Self Assessment

What's with the ever increasing number of know it alls?  I had one last month, and just got another.



I hope someone will be able to help me. I am completing my self assessment.


My wife died in 2011 leaving a property in Switzerland in her Will to me as her husband.

Hello, I have to register for vat in Italy and Spain as my distance selling thresholds have been met.


Any PayPal experts out there?

My understanding:

1.  It is not straightforward to obtain the PayPal account balance on any given date (eg. for checking a year end balance)


A client has duly pointed out that she is allowed to claim 10% of the gross turnover as wear & tear allowance on her accounts.She runs the childminding business from her house that she shares w


I was just doing some agent housekeeping and I noticed a couple of clients (married to each other) who were not on my client list although they have been on the list for the past 18 months.