Self Assessment

Just wondering if anyone has had this query put to them by a client.


Client sold a property for £100,000 but gave a builder gifted deposit for £20,000.  It appears that this was to get around the purchaser having issues with the loan to value and the mortgage.


HMRC have written to me this week, saying they think something is wrong with the dividends reported on my tax return for the year to 5th April 2011.


I am winding up our company and am wondering about the bookkeeping entries required.

The balance sheet is broadly:

Goodwill                              120,000


My H&W clients are looking at buying a business for £100k.


Taxpayer on journey in and out of UK stays overnight at home doing nothing (no meetings/social activities/cinema visits etc).  Family home is very near airport so this option is quicker and cheaper


A company supplies promotional staff and ran a promotion for a national food supplier where they gave away food samples and invited the recipient to make a donation to charity.  Some did, some didn

Hi, we have a new employee who has been offered £2,000 for travel expenses for the year.  How is this treated?  Should it be added before or after tax deductions?



I am looking into a clients tax residency status for 2013-14 which I set out below:  

12.2.13 Left UK for abroad (split year treatment claimed on 2012-13 tax return.)