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Hi All,

I'm struggling to advertise my new business venture and I wonder if anyone has any advice.


My client is British and left the UK many years ago and now resides in the USA. He works full time in the USA and visits family in the UK for around 14 days per year.


I can't find clear guidance on this anywhere, and a similar question from over a year ago on Accounting Web had zero responses.


Hi everyone. I am looking at changing car for a new vehicle with a CO2 emissions figure of >160g per km.


I run a small Mechanical Commissioning Company and spend approximately 8k-9k on vehicle fuel (business use) a year. I have recently discovered I should be claiming Vat back on this (diesel van).


A professional football club provides its full-time players with 2 free tickets for every home game. The face value of the ticket is around £18 and they are dwsigned to give to family and friends.


I am calculating the beneficial loan interest on a directors overdrawn loan account using the actual method.


A client became a partnership with his wife in June 2013.  They want to keep the year end 31/1/2014.  This causes a problem with the income tax returns to April 2014.  The wife will not have a full


Hi, we have a client whose enhanced R&D claim using 11% would amount to £4,435.  They are a loss making company and have no PAYE/NI liability.  Another tax consultant tells me they can claim th


I am aware that I cant invest money from my company account, except into fixed bonds etc.  Is there also any reason I could not loan it out via P2P lending?