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Self Assessment

I have contacted the HMRC agent line twice today (spoke to two different people) requesting an SA302 by fax.


Hi all,
I would like to get a deeper understanding of the following functions on Sage:

1) Budgeting (standard and advanced)

2) Report writing (advanced)


Many people open advent calendars this time of year to chart the countdown to Christmas morning.

How incompetent can HMRC get.


A director owns 2 £1 ordinary shares (100%) of a company but would like to retain 5 key employees.  As part of that strategy he would like to offer 2% of the share capital to each.  He currently is


Dear All,

My client X Ltd has a company director and secretary who are both brothers. The director owns 90% of the shares and the secretary owns 10%.


As members will be aware, the Employment Allowance [to be increased to £3000 with effect from April 2016] will not be available to employers where the only employee is a single director.


I am doing bookkeeping for a letting agency in sage account i have setup the accounts separately as client and company accounts. 


A client has sold a property in 14/15 and made a significant gain.