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Self Assessment

Hi, I have, I think, a very simple self-assessment return.


One of my clients is currently setting up a formal loan with a family member, in order that they can buy a house outright.  The terms of the loan have been prepared by a solicitor, but I am keen to


A self employed sole trader client refuses to provide bank statements.  This isn't a case of them forgetting or saying they will send them and not doing; the client has been asked to provide bank s


I have a client who was employed April - July 2015, he then registered self employed (CIS) but worked for the same contractor Aug 2015 - April 2016.


I am trying to get to grips with how the SRT applies to Crown employees.  If you open RDR3.pdf and search on the word "Crown" you get no hits at all.

With the introduction of the new dividend tax, is it still necessary to prepare dividend vouchers or notes of a meeting where agreement of payment of a dividend has been agreed?


New one on me, just had an email rejected by B£@@&% Tinternet because the subject line was "Tax Refund". Apparently even mentioning HMRC in the subject line will result in rejection now.


A sub-contractor client phoned to say he was preparing his own 2016 SA return.


Is  Chief Moderator a member of AWEB staff or some clever dick , if he is the latter would it not be wise to change his handle?


I am completing a UK 2015-16 SA return for a non resident.  The only (potential) items to disclose are: