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Self Assessment

We started taking on clients from a large contractor accountants, they started to come in from July last year, in every case the outgoing firm has taken months to send us clearance information, we


Hi i'am a UK resident who has a newly formed Dutch B.V Company. i have 2 employees one who works permanently in the UK and one who splits his time between the Uk and Holland.


We've successfully appealed late filing penalties for a client who'd always been taxed via PAYE (another case of tax returns issued to a very old address on exceeding  £100k earnings level).


How long is it currently taking HMRC to process paper 64-8s?


I was just composing an email to a client on this hot evening, and I mentioned "HMRC" in it. The spell checker flagged the word as unknown and suggested the replacement ....  "CHARM".



I worked for a recruitment agency last year for 7 months and was asked to set up a limited company to do so. It only turned over £9600 and has now ceased trading.


Has anybody had an email from '' asking you to download file regarding unreported income(Fraud).


A village social club (unincorporated association) has recently ceased. It owned a residential property that was originally occupied by the steward bit has been let out in recent years.

I am due to start (a very short!) maternity leave soon (I am a sole practitioner) and although I should be in a position to submit a VAT return which has a submission date very near to my due date,


I would appreciate any help as I find HMRC penalties so confusing and I don't want to say the wrong thing to them.