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Self Assessment

I have been unfortunate to be chosen for a Construction Self Assessment Compliance check.


Hi there, I am looking to offset my first trading year self employment loss against a prior year PAYE income and the loss exceeds the income.

I have a new client who together with her brother inherited their parents' home.

She 'bought' her brother's share with a loan which was taken out by her husband.


I recently had cause to contact the HMRC helpline for guidance on who needs to sign an SA401 form where an individual under the age of 16 is joining a trading partnership.


Hi, I tend to struggle knowing how best to advise regarding the treatment of gifts to employees.


For general practice dealing with small clients, pubs, taxi operators, taxi drivers, building companies, hair dressing salons etc is a tax advisor or accountant better placed for compliance work.



I am leaving my current employer, and in my contract it says that I must pay back whatever training fees incurred over previous 12 months. 


I understand that with the salary sacrifice there is a formal contractual change that reduces the basic pay and allows the ER to save NI on the % being sacrificed and the EEs to save NI and tax.