Self Assessment

Last year two unrelated clients approached me at around the same time with undeclared property income from earlier years.  I advised them both to use the Let Property Scheme disclosure process.  We


I work from home and have a unit at the bottom of my garden.  At the moment we have a wire fence and the unit could be easily accessed but I am getting busy and have accumulated a lot of stock in t


A client purchased some land to be used for building stables, riding their horses etc.


As a small sole practitioner ( < 150 clients ) -  I was getting a little frustrated by having my accounts and tax software desktop based... and with several different providers.


My client is an associate dentist.


Parent is lower rate tax payer, son is higher rate tax payer.

Parent wants to give a property to their son.


Hi everyone. My father very unexpectedly passed away in late 2011.


I have 4 owner/managers holding a single class of shares in a company which is about to pay a dividend.