Self Assessment

I have been re reading all the CIS bumf in the HMRC CIS booklet point 2.11 it states


I have a client who has one employer

The majority of his work is carried out overseas and sufficient Foreign Taxes are paid to not result in a UK liability on this element of his income


Client is self employed consultant in the field of product design/development, setting up supply chain for manufacture and marketing.  Just doing the first year accounts and there are a couple of t



I have a client who has not kept up on repayments with HMRC (VAT & PAYE) and they are now advising that they may be applying to wind the company up.


Yesterday I posted a question about whether lodgings allowance would be allowable if the client was lodging in furnished accommodation but with his main home a rented property in Ireland.


Just to let everyone know - one of the most important tax cases is being heard tomorrow (7th July) at 10.30am - its the Daily Penalties case.



Hi guys,

Audit planning meeting with new client tomorrow.

Can you be so kind as to remind me some of the most important questions to ask (and document answers)?



A client is selling his business, and his solicitor has told him to ask me how I want things arranged for tax purposes.