Self Assessment

I realise that reverse charge supplies of services are excluded from the FRS % calcuation. So no FRS VAT to pay on those.


Today for the first time I am unable to go to the HMRC webpage but I'm redirected to the Mickey Mouse site.  What I need is to see what's new - something I need to keep up to date with and s


My son, whose an employee but not S/A, got a tax summary and I've just received one from a client. The client is in S/A and his 2013/14 return was filed a while ago.



I would be interested to hear people's opinions on the following VAT issue.


Hi there and thanks for any input. I bought a house in 2006 partly financed by the sale of my property, a substantial sum by a loan from mine & in law parents and balance from a mortgage.


Is Motor Loan Interest deductible in the P&L what is the journal entry?


A client of mine purchased a van for his decorating business in August 2012 though didn't start trading until a year later. The van cost £5000.


Beneficiary is sole life tenant of Trust, so Trust only pays income tax at 20%   Beneficiary's Income (actually all is Trust Income) 2012/13 £168K, so £18K taxable at 50% - and Income 2013/14 is £8


My Father's small company (t/o less than £30k) has until recently only had income from rental property and consultancy services.


Client approached me several months ago to bring her self assessment affairs up to date following receipt of an enquiry letter from HMRC asking her to disclose all of her income for the past six ye