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Self Assessment

HMRC's guidance notes for completion of land and property pages SA105, at page UKPN5, advise you to enter in box 25, among other things, expenditure on "furniture repairs".  It makes no reference t


A farmer has incurred losses for many years. He can no longer claim sideways loss relief because of the 5 year restriction.


I am a sole practitioner limited company an AAT qualified member in practice just applying for Certified Member in Practice, I have a few clients mainly micro entities and am looking for somebody t


As with other entities, a Ltd Co with employees must now make provision for pension for its employees.



We have obtained planning permission for 2 new houses on what was formerly a garden


My client's company is to provide 'HR Compensation Advisory Services' to a financial services organisation.


Where a Partnership Tax Return has been amended by the nominated partner, sub-section (3)(a) of Section 12ABA Taxes Management Act 1970 requires HMRC to “by notice to each of the partners amend .


where the PSR in an LLP is 5% to individual 95% corporate member and ITTOIA 2005 s850C applies - does the LLP tax return still show the 5:95 split and if so where do we make the anti avoidance adju


Client advised that her father died in India a while back & it took ages to sort out his affairs.