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Are there any circumstances when not running PAYE or reporting pay to HMRC is OK?


Clients neice occupies property owned 100% by client. Niece has moved out, property to be sold, capital gain say £50k.

Is niece in any way entitled to claim PPR on part of gain?


A tax return was submitted on time, and no enquiry was opened within 12 months of submission.


I have recently spoken to HMRC who have advised me that they have issued new guidance (which is not yet available) in respect of rental income.  If a person has rental income they have to notify HM



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My wife is an employee and is safely in the 40% tax bracket with a standard tax code for her personal allowance


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A client of mine is looking to get into property development, not for rental but to do up and sell on at a profit.


I have a client that has introduced a home computer in to the business.

According to the HMRC guidelines this cannot be claimed as part of the AIA. Can a WDA of 18% be claimed instead?



A new client has just come to me - has done his own SA for "years".  Landscape gardener, profit around £16,000 - "how can I reduce my tax bill"


I have a client I took over in April last year.

He has always done his own vat returns, I have never been registered as his vat agent.


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Apologies another payroll question.

We have just downloaded our yearend/2014-2015 upgrade on Sage and noted that an FPS no longer includes 'on hold' employees.