Self Assessment

As a director of small business I use my private vehicle for business use and claim mileage expenses as normal.


My parents are non-domiciled and non-resident in the UK .They own a flat which was rented out from the day it was bought some 20 years ago. They now want to gift it to me.


Hi Ladies and Gents,


Just a quick one some personal items for  director were paid for by the business, Tax Advise and Some personal Insurance.


I am preparing my client's self assessment return for 05.04.14 and wanted to confirm if my client can claim split year treatment and therefore I would just need to declare UK income only.


i understand that its possible under the new SA penalty regime for 100% penalties of tax due , when does  this get  enforced and has anyone seen it happen. Nick


My other half is going to be working for himself as a self-employed/freelance photographer in Greece. What is the most efficient way of pay tax?


My client has borrowed money to lend to a close limited company in which he has an interest of at least 5%. The company owns property which it rents out to unconnected parties.


Hi all

What contacts do you, as agents, use for PAYE queries for your clients?


Client, employed, higher rate tax payer, contributes pension payments and claims job related expenses.