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Prior year tax collected through tax code - is this tax included in the "tax deducted" figure on a P45/P60?


A client contacted me this morning in a state of panic having received a letter from HMRC indicating she needed to amend her 2013 tax return as she had been in receipt of Child Benefit.


I'm after your thoughts on selling the following 2 businesses to limited companies:



Quick question here.

To qualify for the Seafarers Earnings Deduction, you have to obviously prove that you were absent from the UK  for half a year, etc. 


Hello,  First, sorry for my English. I'm Spanish and came to UK in June for looking for a job.


If an expensive competition car is hired out as a business, can you claim AIA on the purchase as a Special vehicle or do you always have to treat it as a normal vehicle and just claim at the 8%?


I have been running a micro accountancy business for about 10 years, turnover c £5000. However I am currently expanding my business and am wondering if it is worth changing my software.


I have a client living in Dubai who has several rental properties in the UK. Some of these are managed himself and some are through a managing agent.




Using Sage 12, I have just noticed that when I get the stock value report for any period of time, the list contains stock items with a quantity of zero yet have a value!


A taxi driver uses his vehicle for business and then personal usage as well.

The expenses incurred on the business side are as below:

Road Tax