Self Assessment

I am wondering whether anyone uses taxcalc and whether it calculates NIC for an employee.

If it does not, what do you use to calculate NIC for an employee?


Hello, new client wants to purchase rental property as follows:


Good afternoon!

I have a client interested in buying a buy-to-let property with an interest only mortgage.



I've just found that although I'd processed the payroll for a client on 10th April (payday 13th), for some reason I've not submitted the FPS to HMRC.


I have a new client who is returning to the UK after having worked in Dubai for 3 years. He is normally UK resident for tax purposes but was registered as non- resident for the period abroad.

UK co been trading for 5 years or so following incorporation of directors sole trader business.


Hi All

I have a UK based recruitment agency company providing temporary labour, mostly to other UK Companies on which it charges VAT.


A relation of mine owns a rental property that they jointly owned with their husband for about 7 years.


I have a client who purchased a property in 1988 and lived in it until 2006 when she bought another property with her partner so moved to that one and let out the initial property until 2013.