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Self Assessment

I have an employee who is resident in the Republic of Ireland (and always has been resident there) and travels to Northern Ireland daily to perform his duties.  He has a full employment contract, w

I work for a small independent law firm preparing SA100 returns, currently using the free HMRC software, as agent.


Have you also seen the pop up adverts that are appearing on AWEB

for all inclusive of £90 with average of £2000 refund achieved.


I have a client who I had advised last year was taking too much out of the limited company account, and should refrain from this practice.  He has said its his wife (who is not a shareholder, there


I have  client who had farming losses off set against earned income. Despite being warned it went passed five years, he was caught and it was disallowed, no problem with that.

(apologies in advance if this has been covered anywhere, I find the search function useless!)

My client, who is a contractor trading through their personal limited company (though the same question may arise for an unincorporated client) has purchased a touring caravan, which is used while 


Is there any benefit to voting a salary for a director who has P11d BIKS that will reduce their allowance to just a few hundred pound?




Here's one for you: city council are asking contractors (visitors) for their personal tax info (!) to acertain if they are employed by the establishment or not.