Self Assessment

a benefit was put on the wrong employees P11d , what is the easiest way to correct it , do we write to SA PAYE with corrected P11ds or do we have to resubmit the lot, if so how to do ?


Hi, I am currently studying my level 4 AAT after having the level 2 & 3 under my belt.


A US resident would like to invest in our new business which is registered in the UK as a LLP.


A Ltd co Client has spent say £200,000on property improvements to a building that they have a ten year lease.


Client has been separated for 2 years and in the throws of divorce through the UK Courts on the basis of living apart for 2 years; I consider they "have been separated under circumstances such that


My client's solicitors deposited monies they were holding on his behalf with the Bank of Ireland.

Client who is an author writing a book about about life coaching has enrolled on a life coaching course.  I told him that I didn't think this would be an allowable expense but he seems to think tha