Self Assessment

I have a new client who is a sub contractor and I am looking to file his 2014 self assessment.

Do I just file it through the self employed section of the return?


My clients are an unmarried couple living together, who are both directors/shareholders of their family company.


So here's a bit of Friday fun - since it's October I want to know, what's the scariest thing that's happened/biggest fright you've received while working?


Have a client who works in Botswana and has tax deducted at source there. He works through a limited company in the UK and invoices the Botswana company through this Ltd co.


Does HMRC still pay interest on Corporation Tax paid early? If so, what is their interest rate. I can only find figures up to 2009 on their web site.


I have a client who is planning to sell the shares in his limited company (A), of which he and his wife are 90% shareholders, to his other limited company (B), of which he and his wife also control


Hi, I would be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing basic PAYE coding errors thrown out by the Revenue's wonderful computer in particular:


This matter relates to a club (not a charity) that also has a charitable purpose (like Round Table, Rotary etc.) so have a trust account and have been registered for Gift Aid for a number of years.


If a director of a private limited company (which he owns) writes off personal expenditure in the P&L of his company, but then "adds back" the personal expenditure in the Corporation Tax comput


A new client of mine (sole trader) had not submitted any tax returns for 4 years, these have now been filed and he has a bill of £8000, most of which is made up of penalties.