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Self Assessment

Four years ago my client invested in a sub lease of a plot of teak forest land in Costa Rica.

In 2014/15 he has received thinning income totalling £2259.


Can anyone confirm or otherwise whether you should now include commission earned when working out holiday pay.


Would anyone wish to speculate on how HMRC might react to the VW emissions scandal in respect to company car tax?


Just a quickie folks.

Do you show advertising costs to your move etc as a direct cost or within marketing in admin costs.



Could someone clarifies for me please :


I was having a general discussion with a friend who is the director of a medium sized limited company that work in the removals and delivery industry.



I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction.

We have a client that is owed £12,000 as a CIS rebate and owes £8K in VAT.


My client has owned a rental property for the last three years.  For the last eighteen months it has qualified as an furnished holiday let.  If he sold it now, can we claim entrepreneur's relief on


So my laptop Is running IE 11 and Windows 7. The only browser security tick-box ticked is now TLS 1.2. It still fails the HMRC-signposted checking site test!


This morning I was checking my list of Clients online at HMRC's site to ensure that I wasn't about to prepare a return for anyone for whom HMRC had decided a return was no longer needed.