Self Assessment

I have a new client.  Lives in France and works mainly in Belgium.  Is being hammered by their social security rates.  He wants to set up a UK company and be employed by that company, paying no tax

I've revisited my procedure for voting minutes for an interim dividend.


Hi, sorry if this sounds a bit like an exam question. It isn't - finished with them years ago.


As we all know, there may be significant capital allowances to be claimed when you purchase a commercial property, but as a mere accountant I do not feel I am in a position to advise my client on t


I have a client who operates a 'Mobile Catering Service' which in real terms is not mobile but a static based service.  Upto now he has lived locally to where he operates his business and claimed f


I have a partnership who are wanting to sell the business.

One partner is leaving the UK in August and wants to know if they will pay UK CGT on the sale.


Director sells his company (share sale) to senior employee at the company's year end of 31/12/13.


For the purposes of determining whether two companies are under common control and therefore must share the AIA (assuming they are also 'related' for these purposes) do you attribute the rights of

What salary do you advise your directors/shareholders in a limited company to take.

Is it so that no NIC are payable so protecting their contribution record?


I have just obtained a new client and am not quite sure what I can do with the debtors he has been showing on his balance sheet since 2011.