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If a company with one director and one 100% shareholder wants to transfer 50% shares to a spouse that won't be involved in the day to day running of the business, what is the best current advice to


Our practice currently uses £15 per week for sub contractors for a charge for use of home as office.

This charge arose from a tax enquiry into a sub contractor back in 2004.


Is it legitimate to post (ie by journal) the salary of a spouse (not a director) to the DLA of the director spouse, rather than pay the salary directly in money.


We are a non VAT reg company that deals with property management.  We have to apportion utility bills that come in with VAT to our tenants on behalf of the landlords.  I am strugg


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Quick easy one I hope!


Can someone tell me how much dividend an individual can take in 2015/2016 without having to pay the higher tax rate?


Client engages several subcontractors. Calculations correct on all apart from one particular chap.


Can someone please settle the argument I have £20 on!: Does a 64-8 authority submitted online to HMRC have exactly the same function as one submitted to the CAA Team on paper ie can both enable you


Must the qualifying hours worked be actually inside the home or from home. The two statements in the GOV.UK guidelines appear contradictory:


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I have a new client - sole trader, he is a HGV driver, he drives for several different companies but all from the same yard.