing quite quickly.



I’m a VAT registered sole trader using Sage Instant, on standard VAT.  My question concerns accounting for the VAT on “stock taken for personal use”.