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Can some one recommend good letting management software a, whose price is not that high. For example to take care of 5 to 10 properties rental ?


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I'm in industry but starting to feel my practice knowledge becoming out of date... :-(




I own a Software Ltd company and have been trading for the last 4-5 years profitably. I need to invest around £325,000 into another new company that I plan to set up.


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I have a new client who is a UK branch of an Australian company.

Other than filing annual accounts at companies house what are the other annual requirements?


Company offered redress for SWOP misselling.


A client wants to pay himself for maintenance and remedial work on his commercial property. The issue is he wants to do a set amount of hours a week (for whatever reason) Would this be allowed?


Blackacre Limited (BL) provides game shooting facilities (including the provision of beaters, lunches, drinks, booking of accommodation etc).


Sorry if this is a really stupid question. I'm 7 months pregnant and baby brain has well and truly set in! 


If you run a business under a LTD company and wants to sell it (as I am the director as well as the sole shareholder). How can a get maximum reliefs?