Self Assessment

Client has registered for VAT on 1st April but started work as an IT consultant using his new company in Feb and Feb/March invoices are dated 30th April.


I have 5 companies and 15 sole trades and until now I have been producing accounts in VT and filing tax returns manually. Do any of the main tax packages import data from VT?


We have instruction on behalf of a client to raise a tenant recharge.

Situation is:

Client is VAT registered

Tenant is charged standard rate on their rent (Farm)


Hello. Probably a silly question, but I just want to make sure I am clear on this. We make very few exports however this quarter we had one.


This may well be a silly question.  I have a client who made a loss as a Sole trader for 2012/13.  They have decided to incorporate (against my advice).  I know the loss can be carried forward and


My client received a benefit in kind from her employer, Bupa but wasn't told she had to complete a tax return and has been fined, I completed her returns and no tax was due , can I appeal agai


If Husband has brought a property and plans to sell in 6mths or so with a Capital Gain of about 50K, He wants to transfer ownership to be jointly held with his wife to utilise both allowances.    I


Client had VAT Returns outstanding from Q7.06 (ie q/e 31.7.06) onwards.

We submitted returns for Q7.06, Q10.06 & Q1.07.


Hello everyone.


If a business owner has an expensive haircut specifically for an opening event at their shop, can this be allowed for tax purposes?