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Home tutoring would usually be a self-employment, but if a child was at the tutor's house for four days a week during term time, is it still definitely a business rather than a PAYE situation?


I'm familiar with the concept that although HMRC state on their website that directors MUST complete a tax return, this isn't necessarily the case if there is no liability and HMRC haven't issued o


My client is a Dutch national, resident in both the UK and Belgium. He is claiming remittance basis - can he also claim a UK personal allowance?


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A challenging query here for the experts on assets, capital allowances and sale & leaseback arrangements.

We have a new client who made a large gain on the disposal in 2011/12.


Hi, I have a new client whom has outstanding self assessments from 06/07 upto 13/14, which I have now bought upto date, but in 07/08 the HMRC placed a revenue determination on his account for £5k,


Hello, I would be very grateful if someone would give me the answer I'm after here.


As of 5 April 2012, client has losses brought forward of £21,501. In 2012/13, he made a profit of £7,060. As this was below the personal allowance, the B/Fwd losses were not utilised.


I am preparing a tax return for an individual who is an employee of a company and receives rental income. 



I have a client who is a tiler and works as a self employed for big companies who pay him his labour cost and for material as well as for expenses