Self Assessment


I have a client who is a UK based VAT registered yacht services company.


I am aware of the rules regarding 10% wear & tear allowance for self employed (sole trader) child minders BIM52751.  If the owner was operating as a Limited Company, can they claim the wear and


I separated from my ex-wife in Apr 2010.


Elderly couple are looking at claiming pension credits to top up their weekly income from other pensions. (about £5K p.a. each before pension credits).

My client is about to become involved in conveyancing, selling and purchasing valuable homes.  His attention has been directed to a website offering to provide conveyancing and tax planning service


The client is a self-employed arts producer. A poet working with him on a recent production was awarded a national prize for the poetry element of the show, which was their personal work.


Client has £30k ordinary share capital and has already disposed of all assets and distributed most of the retained profits. He is therefore left with £30k cash and £30k share capital.


Anyone had experience of Now Pensions?  I understand they are in competition with the Nest people.  Just had a call from them with an offfer to take me through the whole set up process.  My clients


A Client is renting retail premises to show and sell products.  The current sales are below the VAT threshold.