Self Assessment



In my 2011/2012 SA Tax Return I claimed £9200 AIA on a van that was used for 100% business purposes


I have a client who set up as a self employed artist in 2012. Prior to setting up she painted as a hobby and gave a couple of her paintings to a friend in America.


When you tick the box saying that client is entitled to child benefit,  answer the resultant income question and then the client says they misinformed you and you try and delete it , it wont let yo


I am very well aware that entertaining needs to be added back in the tax computations and I have read the definition of entertaining at BIM45010


If a 2012/13 tax return is amended before 31 jan 2015 in respect of an election that now wants to be made, will 10% late payment penalties be levied (if all additional tax paid before the end of th


Could someone please clarify something for me.


Dear All,

I have come across client who dealt with tax inquiry by himself inquiry was concluded before he approached me.


Are the rules for offsetting Class 4 NIC trading losses the same as for Income tax losses or is it possible to offset only the amount of losses to reduce the class 4 liability in the profit making


Help!  I have looked everywhere and made numerous phone calls to get confirmation of the types of income that are included in 'earnings' for carers allowance purposes.  Without getting anywhere.


Hi All,

I have been looking in to Working Tax Credits and the way the income used for the calculation is arrived at.