Self Assessment

QuickBooks online has repeatedly stopped working but also I have this problem

a client has downloaded about 100 bank transactions but they won't upload into the cashbook ?


New client has a long period of accounts (16 December 2011 to 31 December 2012).

We filed both periods before 31 December 2013.


We have a family partnership (mother and adult daughters). The partnership rents out several commercial properties and receives some interest on a bank account.


Having just got round to reading in more detail about the employment allowance of £2,000 off employer Nic, is it just me for small directors of limited companies can you see a tax planning opportun


I am considering a change from Iris to Digita.  There will be a cost saving but I don't want to base my decision on that alone as I am very happy with Iris apart from it is pricey.


So, I have a possible client who is going to become a Maltese resident (UK National) and wants to set up a UK company which all work she undertakes in Malta will go through.


This morning I received yet another confusing HMRC statement of account for a client.


Have a client where 4 directors are equal shareholders, and one of the director/shareholder is leaving the business.



We have one client with a post March 2013 year end and a Patent Box claim to go on the Corporation Tax Return.