Self Assessment

This sounds a really easy question but it is driving me around the bend!

The invoice is from a German company and there is a bit of a language barrier but what I understand is this...


A flat which had been let was left empty prior to the decision to dispose of it by sale.


I have 3 clients now who have received letters from HMRC stating that they haven't declared their (or their partner's) child benefit payments received in their 2012/13 SA return.


We have a service agreement in place where company A incurs expenses on behalf of company B (e.g. rent, overheads, administration etc).

Both companies are in the UK. 


Does anyone have ideas to reduce partners' tax liabilities? The LLP has a tax reserve account in place of 40% of partners' gross drawings so they are keen to maximise their net income. 


If an expense has been omitted from a tax return can it be carried forward and claimed on the next return?


I am hoping someone can help with some advice on a rather complicated situation.


I have a client whose turnover is above £150,000. They expect their turnover to fall below £150,000 in the next year.


Hello everyone,