Self Assessment

Can a UK LLP consist entirely of non UK members?  I think not but the LLP Act 2000 is not clear.


Ahead of her self assessment surgery with Sage next week, Rebecca Benneyworth casts an eye over the topics she sees people tripping up over so far this tax season.


Took on a new 1 person Ltd Co client from another accountant.  Trade started early 1314.  Salary of £641 was taken per month.  Neither of them did any RTI.


There are still a number of returns that can’t be filed online. Rebecca Cave explains where to go and what to do if you encounter this problem.



I have been trying to login to Iris today to sort some tax returns and no joy! Was working fine yesterday - anyone else had problems?


Hi all,


Have just received a Section 9A notice in respect of a client's 2012/13 return.

The notice says that they are checking the UK bank interest on the 2012/13 return.


Why are the opening years basis period rules designed that way? Why isn't a trader simply taxed based on a pro rata amount of his profit or loss falling in that tax year?


LLP purchases a block of 6 commercial units for £1.5m, funded by a £1.5m bank loan.