Self Assessment


A client has a sub contract from a Local Authority to deliver Mental Health Advocacy to patients that do not have the mental capacity to make health decisions for themselves.



I'm interested in hearing how people prepare their accounts now days? I have always prepared my accounts using a manual extended trial balance (USING PAPER AND A PEN)?


I have a non resident director of a property company who lives and works full time in Singapore. He runs the company primarily from Singapore and has only had 10 working days in the UK in 2013/14.


I may be going nuts but part of me seems to recall that it is possible for someone to qualify for ER even if they are no longer an employee or officer as long as they have only recently ceased to b



If anyone could shed some light on this topic I would be very grateful.


I have recently taken over a client who runs a post office. This is my first client in this type of business, I am wondering if the taxation(Vat and direct taxes,NIC etc)


Our client is a UK passport holder and domiciled individual. He has been employed in the UK most of his working life.


I have been approached by a Limited Company who are confused about the best way to pay off departing directors/shareholders.  The Company has 3 Directors who each own 100 £1 shares.  1 Director/Sha


I run a UK LTD company. I am based in the Netherlands, and that's where most of my business is. So I get most payments in Euros.