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Self Assessment

If a client is planning on demolishing a building can they claim capital allwoances before it is demolished? I would have thought that they could claim on the demolition of the qualifying items onl




for the second time today have tried to file online via the  Govt Gateway the period VAT return

One of my client was on flat rate vat scheme. He bought a building and went through opt to tax. He refurbished this property with Toilet and kitchen.


A client company is making an employee redundant.   She's been there a lot less than two years (six or seven months), so she's not entitled to statutory redundancy pay. 



One of my new client claimed his input vat on repairs of his PPR in his business vat return.

Is there any provision in law for this claim?



A company I am working for have several locations. One of the directors is based at one office but also goes to head office once a week, which is 100 miles from his house.


I have come across someone I believe has been wrongly advised at the Job Centre.  He was on incapacity benefit for several years following an accident and was encouraged by the benefits agency to l


Client sold a company for cash, partly paid at the time of sale and part deferred.  The buyer never paid the deferred part, so client sued.  The buyer counter-sued, claiming that my client had misr


A client has spent £7,000 demolishing an old shed on his farm due to it being in an unsafe state. He has no plans to rebuild it.