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Self Assessment

We are a UK company delivering training in India. We have a permanent account number (PAN)  but there is a still a withholding tax of 10%. Can we reclaim the tax in the UK?



Hi all,

I have a  question related to VAT, sorry for english mistakes, i'm french.

We do our sales in Hong Kong through a website.

Can anyone from HMRC who reads this please let us know what is going on with the Government Gateway?  According to HMRC's known issues everything is fine and dandy with the service but filing is no


Got a letter from HMRC yesterday, refusing a claim on the grounds that the four-year-from-the-filing-date time limit for a client's 2010 return expired on 5th April 2014 and my client's claim of Oc


Does anyone have any suggestions how to get HMRC to merge to accountants agent codes?


Quick one, two UK companies each owned by a French parent holding company 100%. One is loss making, one is profit making.



Does anyone have an up to date figure on the number of people (%) who use accountants to file tax returns and the number of people (%) who use online software?




I am preparing a sole trader's accounts. He incurred some costs around 4 months prior to business registration date with HMRC. These were:


Has anyone used the webchat online service yet (it appeared on our our firms HMRC login site)


I asked the chap what  a code 444T meant , he said I needed to ring HMRC!!!!


Where a company pays for its employee's personal tax return, it is a taxable benefit.

Should this be shown on form P11D in Box M? Should Class 1A NIC be paid on it?