Self Assessment

I've just exited from a truly awful HMRC webinar on penalties.


Are items such as fan ovens, salamander's (commercial grill), steel solid top gas burners and dishwashers deemed to be chattels?


With the imminent breakaway of Scotland from the UK, like all good businesses we are considering how this will affect us.


My mind has gone blank. Client has one property which he rents out.

During 2013-2014 he purchased on mortgage a further two properties also on mortgages.


I'm in the process of submitting my statutory & abbreviated accounts and CT 600 return using HMRC's Company Tax and Accounts Service.


I am trying to view the accounts and trustees annual report for charity limited by guarantee.  The income for the charity is:



... are all but gone!

Does anyone else still do a proper letter, on letter headed (digital) PDF and attach to the email?

Thoughts and your experiences please.



Hi, I had worked as a locum medical consultant back in 2010 and filled my tax return at the time. In March 2011 I started working as an NHS consultant (PAYE paid) and moved home.


I hope you guys on here can help me. My wife is an author. She has just been published in the US, and receives US royalties into her UK bank account. She has an ITIN. Three questions: