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I started a bit of an argument around striking off a company that has creditors, but can't afford to liquidate.


Our client runs a successful trading company which has built up a reasonable amount of cash reserves.



Can anyone help with my query?

If an oil worker works in Angolia and pays tax on his income in Angolia, and spends half is time in Angolia and the other half in the UK.




two parent want to give their child one third of a rental property they own.


A) can they do this and keep the rental income themselves?



I have a client who didnt deduct CIS in 2010 11 and a reg 9 was issued and paid.

Ok I have a scenario. We have an employed individual as an engineer. He starts work on 01 september 2014. Prior to this, he incurs expenditure on tools, say 6 years ago on 01 sep 2008.

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A client has asked if he can pay his son's school fees through his LTD, as a company donation.


I have a client who is being made redundant and therefore his shares are being taken out of share incentive plan. The shares have been in the plan for more than 3 years but less than 5.


I am aware that where a UK resident individual performs employment duties wholly outside the UK, the costs of travelling incurred by the employee from the UK to take up the overseas employment and


I have a client who is fully self employed and registered as such who provides gardening services during the summer and during the winter is a beater/picker upper for shoots.  He does this latter f