Self Assessment

Hi, I am a contractor and a company director of my own company. i am taking out only dividends and no salary. can i still take childcare vouchers and show as expense to the company accounts ?




A limited company have just bought some bespoke software which is going to be used in the business for many years, therefore it has been capitalised.


One is left wondering how on Earth this could happen? And moreover, how much the pensioner spent on the HMRC helpline trying to let them know.


Hi i have a friend who is in business as a sole trader in a modest part -time way .


The question I have is how to treat the disposal of fixed asset for tax purposes.


The client has a loss making foreign sole trade. Nevertheless, German tax has been paid. It is not possible to claim foreign tax credit relief as there is no UK tax on this income.

I work with an organisation that has an enhanced maternity pay policy.  In other words it offers something better than SMP.


Hi am looking to get some advice on my tax position and would like to arrange an initial consultation without paying an arm and a leg.  My position is as follows: I was born in the UK (to an Americ