Self Assessment

This has been on my mind for a sometime. I have spoken to the Institute (ethics), CABA and my own PII.

I know there is no clear way forward but what i seek is perspective.


I have just purchased a site with outline planning permission for up to two dwellings. One will be a self build, and the second will be a development to sell on.


I have a client who has been living abroad since March 2013 and is renting out her UK property.  She has registered to receive all rental income with no tax deducted.


If a client sells a business asset and claims rollover relief, then doesn't reinvest in a new one, do you have to inform HMRC? Or do you just show the gain on their next Tax Return?


My client, trading as a limited company, is about to sell the business (not shares or assets) for £200,000. There is at present no goodwill on the Balance Sheet.


Out of the blue, a client received a demand for £3K from HMRC relating to overpaid tax credits in 2003/04 - more than 10 years ago.

I have a self employed  music teacher tax return who takes music classes at schools and in evenings.


a client  has informed me that he is in business in the UK and is vat registered. all of his goods are sold outside of the UK to EU businesses, and he gets their vat numbers etc.

Does anyone know if they apply to van drivers (employed)? 


Hello, hopefully someone can help me with an issue I'm having.

I'm currently having my end of year prepared by my accountant, and concurrently applying for a mortgage.