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Self Assessment

If you submit a return for 14/15 that has a lower liability than the previous year, resulting in the payments on account being too high.


Not sure if this has been posted yet (sorry if it has), but a maths riddle is doing the rounds and causing a huge debate.

Solve the following equation.


Have fun.


Directors have introduced assets to their own company on commencement with a second hand value of £450.


Excuse the very basic question but whilst I did study this many years ago, I have not dealt with a property management company for many years and seem to have forgotten everything!


Company currently has 66 shares issued held between 2 husbands and 2 wives.


I have a new client, first year self employment 2014/15. They have made a loss of £5,000.

I am considering piloting a Live Chat feature on my website.  I am concerned that it may take up a lot of my time and prove to be a constant distraction.


HI all

I would like some help to ensure I don't put a transaction through which could initiate a tax charge.


My wife and one of our businesses (we closed it a few years ago!) both received a notice to submit a tax return today dated 06 April 2015.


I've recently joined a new firm right in the middle of P11D season.