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Self Assessment

I have a client who is a sole trader. He wants to borrow £3k from his Business Account to buy a car and pay the money back interest free to the Business Account.


Hopefully someone will have come across something similar


Husband and wife company client wrote a letter to the registered nursery advising that they will be providing childcare for the directors child.


My client is sole director and shareholder of his company which is a member of an LLP. The LLP was involved in property development over a three year period.


I have a client who has a loss of about £17000 arising in 2014/15.  He can cover this with 2014/15 employment income for income tax but he'll need to carry the loss to 2013/14 for Class 4 NIC.



I have a self employed client who has a twin cab pick up. I believe that HMRC classify this as a van.



I have performed some work for an overseas company which has no UK interests.

I would like them to pay me by way of a contribution to my UK pension.


New client. Client known to me personally for years.