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Self Assessment

If a OMB UK Ltd Co takes a contract abroad (non EEA), assuming he becomes non resident and the Director remains abroad, what are the requirements for UK PAYE?

My company is a Ltd company web based business. I need somewhere quiet to work so I'm thinking of building a shed/summer house on my property and charging my Ltd company £10600 per year rent.


HMRC issued a Guidance Note for the Statutory Residence Test with the reference number RDR3 (link below)


I've recently purchased an electirc zero emission car which benefits from 100% fya capital allowance.


A director of a client owns a commercial property in her individual capacity.  She let the property to a company on a lease running to 2015, which included a dilapidations clause.  The tenant did a


A director of a trading company wishes to sell 5 £1 shares in his company to a fellow director. He acquired the shares at par.


I have a client who has rented out a room in his house.  He has to choose between the rent a room scheme and "normal" property rental accounts.  In calculating what his profit would be under the no