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Self Assessment

As of the end of March Milk Quota no longer exists so we have a negligible value position.

My question relates to what can we do with the loss if the quota is in a company?


VAT Notice 701/57 says


Person 1 owns 3 properties with Person 2, split 50/50, and Person 1 also owns 100% of another property.


can UK individual  obtain ER on sale of Italian company shares where other qualifying conditions are met? i.e is there a restriction in application of ER for sale of overseas company


I cannot see what PPR is due. My client purchased a house with large garden (but under .5 ha) in 1996, and lived in the house which qualified fully for PPR.


Can you include accrued salary costs (as charged in the financial statements) within an R&D claim or do they have to have been paid before the year end?
Thanks in advance.

If a company minibus is used primarily to ship 5 or 6 employees to work and back home each day, does this constitute a taxable benefit to be shared between these members of staff?  The remaining us


Please clarify the following,

A client has 3 properties which they rent out and they own 50% (as per title deeds) of each property.


I have a client whom has several property rentals. He is looking to get another mortgage and to maximise his borrowing he hasn't claimed his wear and tear allowance.