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Self Assessment

Hi Guys,

Apologies if this seems a silly question but it is something I haven't come across before.



My business partner recently registered our partnership for self assessment on HMRC online, by submitting online forms. The form's he completed are as follows:


Hi, I have an interesting scenario which I would like to gather some opinions, advice and experience on please.


I have a client that was resident abroad for a few years and qualified as non-resident for UK tax.  Returned home to the UK summer 2014 and was going to claim split year treatment on his return.  N


We act for a trust which is required to file annual SA tax returns of which the 2013-14 return currently is outstanding.
The last surviving trustee died without appointing a successor.


Business is a single person Ltd company trading in the U.K.


We have been approached by a financial services company offering us to outsource our AE requirements.