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Self Assessment

Hi there,


My client started selling her books on Amazon last year and it is, currently, the only place she is selling from. She is publishing independently without a publishing house or agent.

I have a client who trades through a limited company but within that company are various properties that are rented out so the company is receiving money for the trade and also rental income which



I am sure I can't be the only one who has noticed that all HMRC correspondence is now coming out on paper which is exactly 50mm bigger than A4 in length.


I filed a "nil" P11Db this afternoon. The HMRC webpage clearly indicates it is for use for 2014-15 (no I hadn't been drinking!) but the e-mail receipt thanks me for filing for 2013-14! 


being a self employed i underpaid tax in 2010-11, is it possible for me to amend now? and if i amend what penalties shall i be facing?


can a 29% investor in an SEIS company also make a simple loan to the company without endangering his SEIS tax relief?


A tax bill from 2005/2006 has been unearthed


I thought anything over 6 years was null and void


Is this still payable?