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Has anyone else come across this?  My client's total employers NI for this year is well below the £2,000 threshold but for month 9 HMRC's online record is showing that the employers NI is payable,


A client runs a children's dance school on a self-employed basis. She puts on a show for charity, the income and related expenses have been included in her accounts, and all the profit (circa £6k)


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I'm new here so please forgive me if this doesn't hit the right spot.

What would be an efficient way to structure a serial entrepreneurs companies in the following scenario:


Client incorporated a sole trader business at the end of 2013/14. Previous accountant recommended and took care of incorporation of sole trader business for the client.


I have an LLP with a 30 June year end and two corporate members.  One corporate member has a 30 June year end, the other 30 April.  


Checked a new client's previous accounts for 2006-07, and found that a capital gain was included in sales by mistake.

Is it too late to send in an amended return?


I am the director of a limited company which owns a mixture of residential and commercial properties which are currently rented. The company at the moment is not registered for VAT.


Has anyone seen any SA reminders this year.