Self Assessment

A (new) client has that old problem of trying to obtain a mortgage and needing SA302s.

He is a company director and has been for approx 6 years but has not filed any tax returns.


We have a subsidiary in Nigeria, this was incorporated in Oct 2012. The first accounts are 15 months accounts made up to Dec 2014.

The tax year in Nigeria ends 31st Dec.


Sub contract client was used to getting refunds of around £1500, but then in 2004/05 due to personal difficulties he quit work and failed to submit a final return.


I sent two emails to a client. One had attached the draft company accounts and tax computations and the other had attached the 

draft personal tax return and computations.


Hi there, I have a client who is trading through a company and has creditors/debtors and bank accounts in foreign currency.


A family-owned holding company intends to transfer its minority stake in a trading subsidiary to a shareholder/director, who doesn't work for the company whose shares are to be given to him. 


An elderly friend has just been notified that she has been underpaid state pension over each of the last 16 years (shocking I know), and that as a result arrears of £48k before tax will now be paid


I am about to complete a CT600 for a small limited company - basically a single employee.