Self Assessment

Just took on a small flat management company with 2 years arrears to file accounts with Companies House - so some hefty penalties to pay!


I am a solicitor working in the property sector and I have 3-4 requests per week to do annual tax work for clients as well as one off tax advice.


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I know that HMRC states that (most) directors should complete a SA Tax Return, but I don't know of a statutory requirement.

Is there such a requirement if no tax liability exists please?


A non resident company owns a residential property that is provided to the son of one of the beneficial owners of the company. The beneficial owners are non uk resident and non uk domiciled.

I would appreciate if anyone kindly advise as to how purchased goodwill by a sole trader should be treated?


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I have a client who is a UK employer, limited company which trades and is resident in the UK.

I have a client who has agreed to sell his business, although the terms of the sale have dragged on much longer then was initially expected which has caused the below issue.


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I like to ask a question. What is legal implication of "VAT Estimated Values"?