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Self Assessment

Hi, Some of the employees in the company have debit or credit cards. Mostly against  these transactions I don't have receipts or invoices.


I would be really grateful if anyone answers those questions.


cant really get my head round this query so hope you can help.



Times story re Margaret Hodge and Offshore Trust


I have a client who has bought a 2nd home in their own name (self employed anyway), to save cost on hotels.

A review of the guidance for the £2000 Employer's Allowances states that if a business receives more than 50% of its income from working in or for public service, then the allowanc


Hello, could anyone let me know if I have this right? 

I will pay my full tax bilaterally 31st January, AND half my tax bilaterally “on account” for the current year – like credit?


Hi, I will be buying a PC and software to start typing from home.  I have read this will come under "relief" deductibles.

Readers will be aware that for some time it has been possible to print SA302 forms direct from the HMRC website, provided that the relevant tax return had been filed using HMRC web interface rather


Hi, excitingly I am giving up full-time work, which I have been in for the last fifteen-odd years, to do audio typing from home as my sole income.  Having been a humble employee for so long the ent