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Self Assessment

A client "A Ltd" has a Corporate Director who is also shareholder in "A Ltd".


My client is on cash accounting and on Sage.  Last year I had to do a small journal to make the input tax match June 14 of the VAT return and the creditors VAT.  the VAT return runs from June to Au




I have just registered as an ATT student and am going to sit law & ethics e-assessments.



How do you go about claiming costs for business use of home for a limited company where the company operates from the director or shareholder's private residence


We have a client who is and has been for the last couple of years a higher rate tax payer.


A sole trader has incorporated in 2014/15.  They are claiming s162 relief on the goodwill, so there is no CGT payable.  Does this need to be reported on the personal tax return for the sole trader?


Hi All,

I have two companies "A" and "B" which are under common control. A lent B £700k. B has now gone in to liquidation leaving A with a 700k bad debt.


Management expenses for corporation tax purposes are something I've never quite gotten. I understand they are expenses for managing the company's investments?


A client has told me that his Freemasons dues can be claimed as charitable donations on his tax return. 


Where a husband and wife have unequal beneficial interests in a rental business on say a 99:1 ratio and have filed the appropriate form 17, from 2017 will the 20% tax credit on finance charges foll