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In pursuit of my small practice being more efficient, I am reducing the volume of paperwork I touch.


A small company owned 50:50 by H&W paid dividends into H account, who then passed money at various dates in various forms to W, who has no other income.
Is there a problem?


I have received a letter from Cater Allen Bank this week advising that after nearly 20 years or so of supporting their products (since the old Flemings days) they have decided that they don't want


In 1988 my client loaned £34,000 to his brother.  The brother put this money towards a house which cost £216,000.


Wolters Kluwer has put out a release on tax tribunals, revealing that 75% of


if a UK resident & domiciled individual works for their own UK company and is paid a salary under PAYE subject to tax & class 1 NIC - are they able to also be paid a salary by their Italian

I am ready to send in the emailed exemption claim for a few of my clients and even though the 12 month date before the staging date has passed or is very nearly here for about 2 dozen clients, no l


If a company pays individuals gross for services (ie as self employed) and it transpires that they should have been paid as employees, who is liable for the PAYE and employees nic ?