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Self Assessment

Does anyone have experience of just operating a filing only service for Company tax returns under iXBRL format and if so how much do they normally charge the client?


I have a client who is a director of a limited company. He has other forms of income, and therefore doesn't view the company as needing to provide him with a 'living wage' currently.


Is the effect of the Employment Allowance that the employer pays no NIC up to £2,000?

So, what would now be the optimum salary for a director/shareholder of a limited company?


We have had a few instances where HMRC have issued Tax Calculations with adjustments for "underpaid tax for earlier years in your tax code".


I have some clients from other states of EU and I have issued invoices to them (my company is UK). they told me they report the invoices under VIES and I should do the same in order to be matched.


I have a client who has an on going COP9 investigation dating from 2012 going back 20 years - He ran a previous business legitimately paying tax and class 2 stamp.



I have a private limited company.

I have student debt from a degree I finished before I started the company, that is related to my business.


Interesting question.


HMRC - "Prior to receiving your PAYE reference number, you should still pay your employees"



I am looking for a partner for at least 2 years to fulfill acca Practice certificate requirement.