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Self Assessment

New client has been learning at great expense how to become "a permanent make up artist" (dont ask !)



Hi all

I have a query regarding days spent in the UK.


I cannot seem to get a definitive answer on is.  LLP or LP which has partners not based in the UK, and the LLP/LP has NO UK income/profits - what are the requirements as far as HMRC are concerned? 

I understand that working papers belong to the accountant, but who owns the tax computations ? 


Contractor A is an employee of his own ltd co and working at a client site on a fixed term contract of 12 months, and is regularly claiming mileage from home (the registered office and permanent wo

A new client & im doing a let property campaign disclosure on her behalf.



Does anyone know much about this/these companies that offer funding/overdraft facilities for SME's ?


Hi my question is in relation to inheritance tax and dealing with an estate in which the 1st death occurred in 1970.

Hi looking for recommendations for online back up

ideally something that backs up instantaneously

have been using Carbonite but have lost faith in it a bit and support isn't great


I learned last night that all the bar staff in a town centre pub that I frequent are self-employed.