Self Assessment

I have a query regarding the 'new rules' on cap on loss reliefs.


Apart from the obvious, i.e. referrals/recommendations and local networking events, what do you do to try and gain more clients?


Apologies if this is a basic question:


Really under pressure today and not had too much time to double check.



Hi folks,

A client operating through a UK LTD not VAT registered is buying goods from another EU country and is being charged VAT of 19%.

Would you agree with this advice:


If i buy goods from outside EU but the company i am purchasing from is based in Germany, am i liable to pay import tax and vat?


I am a limited company and VAT registered


If i give away my home to my friend and will live for 7 years then would it be considered as potentially exempt transfer ? Or Inheritance tax benefits are only available for legal heirs?


Sequence of events:

1. Purchase of property, habitable but needs some tidying up which are valid repairs, £5,000.


Hi All,


My old firm bought out a retiring practice and I was very surprised by the VAT set up.



I have a client who was paid compensation for mis-sold credit card protection.