Self Assessment

Hi all, Hopefully a nice and easy one.  Small Ltd company jointly owned by two director shareholders.  Fallen out and instigated valuation of company with a view to one buying the other out.  Just


My client has shares in his ex-employer's company. He has now left the employment but has retained the shares.


Hello I have a client who lives and works in the UK but does some work in France (Events management) I said this needs to be declared, but not in France as her permanent place of work is in the UK


My client has been non-resident in UK for past two tax years, working in Korea.  He is now returning to UK part way through this tax year & is concerned his Korean earnings (already taxed in Ko


I have clients (H&W, in there 60s) who own a Rental property jointly (not sure if Joint tenancy or tenants in common).

He is a Basic Rate Taxpayer.


Hi, so I'm currently preparing my end of year accounts and I've been struggling to get Sage to account for reverse charge properly, but I think I've now got it set up right (T20 for purchase of ser


I would be interested to hear if anyone in Berkshire looking to provide tax advice to a practitioner.

Please email me.


My company is a SME that is large enough to have its accounts audited. We own another company which is small enough to not need auditing (if it was a stand alone company).


I have been preparing rental accounts for a client for 10 years. He 'owns' three furnished properties on interest only mortgages and normally makes a small profit each year.