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Self Assessment

If Accounts are normally made up until 31/05 and then a business ceases on 28/02, does the final basis period have to be treated as 21 months?


I have a client who may be about to realise a huge gain on the sale of some land.


My insurance cover isn't enough to cover me for the potential tax due



Do you have to wait 12 months to apply for CIS gross status.

I have a new startup with contracts on its books of over £250k and will probably turnover £800 to £1m in first year.


Scenario:  I've got a client who is a sole director/shareholder of his company who works in London during the week (he lives in the south west) and stays in hotels whilst working.


Just having a discussion with my brother in law this week-end.


Not so much a question, but an observation.

Having just read HMRC's Single department plan, I noted that HMRC will:



I am trying to confirm whether the statutory residence test eliminates the requirement to be outside of the UK for a full tax year (i.e. 6 April to 5 April).  

I have just made and agreed a claim for pre-registration input tax for a client who has just registered for VAT. For the size of his business, it is a significant figure.