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Company B is 100% owned by Company A. Company A wants extract one of the freehold properties (which is mortgaged and has a tenant) from Company B.


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Quick Question:


Client buying properties to rent out.  One of the purchases has fallen through.

Our clients have just started getting the first AE letter, I thought I would share a clients response that for me highlights the "challenge" of AE.


Just a quick question- my wife went self employed after being employed and submitted her first SA in January.


I have a client who is a contractor working via a limited company.


I would be grateful if someone would clarify the correct procedure for accounting for tax on personal loans i.e. individual to individual.


An on going tax investigation is questioning a clients claim of 1/3 of his farmhouse expenditure as business.


Client owns 100% of company and is the only working director. Company has been trading for 5 years (client has been the working director and 100% shareholder throughout).


I have a partnership client who want to close down their property maintenance business.  The partnership is father and daughter.  Turnover is only around £17k per year as it was just a sideline for


Although I am an accountant, I do not have a great deal of contact with P2's, so I would be grateful for a bit of clarification on HMRC's procedures!