Self Assessment

As we all know, over the past month, we've been plagued by fake Aweb users registering a new account, posting a fake IT-related question ...


A client has just forwarded their 13/14 self-assessment info to me for review.

The client is a 45% tax payer but I noticed that gross salary was a lot higher than in previous years.


I have self employed client who currently makes a loss each year. He owns a rental property with his wife and is currently in the process of purchasing a further investment property.


Can anyone help with this scenario:

Someone buys a house but for personal reasons does not move in straight away and the property is rented out:


I have a sole trader with a year end date of 31st March who has traded for a number of years.  On the 1st of September he it changed to a partnership.


The byzantine rules surrounding S104 rules are so complex I do not understand how to deal with the following.

Husband has S104 holdings in companies A,B,C. All created 01/01/2014


Where a tenant makes a payment at the end of a lease to make good dilapidations and the landlord uses the payment to make good the dilapidations, he will not be taxed on the receipt of the payment


Trying to get my head round tax deductions for a start-up sole-trader who wants to buy a van for the business but cannot get finance yet (less than 12 months' trading).