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Whilst working on a clients accounts and reconciling the net wages account I have noticed that a new employee has instructed our client to pay his wage into his another persons bank account (girlfr


A client was overseas for several years, then returned in early 13/14.  They had a home in the UK and a home overseas.  Therefore I have used Case 4 to determine they were non-UK resident until the


I have a client who has an apartment in Spain, he uses a local accountant to take care of his annual tax return over there.  He has now asked me if I can do it from here in the UK.  I'm sure I can


If a limited company closes down, would the director be able to claim unemployment benefit/jobseekers allowance?  I know the self employed cannot, but wonder if directors of their own limited compa


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I was registered with NI as self employed on 3rd July 2014 started trading on 15th july 2014 .



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I established a Ltd. company on 22th April 2014 , and started trading on 15th July.


I’ve never come across a client cashing in one before, but I now have a Non UK Dom client who is currently working outside the UK but will be returning (was here for 10 years previously) at some po

I have a client who runs a small limited company with his wife . He is the sole director.