Self Assessment

Company is intending on spending money building an R&D facility to be built in the next tax accounting year.

Can anyone recommend a payroll software provider (preferably a free version!)?  I'm a one man band and just want to pay a £10k bonus this month.  It will be the only payment I make this year and HM


If a company made large profits in 2009, is there a time limit for later losses to be set off against those profits to recover tax?


Regarding a micro employer who has not yet filed any FPSs for 13/14 or 14/15, what are the late filing penalties if everything is brought up to date before 5 March 2015?



Four family members have been gifted development land with a market value of £400K and wish to transfer the land, at market value, to a development company of which the four family members are Dire


Is it quite common amongst some accountants to advise that client should change company names when accounts are overdue several times over, apply for strike off at companies house and  before strik


Where on HMRC agent website can you find S455 payments made??


I met with a new client last week. He showed me the figures he prepared for his 13/14 return which he submitted himself.


The allowance is being withdrawn in April 2015 so I have client who wishes to purchase insulation to take advantage of the scheme.