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When you incorporate a new company, Companies House notify HMRC automatically, who then, without taxpayer prompting, create a Corporation Tax UTR.

UK resident receives Social Security Benefits (pension?) from the USA. There's no tax deducted in the USA.

How can I find out if it qualifies for the 10% deduction for overseas pensons? 


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OK here it goes.

Sami left UK in 2006 and filled a from P85 to let the HMRC know he is leaving UK and started his own business in Germany.


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A client is seeking mortgage borrowing from a well-known high street bank.  The borrowing is 70% of the property value.


A client who is a partnership wishes to incorporate as an LLP.

I know that the LLP is transparent for income tax purposes like the partnership.

My client is a non-domiciled UK tax resident who received a substantial distribution form a South African family Trust, whereby the trustees, the Trust, the settlor and the other beneficiaries are



I am doing accounts (01.03.2013 to 31.03.2014) of one of my new client - Company .Turnover is around £90k for 13months trading which is above for vat registration threshold.



I have a client who has made a capital gain of around £9000 on the sale of shares (privately owned limited company) this year