Self Assessment

Husband and wife company client (both directors no other employees) are about to send their child to nursery and have asked about the company paying towards the childcare costs.


If a private person buys a house there is no VAT on the house.


I'm ATT EA CTA IIT (Dip) and looking to increase my knowledge on the topic of valuing companies.


A client is self employed (golf professional) but also is a director of a company (golf shop). A car dealership has loaned him a car, which has their vehicle graphics applied to it.

I have a CCJ obtained against a not very nice person who owes me some money.

Whilst he is going around telling everyone who will listen that I am the bad guy for taking him


Hi all

I filed my tax return for the year 2013-14 on April 10th, and it turns out I'm owed £1,980, which is great.


Thank you for all your help but Tosie has made the point that I shouldn't have posted, even though I did not reveal specifics about any client I am now concerned about comeback on myself.


Are we or our clients breaching regulations if, having scanned original signed tax returns (which are filed electronically), we then destroy the originals and rely on the scanned copy?


If a commercial rental property was purchased in 1984 and sold in 2014 does taper relief have any relevance to the calculation of Capital Gains Tax?


Hello everyone.


Is it possible to submit accounts with only 1 director's approval? (Ltd co with 2 directors, equal shareholding).