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Self Assessment

I sold 192 share in Company X in exchange for an overdrawn directors loan and removal from any PG's.   Is the answer: a) Pay a Capital Gain (claiming EI Relief) b) No gain and no money changed hand


Client has part time earning plus rental income all below personal allowances.

Previous accountant advised her that she did not need to declare as no tax liabilty. 


Good afternoon


I have a client who is looking to sell land in Belize. This land is held in a Ltd company which is registered in Belize and not the UK.


Client paid £4800 per annum into a personal pension, grossed up to £6000 in 2014/15.

I've just prepared his 2014/15 Tax Return -His UK relevant earnings are £5650.


Hi. I have a client who is a sole director and shareholder of his company. He has only had dividends and no wages. So the business is not registered for PAYE.


I have been helping a neighbour after she received her 2014/15  “Your Annual Tax Summary” form, which showed “Other Income” of £3250 in the calculation.


My client, who is not in SA, has just received an annual tax summary.  Now I know these are just a political gimmick but it would be helpful if they added up or made some kind of sense.  This is ro