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Self Assessment

Hi, A ltd company is interested in sponsoring a radio show, would this be an allowable business expense?    I can't find any clarification on here.


I have taken on a client who recently sold a business.  He sold this businesses to a former employee using what can best be described as an HP agreement.  Under the terms of the agreement he now re


Client bought a rental property last year and let it commercially for a year from mid 2012. There are b/f losses from 2012/13 from this first letting.


It is has been my practice to claim travel expenses for self employed if no permanent place of work and contracts did not exceed say 18 months.


If a UK resident person gifts a farm valued at approximately £500k to a non resident grandchild what are the tax implications for the child?


Can Self employed claim Business Entertainment, I only ask as I was going through the HMRC website for self assement / Self Employed I was looking at what can be claimed and what cannot and one of


I have a client who is resident and domiciled in Canada.  Worked here a few years and the year after he left he was refunded the whole of his company pension fund.  Afger the normal 25% tax free lu


H & W own investment property jointly current value say £400k mortgage £180k


My brother-in-law is a electrician and is run as a Limited company, when invoicing customers for Labour and Parts some companies deduct 20% CIS Tax, can he apply for an CIS Exemption, the company h