Self Assessment

I am a sole practitioner. Out of the blue, I have received a text from a potential client - I am their nearest accountant.



Just received an email from "HM Revenue" with a zip file

It arrived in my personal inbox- not "used" with HMRC 


I wonder if any of you knowledgeable community members can help me with this please for which I'm struggling to confirm the correct treatment?


I have recently taken on a client who has not registered for PAYE/ NI. In addition they have not been given any advice on how they should pay themselves etc..


Evening all!  Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather we have been having!


This court case was supposedly heard a couple of weeks ago - anyone know the outcome or where it can be found?


Here are some examples that have been sent to me:

The new nation will be Europe not Britain - we will be forced to accept EU citizenship!

Borders will be meaningless


Can A Landlord of an unfurnished property also rent furniture and appliances to his tenant. Items would have to be specified and invoiced separately. This would be another business activity.


My company will be employing 4 undergraduates for a placment of 12 months and they will be paid a salary of £15K per annum.


Just a speculative question - as I am sure you all receive on incorporating a new company, we are instantly bombarded with leaflets of people advertising their accountancy services, these are often