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Self Assessment

Hi there, ladies and gents of Aweb. We're in the process of planning a member meet up this October.



I have a question on CGT. The scenarios is as follows:

A Ltd (UK Co) is owned 100% by Mr Smith who is also an employee and director. The company is a trading company.


I'm trying to register a client for a new tax through the HMRC online services.


I am part qualified ICAEW student, who are qualified by experienced but need to pass more exams.


I have been approached by a small social club to help them sort out their corporation tax which they have fallen behind on.


OK, so I'm really sorry for asking an obviously not accountancy related question, but we're pretty desperate!



If the shop has been owned for 20 years and they are selling in 2015 then is just the first 13 years of the gain to 5/4/2008 which  qualifies for 10% ER with the remainder taxed at 28%?


A client as recently had his pension fund confiscated under the proceeds of crime rules.

The pension company have deducted tax at 40% and the investigator is looking to recover this.


Individual has been offered a £5,000 rise, he doesn't live in London but rents a room there Mon-Fri. What would be the best way to receive this?