Self Assessment

Can any one point me in the right direction of calculating the closing valuation for a farmer who buys and sells cattle, this is the only activity on the farm.


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I have 2 properties and I just wanted confirmation of my thinking.



Client is non resident and is self employed and works entirely abroad in the Middle East and Africa. Client has UK income on which he pays UK tax.


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I have a question regarding the self-assessment tax calculation and was hoping that you can add some clarity for me.


I would appreciate any help you can offer given the following scenario.


I have a new client who has been in receipt of a substantial (many hundred of thousands) payment from their bank.


Could someone please confirm what the base cost is for father gifting shares to daughter. Father bought some years ago for £12,000 and gave to daughter when worth £10,000, ie at a loss.


Have you come across Zaptax – an HMRC-recognised app designed to “help make submitting self assessment tax returns quicker and easier”.


A director draws a very significant amount from his company and uses the money as deposits for buy to let property purchases.