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Self Assessment

I would be grateful if someone would clarify the correct procedure for accounting for tax on personal loans i.e. individual to individual.


An on going tax investigation is questioning a clients claim of 1/3 of his farmhouse expenditure as business.


Client owns 100% of company and is the only working director. Company has been trading for 5 years (client has been the working director and 100% shareholder throughout).


I have a partnership client who want to close down their property maintenance business.  The partnership is father and daughter.  Turnover is only around £17k per year as it was just a sideline for


Although I am an accountant, I do not have a great deal of contact with P2's, so I would be grateful for a bit of clarification on HMRC's procedures!

Married couple have been running a trading company for many years. To ensure continuity they want to gift all the shares in this company to their nephew.



Before 2015 budget did dividend income impact on savings tax rate?


The HMRC website says :-


I have just taken two new clients and I have had to sort out appeals on both.

I have a client who bought a franchise business for £20k plus VAT.


A client has sent me an article from last weeks Daily Mail.

I was aware of the consultation on possibly changing the penalty regime for Self Assessment.