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Self Assessment

A new client has previously submitted an incorrect  tax return using the HMRC software.


About 6 months ago a client received a COP9 enquiry in respect of trading losses incurred relating to a business which ceased to trade back in March 2008.


I have a landlord client who is asking about setting up a limited company to deal with the maintenance of his property portfolio.  Previously it didn't work tax wise but when the interest restricti


I have dealt with two "checks of self-assessment returns" in the past year.  On each occasion, the Inspector requested copies of every single sales invoice and every single expense invoice.  Does a


I have a client who is a sole trader. He wants to borrow £3k from his Business Account to buy a car and pay the money back interest free to the Business Account.


Hopefully someone will have come across something similar


Husband and wife company client wrote a letter to the registered nursery advising that they will be providing childcare for the directors child.


My client is sole director and shareholder of his company which is a member of an LLP. The LLP was involved in property development over a three year period.