Self Assessment

Hi My client has received a gift of 180k from his dad and invested it a property, the property is his main residence and his farther is living with him.


Father and son together control Holdco A which has one subsidiary Sub A.

Son controls 100% of Holdco B which has 4 subsidiaries.

Today, on twitter, there is a storm (#VATMOSS #VATMESS) about the introduction of the new eservices rules from 1 January 2015 which many small businesses are both angry about and complaining that t


As I understand it the cases of Morgan and Donaldson v HMRC have yet to be decided as to whether the Daily Penalties for the 2011 and 2012 Tax Returns were validly notified to the Taxpayers and so



My license for IRIS is shortly due to expire & for a number of reasons mainly cost & customer service I'm toying with idea of trying something else.


One of my clients was a shareholder in a company that was taken over , he received his share of the purchase price for his shares which are subject to CGT as he has no reliefs available.


I have a client who took on the lease of a public house and paid a lease premium of £1,250.00 in May 2011.  The lease originally ran for 25 years from March 2007 so at the time he took it over had

I have a client, who is self employed as subcontractor in CIS.

Before that he was Employed in CIS (as employee)


I have a UK property investment company that has a loan with a Non-EEU off-shore company. The two are not connected.