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Self Assessment

New client, operating through a limited company, has take out a finance agreement for a van to be used in the business. Problem is, the agreement is in his name,not the company's.


I had a letter from HMRC today, saying a bank transfer was being made for £2450.80 for the 2015 SA tax return (to a bank a/c not listed to my client)


A US National but UK resident person has been granted Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) by his American employer. These vest on a quarterly basis after the first anniversary of the grant date.


Here I am sat scratting my head at the moment, wondering how to solve this problem.


I am wishing to my close my limited company. I own all the shares. Company has roughly £6500. It owes me £9000: a dividend that was wasn't paid.


Hi I am out of my comfort zone and so hope someone can help me on a couple of points?




I am preparing to submit assessments dating back to 2006 under the Let Property Campaign, for a client who did not inform HMRC about renting her furnished property.


Can a client claim the cost of expenses paid out (fancy dress, refreshments etc) in order to hold a charity fundraiser (Red Nose Day) at their offices.

Can a Settlor sign the 41G Trust form or does it have to be a Trustee?


I have made a PY adjustment in September 2014 accounts relating to a material P&L error in 2013.  The effect is to reduce the profit in 2013.