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I am a small sole trade , turnover under £30K , Can I use my personal account instead of opening a biz account


Two employees were made redundant due to lack of work. The company after 7 months have won a large contract and need the redundant employees back.


A trading husband and wife partnership which owned land incorporated in 1999. All partnership assets were sold to the limited company.


Section 87-90 TCGA92 imposes a CGT charge on UK beneficiary of offshore trust who receives capital payments from the trust.


• In 1996, father gifted to his son, a property which at that time was valued at £200K.

• The father continued to live in the property.


Hi All


I am currently seeking some guidance as the best way to pay myself.

I currently have two income streams:



I have taken on new client who operates as a sole-trader. (Busy architect practice with five employees including spouse who does all the office admin)    


I have received enquiries regarding two people who left our employment during 2013/14 whereby HMRC have a significantly higher earnings figure having been (apparently) reported in our year end RTI


My client lives in an enlarged residence, and he is now considering separating the extended part of residence, and selling this in SE England, for perhaps £500,000.