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Self Assessment

what discount is typically applied to a 40% minority shareholding by HMRC in respect of a CGT transaction - 1/3rd of the company value is attributable to an

investment property?


Hello all


I am interested in buying a cleaning company with turnover of about £60,000 for £20,000 from the owner who owns all the 10 shares in the company.


Pondering whether there are ever any instances when it is possible to allow for CT purposes the cost of Directors attending an evening ball.



The annual tax credits declaration requests that the "profit figure declared on the tax return for 2014/15" be entered in box 4.2.

 Is this the figure before or after capital allowances?


I have a client who, amongst other things, makes appearances on TV as a dog specialist.


Sole trader started in business August 2013. Tax return prepared and filed to April 5th 2014, profits c £4k

Year to April 5th 2015, profits c £25k


what would be the expected gross profit percentage expected, or expected range, for a babycare shop selling baby clothes, push buggys etc, or is there a resource somewhere as a reference?


A and B own the freehold land and property used in and included on the balance sheet of their partnership business.


Hi All

What is your understanding of obtaining SA302's from HMRC please?


Client sells his company and gets cash and redeemable loan notes. He wants to bank ER so makes a S169R election.