Self Assessment

In our business a lot of the fitters in the workshop orders parts through our accounts for their own use outside of work.


Hi folks,

I have a client who is solely on PAYE and now has been offered a secondary source of income as a fitness trainer to a company based in Ireland.


A property investment company - purchasing and developing mainly for rental purposes - property held between 3 - 15 years.


Please can someone help!


I am helping out my boss with some of his personal tax stuff.

he is uk resident but non dom and pays tax on the remittance basis


A client signs for an asset in October 2013 which he says means he is obligated to honour. The asset costs £250,000 plus VAT.



Hello - A potential client is registered as a self employed landscape gardener & is not VAT registered as his turnover has been below the threshold.


If anyone is thinking about cloud backup options I recommend avoiding JustCloud.


Have A client who is taking on a used car lot, anticipates selling 1000 cars per year.

Can anyone recommend any decent software that will deal with stock and margin scheme