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Self Assessment

I act for a husband and wife partnership there are no other partners..  The husband decided that he no longer wished to be a partner.


Way back in 2010 I briefly worked as a self employed IT specialist.

I had an account who filed my self assessment etc. 


I thought that I had read somewhere that where a husband and wife separate, provided the departing spouse has no other PPR, the house qualifies for full PPR relief when it is eventually sold. 


Good morning - I've been suggested to this site by a friend. Although I know it’s for the trade dealing with enquiries within the trade but I’m at a loss so thought I’d give this a go.


I think I know what the answer is going to be here but I just wanted to check...a client repays a loan every month which he has explained was a loan taken out to set up business.


HMRC have contracted-out  to Concentrix a fishing expedition challenging single individual's right to tax credits claiming- " we have information that there may be another adult living with you


I am well aware this is on the periphery of tax advice (!) but can readers confirm whether they agree my basic principle.



A ltd owns a house which it lets to students.The house was purchased with a bank loan of £100k. and the company pays £3000 anual interest.


Hi All