Self Assessment

One of my clients has asked if he can pay a new employee just a per diem while working abroad for several months without a base salary.


A new limited company client who has registered for vat as from 1 June.

We have registered him on the flat rate scheme and agreed to monitor the position.


There is relief for capital losses on loans to traders under TCGA92 s253. Under this relief, the borrower must be resident in the UK. What do they mean by 'resident'? Living in the UK?


Non Dom but uk resident (here for 9 years) leaves the uk the work abroad. However, only spends a few months abroad before returning to the uk.


A client, which is local church, wishes to reimburse one of its elders, who is an employee, for hospitality expenses.


I have entered the following through my software and was surprised by the result when checking.  I then ran it through HMRC software and got the same result.  both of them tax all of the dividends


I have a client which is a private limited company wholly owned by the sole director.  For a number of years now he has employed a manager who deals with the day to day running of


I have a client subject to COP9. Clear cut case with absolutely no doubt



Hi - have a signed up PSA, and just trawling through the paperwork !

Two  areas of interest / concern for which advice appreciated


I've a client who recently went into business after being made redundant. He's having great trouble finding his paperwork regarding the redundancy (taxable pay and tax).