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Owner occupied property held for 14 years (let for 4years of this)

When calculating GCT does the size of the property make any difference ?


Client has moved to the Middle East (didn't even mention it in advance) due to his employment and is non UK resident in the current year (split year treatment not available for 14/15 as he spent to


So when VW cars are all re-assessed in the uk for emissions will HMRC look to try and recover from VW or the taxpayers?


Please can someone give me some guidance on the following scenario.

I work as a freelancer, employed by my wife's limited company.


My client, a seafarer for many years, has a continuing claim to the 100% seafarers deduction, working outside the UK in foreign climes.  He remains a Resident of the UK for UK tax purposes.


is an amount paid to a tenant to vacate tax deductible in one year


My client is a two-man partnership, and one has an overdrawn capital account.

I'll health has forced him to retire, and he's teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.


A client has a trading company with various items of stock they plan to move to fixed assets as they prepare to rent these items to customers.


Our client gets paid a per diem disturbance allowance, this is included in his taxable pay. This amount is to cover any and all expenses relating to having to work away from his normal workplace.


My client is a private hire taxi driver and we have been claiming 8% capital allowance on his car. The balance brought forward from last year is £18302.