Self Assessment

Have any members taken part in the Growth Voucher Scheme or know anybody who has?


Which company is best for online new company formation? Such a lot of them to choose from and probably much the same, but any recommendations? 


Client died and the Return to date of death has been submitted.  Very straightforward with a repayment due as his liability was less than the PAYE threshold.


I have a director client whose wife also works for him, on a wage under the £8,500 limit.  Their intention is for the company to provide medical benefit to the wife and her family.  Under normal ci


In the good old days you could phone the local tax office and ask what HMRC regarded as being 'the norm' in respect of gross profit percentage for a given business or industry.


Client underpaid PAYE tax in 2010/11.

HMRC raised an assessment on 13 December 2012.

Client reasonably believed that her tax affairs were in order for 2010/11.


I have been asked to act for a Northern Irish (non-audit) company by a Northern Irish client based in England (I act for her company registered in England already).  Does anyone know of any differe


So we upgraded from Viztopia to CCH Accounts production, and most of our clients use an in-house basic bookkeeping software.


Just wondering if anybody can recommend some kind of automatic and cheap accounts creation service for a Ltd company with very very simplistic and small transactions.