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The 64-8 ceases on the death of the taxpayer. A new 64-8 has to be submitted signed by the executor/personal representative. But HMRC won't accept the 64-8 until they have processed the R27.



I'm on the lookout for some recommendations for technical training webinars, both as updates and refreshers for qualified staff and some basics stuff for newish team members.


Is it possible for CIS subcontractors to adopt LLP model (i.e form a LLP to invoice the agency and receive LLP's profits as non-CIS self employed)?


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is there any issue having dormant accounts for companies house submission to say 31 december 2013 being approved by the board on 31 December 2013 (the same  day), and any issue with the same accoun


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I have already searched through past discussions on this site but I still have a couple of questions I need help with;


Basic summary of current situation: