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I have tried to submit a p11d for a client through the HMRC website a number of times now and keep getting a Submission Rejection, Error code 3001 - The submission of this document has failed due t


I initially thought car, until my client told me the vehicle is specifically used to tow a hoist lift into London for work.  He used to use a Van, but found it difficult to use with the hoist lift



Hello all

Just having somewhat of a mental block.


Would appear that sift staff have once again gone awol and allowed the site to be hijacked.


If the net income is over estimated, on the renewal form, and tax credits are reduced or stopped and say the amendment is sent in 3 months later will HMRC then pay the underpayment?


Hi all - I hope you can help...


There are lots of comments on AWEB about Self Employed Use of Home and Rent of Director's home and there seems to be lots of conflicting opinion too.


A client recently had a letter from DMB claiming that there was a debt of £1100+ owing on the PAYE for Month 11 of 2014/15.


I'm applying to register on the AAT's member in practice scheme, before starting up a part time "micro-practice", offering only very basic bookkeeping, accounts and self assessment for sole traders