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Self Assessment

A resident but not domiciled client claiming the remittance basis wishes to take advantage of the Business Investment Relief (BIR) rules and bring £1m of overseas income into the UK and invest the


My client is a company providing training services. HMRC are calling soon to review last 3 years returns. Client has made two revelations to me at this stage.


We have a client who is working (and living during the week) out in Amsterdam on short term contracts that will exceed 6 months due to the contracts re-occurring.

I have just had a conversation that has left me flabbergasted with HMRC.


Any recommendation please for Cloud storage just for Word, Excel and PDF documents for a small business?



Here is a timeline of events:


August 2009 Migrated to UK from New Zealand


We have a client who opted to tax a building in 2003. He claimed back vat of £18k.

He now wishes to deregister for vat, but I told him he may have to pay vat at the


A friend of mine is leaving their current employer and has been requested to pay back the tuition fees for training they received as part of a clawback policy.



A client incorporated last year and reduced their payments on account for SA to zero as it was deemed very unlikely that they would incur an income tax bill for 14/15. Expected salary and gross div