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Self Assessment

My client is subject to an enquiry for 2013/2014. As well as all and everthing else they've asked for (and I mean everything!), HMRC want to see an MOT certificate.


Rented unit for a hair dressing salon, where costs of renovation are circa £10k. What can be claimed against self assessment?



Hey all,

Odd question. I deal with a lot of clients that end up getting a lot of "free" stuff to write about online. 

I've used this rule - 


Periodically we receive PDF documents by email.


A small UK investment company reporting under FRSSE owns shares in a quoted US company.

When purchased the shares were worth say $50k which equated to £33k.


My parents are about to make a gift to me and my two brothers of the family farm.    We're thinking of applying for gift holdover relief to put the CGT liability the gift represents into the freeze


You will not have much sympathy for the predicament of a client, who received £180k from a leading bank for having been mis-sold an interest swap product to his partnership.


I have a new client who was employed until July 2015 then they set up a Ltd Co.

As their salary for the year for 15/16 will now not exceed the PA they are due a refund of tax.


I have contacted the HMRC agent line twice today (spoke to two different people) requesting an SA302 by fax.