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Self Assessment

I think this may be a simple answer but, as it is a bit unusual and I haven't saw it before, I just want confirmation. Say a company has brought forward property losses and receives a post-cessatio


is this new savings allowance available to higher rate tax payers eg salary £11k dividends £45k


I know that many are already aware of this scam, but for the benefit of those that are not ...

We became insolvent (ish) after registering for VAT.  We rob Peter to pay Paul to stay afloat, and manage JUST.  Can we simply shut down and reopen a newco to get some relief ont he VAT?


Client owns several rental properties. Tenant moved out of one property and client decided to sell.  It took a long time, so he needed to pay Council Tax and utilities etc. until sold.


I have a new client who is retired and has been returning Self Assessments.


I have new (unconnected) clients who invested in a rental property in the ratio £50k:£150k in such a way that the first party is only ever entitled to a fixed amount of £50k of the net proceeds of


I have a reasonable understanding of PAYE and the statutory rights that come with it.



PAYE and Payroll for employers

What is a pay threshold for an employer to operate a paye submissions of RTI. Is it more than £112 per week?