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Is it possible for an election to carry back 2014-15 gift aid payments to 2013-14 to have a bearing on the top slicing relief calculation of a chargeable event gain in 2013-14?

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Having a fishing holiday


A client wishes to use £75k from his limited company to jointly purchase a property valued at £220k.  The limited company is owned jointly by him and his wife equally although he is the only Direct


If you have to sell a property to your brother under the terms of a court order and a capital loss arises, does this mean that the loss is clogged and there is no way to obtain loss relief?


Anyone use Scoot for advertising ?


It's Monday and my minds gone blank already!!!

H&W partnership have been running a seaside B&B.  H&W also living in the property.


An employee of the company I work for was given a loan which was originally processed through payroll as bonus.


A junior accountant within my practice declared the incorrect amount of tax paid (from a P60) on a clients tax return.  This resulted in the client receiving a tax refund he was not entitled to.


Hello. I'm not sure I'm reading the ER guidance correctly.