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Self Assessment

What are our obligations when a person comes to us:


A director/sole shareholder has made a personal loan to his Property Business. His other income is below £12000.


I have a client with a rental property about to be sold.  It was originally his PPR and then he got a job where he was sent abroad for 5 years.  He re-occupied it when he came home to the UK and la


Two client's, both self-employed, not using the same agent. Both are tardy and deliver books and records ( for the year ended 5th April, 2015 ) in January, 2016.


My client owns a second property in London on a 40%,30%,30% ownership with his two sons.


what is the most efficient method to get rid of a duplicate SA UTR for an individual? he has paid tax against one UTR for a liability on the other UTR! he's a new client so it is not our fault


"H" is an individual who owns a chargeable asset (no "business" implications) that is pregnant with a large capital gain, which he wishes to liquidate.


The question of when a non resident individual in receipt of UK rental income is required to lodge a UK tax return appears to be a moving narrative.