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Hay all am about to do my April vat return and am at a road block of sorts, i bought a van at auction in February 2014 which i paid VAT on but sadly it only lasted me till march 2015, as i was told


Father left an estate worth say £600k equally to his two adult children.  It included a house worth £400k.  Son wants the house so during the administration of the estate, when the house has gone u


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I write to ask for some advice in relation to the requirement to disclose the; Ultimate Controlling Party in Financial Year End Accounts


Hi, Im doing my self assessment tax returns. And the figure HMRC is saying im entitled to get back is just over £1000.


Does anyone know if there is anything to spoil the scenario below?


when calculating statutory redundancy pay how do you define weekly pay if the employee has been on maternity leave for most of the 2 years prior to the redundancy


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Client lives in UK property not owned by client.

I met a new client today.  In the last few weeks, HMRC have written to him and told him they are going to make a discovery assessment under s29 TMA 1970 because he missed a BIK of his 2012 tax retu


how do i go about valuing the shares in a property investment company?


The company owns several properties and is run by a husband and wife with 50:50 of the shares each.