Self Assessment

A UK resident LLP operates and prepares its accounts in dollars.

The partners share is also established in $ to the UK partners. 


A quick one which is not applicable to this year's SA return but will be next year.


A sole trader who was running a restaurant ceases to trade in 2010/11 with unrelieved trading losses. Losses couldn't be offset at the time.


Way back in the day, BATA reached an agreement with HMRC whereby aircraft meeting certain specifications would be treated 50% as main rate asset and 50% as special rate asset (having life exceeding

Client has relevant earnings in 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14. Cessation loss in 2014/15 to be carried back.


I have just completed a client's partnership accounts x 2 and have missed the 'paper' filing deadline. I need a software package to download to send the SA800 online before the 31st January '15.


I have a revived gain from a previous EIS deferral

Where and how is this information entered on SA tax return CGT pages?

Does anyone know if i can get a online state pension statement for a client?

what happens if i put my agent code and password in the e service??