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Self Assessment

Client wants to transfer his shares in his private company to another  company,(a holding company) also owned by him.Can he avoid capital gains tax?I have tried entrepreneurs relief and gift relief


My client has received a discretionary payment from a non-UK resident Trust - the Trust is based in New Zealand.  It's a substantial payment - £25,000.

There is a review of the Autumn Statement on the BBC website by Anne Redston headed up 'Winding up for tax reasons' which states:


Hi, I need your help. Which of the following should be classed as "Cost of goods bought for resale or goods used" in tax return for a TAXI DRIVER. 


I have a prospective client who is only resident in Portugal but would like to open a UK limited company.


II have a client who is a teacher at a private school.


I have a limited IT company where I contract out my time to businesses. I am also looking to setup a separate limited company for old and classic car restoration.


if client failed to disclose receipt of child benefit in 13/14 - how long do HMRC have to demand the repayment? 


A private medical consultant wants to bring his wife into the new business. She is not a medic but has other skills to contribute so will be actively involved.