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I have a question regarding if a Director can charge a larger rent to his company for use of his residence as office.


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I have a client with 2x LTD's and one will be purchasing the other in the near future for say £1m.

No cash will change hands.


I must see dozens of adverts via Facebook for Herbalife / Juiceplus etc on a daily basis.


Has anyone any experience of anyone actually making money from this?



New sole trader client with a couple of years outstanding accounts and SATRs.  First accounts prepared show losses which would be useful in carrying back to previous year, however past 1 year follo


Hi I hope someone can assist me.

I was wondering what would be the accounting and tax implications of making a £5000 loan from my ltd company to my farthers company.


I have a case where the son wholly owns a company that has made a loan to his father who is not an employee. Accordingly, s455 tax has been paid by the company.




Long Service Award –

I gather you can pay a long service award - tax free at say 20 yrs service @  £50 pa years of service



Dear All

Our new employee, who uses his own car for work, is being paid an allowance of £350.00 on top of his salary via payroll as petrol allowance.


There are 2 properties in question.