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Self Assessment

Some of my equipment has been damaged and my insurance has sent a cheque to cover the repair on some and replacement of another.


I’m once again considering having a go at the CTA exams and this is the first time I’ve looked at the syllabus since the merger with the institute of indirect taxation.   


Hi all,

I am going round in circles a bit and thought it may be easier just to ask a question here.


I have an existing client, who operates a plumbing business via a VAT registered limited company, and he independently owns a parcel of land on which he proposes to build a pair of residential prop


My boss is the managing partner of an LLP

Currently there is a company car in the LLP of which he has sole use of.


If you are like me, you have a significant amount of contact with HMRC.


Have a client who has lodgers and claims rent a room relief. Does she qualify for PPR on the whole property?


As I understand HMRC are required to make your VAT refund within 28 days of submission.

I have submitted the first return for client showing all opening costs and reasonable refund due