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Self Assessment

Just a quick question; I still have some paperwork (own schedules, documents etc) for clients who are no longer with me - is there any reason to hold on to this stuff or should I just shred it?


The proposed structure of the transaction is as follows:-



I have a client who is currently going through a "check" into their 2013/14 tax return.



One of my new client had submitted his SA tax return 2014 online last year with an error of clicking box that he was entitled to defer payment of class 4 NI.


Received my personal PAYE coding notice for 2016/17 in post yesterday. Redesigned from the previous format. It's wrong (no surprise there) so I have to contact HMRC to change it.


Hi all,

We have a client who orders goods from Asia and supplies these to retailers in the UK.



Ltd Co is scaling back and will need to sell/dispose of a couple of in use + 2 year 'used'  average spec desktop PC's


If a director of a Ltd has to travel to a temporary place of work using public transport and his employer reimburses him for the cost, does this have to go on his P11D and how will it be taxed.


H & W own property jointly and share rent 50:50.  They are now to sell the property, but wish all of the gain to be allocated to wife.  Is it necessary to get formal deed of trust prepared by a


The chancellor occasionally makes immediate legislation changes on budget day - eg. last year's stamp duty rise, giving everyone until midnight at the end of budget day to complete.