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Possibly answer to first question posted a few moments ago would deal with this, but:  Is there any antiavoidance legislation (and if so where) that requires a parent to disclose "notional income"

Can someone direct me to a link that provides the formulae (or legislation) for working out how parental income affects student loan/grant finance?  There is a calculator on website, but thi

If a company has two directors one with 60% and the other with 40%. In order to vote a dividend does :

1. There have to be a board meeting on every occasion a dividend is voted




I am a small sole trade , turnover under £30K , Can I use my personal account instead of opening a biz account


Two employees were made redundant due to lack of work. The company after 7 months have won a large contract and need the redundant employees back.


A trading husband and wife partnership which owned land incorporated in 1999. All partnership assets were sold to the limited company.


Section 87-90 TCGA92 imposes a CGT charge on UK beneficiary of offshore trust who receives capital payments from the trust.


• In 1996, father gifted to his son, a property which at that time was valued at £200K.

• The father continued to live in the property.


Hi All


I am currently seeking some guidance as the best way to pay myself.

I currently have two income streams: