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Self Assessment

Hi all

New client company starting third year of trading.  Accumulated losses of £100k from last two years.


I am setting up a Tronc Scheme for a restaurant client. I have duplicated the main payroll scheme to start putting the payments



I have a simple VAT investigation for a newly VAT registered business with a lot of stock, so the first VAT return is a large reclaim - all well documented, no big problem.



Hi There,

May you please make me understand how PAYE and National Insurance will be deducted while making payment to overseas employee.


A potential client wishes to leave the Uk but not sell his business client portfolio until he is abroad.  He will leave the Uk permanently.  What is the current situation regarding this?



a couple of  related queries on understanding & getting the 'deemed payment' sorted


1] invoiced in period 100 +vat 20 = 120 


We have an elderly client with an estate in excess of £1million comprising the property that he lives in and a property worth £500k that is let.


I'm having a spot of bother interpreting the new penalty system as it relates to P11d penalties.  I may be looking at the wrong page of the website.


I assume HMRC still requires notification of a brand new self-employment for tax and NI and self-assessment dated from business starting, even with delayed taxable income using 'simplified acc


In pursuit of my small practice being more efficient, I am reducing the volume of paperwork I touch.