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Self Assessment

I have a client where one of the 2 directors took out a bank loan of £10,000 in his own name for the business.


Hi all.  I am trying to find a link to the press release that accompanied the announcement, I think in 2013 budget, of the withdrawal of ESC B47 and renewals basis for property income.


I have just had a phone call today, from HMRC asking me to change my password with their agents log-on.



What cloud software would you say is best for use with a multi site business. They have 8 sites plus head office.


Client invested in shares under SEIS in November 2013 (2013/14 tax year)

As per the SEIS3 form - the shares were issued on 10 April 2014 (2014/15)


With the new dividend regime coming in soon I am considering options for various contractor clients I having operating through close company with the traditional salary/dividend set up.   I underst


Is there any way of finding out whether HMRC has investigated the tax affairs of a person.



I have been approach by an offshore company, “A non resident landlord”.


Client organsies a shoot and supplies runners, ligting engineers etc. in UK for a US customer with no base in UK.