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Self Assessment

what is the most efficient method to get rid of a duplicate SA UTR for an individual? he has paid tax against one UTR for a liability on the other UTR! he's a new client so it is not our fault


"H" is an individual who owns a chargeable asset (no "business" implications) that is pregnant with a large capital gain, which he wishes to liquidate.


The question of when a non resident individual in receipt of UK rental income is required to lodge a UK tax return appears to be a moving narrative.


Good evening,

I would appreciate your advice on how I should account for VAT on late payment charges.


I see HMRC has opened an online registration to "show an interest" in the transfer of £1060 from one spouse (partner) to another.


Hi there, I have a general query. The situation is more complex than I am setting out below, but I have: Company A with (£100k) trade losses for the period.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the accounting treatment of Employment Allowance ?

For instance, a company with a September 2014 year end uses the whole £2000 in April 2014.