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Self Assessment

I periodically (rather often actually) encounter UK resident individual clients with shares in Santander, who are in receipt of proceeds of rights issues, typically with 20% or 21% tax withheld at


Our client is an Occupational Therapist and worked from Feb 14 to Aug 14 for the NHS through an agency.


I was contacted today by a 94 year old who has already lost over £400,000 in a wine scam, where the participants have been appropriately penalised under UK law.


Does anybody have GP as client?


Hi All 

Help please! 


We got an email with the subject of "Employee Documents Internal Use" pretending to come from HR. The email said ''.


Client buys a house for £100k in 1994 as principal private residence, moves out to live with parents in 1995 and lets out to students until 2001, when he marries.

The original investment into an international pension fund with Royal Sun Alliance (now friends provident) was changed to an investment account and the original application to surrender was made in