Self Assessment


Good evening all,

A client, who is the sole Director of a profitable Ltd company is looking to invest in property and then rent it out.


Not-for-profit company which has now been closed down, with no tax liabilities, but an outstanding corporation tax return is due to be delivered by 31 December.


Client has taken on the services of a freelancer based in the US. 2 questions:

1. Does withholding tax need to be deducted from the fees?


If a scrap metal dealer buys mainly from individuals (ie non vat reg), can he/she use a margin scheme for VAT?

I always thought not, but an answer on here from 2011 has thrown me.


Please could someone let me know how long HMRC have to come and check an employers PAYE returns and records? E.g if submitted on time, is it fair to assume that 2012/2013 is closed ?


Please help me with this.
I am preparing accounts for a limited company client whose year is 1 Dec 2013 to 30 November 2014.


ICAEW Tech 04/08  Section 5:25 covers Enhanced Due Diligence, and an example is electronic searches.


We have had a number of clients recently filing claims for the new 'large company' R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC).


I have a client who now has £26,000 in a savings account mostly accumulated from compensation she received in a court case. The compensation is not taxable in any form.