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Self Assessment


Based on our forecast net profit for our financial year 2015 / 2016, can I accrue our corporation tax, so that we don't take the hit all in the month that we pay it in?


Is this an innovative way for a business to advertise or someone selling something they are unlikely to deliver?



Hi All


I have seen this question posted directly after the summer budget, but don't think it gathered any replies.



I have a client who is potentially selling their property.  They have owned it for approx.


Anybody know which lenders are actually accepting the Comps and Tax Year overviews?


The client is a professional online poker player, there is no tax paid on his winnings. Is it possible to get an SA302 for a mortgage application when income is not taxable? If yes, how?


I am looking for a simple spread sheet for tax.   For many years I used one from willis publications and witch both of whom have stopped publication.


With reference to the new tax on dividends, will this apply to shares issued by companies in lieu of dividends and if so so we yet know how it will work? 




How can I claim relocation expenses for someone who has moved from Australia to UK


I know HMRC have relaxed some RTI requirements recently, but as far as I know the below can not be done - but just checking.