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A client asked if he could set up a direct debit each month to pay PAYE and NIC and just leave it in place to collect the relevant payment before 22nd of each month.


I was hoping I could get some advice/assistance please.


Hi Every one 


I am executor for my Dad's estate and the 50% share of his house, owned as tenants-in-common with my mother, is to be split equally between myself and my sister who is resident in the States.


If a limited company makes a donation to a charity or political party, is the donation tax deductible, and would it be entered under charges on income.


Never dealt with a claim of this nature before.

I need to work out the amount of PPR and lettings relief for the following scenario:

14/10/85 client purchased house as sole residence

The hot topic this morning comes from a shock revelation buried in October's pensions stakeholder committee minutes signalling a potential victim of HMRC's big web migration project.

A car leasing company buys car to lease out. If the cars as then sold for more than cost, in the excess over the cost exempt, a trading profit or a capital gain?


Hi My client has received a gift of 180k from his dad and invested it a property, the property is his main residence and his farther is living with him.