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fFor almost 6 months I have been  searching for an accountant who is willing to take on a novice in the comprehension of tax and bookkeeping within a small business. I have met with several, rangin


Strange one here. Tried to submit a Corp Tax return for a client with a 30/9/13 year end. Got a failure message that CRN didn't match with HMRC's records.


I have not dealt with the sale of a rental property to a family member before and I am just curious as to whether there are any rules I need to be aware of in this situation.



Hello folks

We have never experienced this before but here we go:


Hi All,

I started a bit of an argument around striking off a company that has creditors, but can't afford to liquidate.


Our client runs a successful trading company which has built up a reasonable amount of cash reserves.



Can anyone help with my query?

If an oil worker works in Angolia and pays tax on his income in Angolia, and spends half is time in Angolia and the other half in the UK.




two parent want to give their child one third of a rental property they own.


A) can they do this and keep the rental income themselves?



I have a client who didnt deduct CIS in 2010 11 and a reg 9 was issued and paid.