Self Assessment

We are preparing accounts for a Bed & Breakfast which consists of one room with an ensuite within the client's home property.


We appear to have a lot of clients this year who have not yet received a payslip / statement of account.



Hi all

Got a new client who is a long distance lorry driver. (Self employed).


My client was a husband and wife partnership, the wife died leaving partnership losses brought forward on her tax return. 


I have recently engaged a client and when looking through his limited company accounts I noticed a substantial loan sat in other debtors.


I was self employed from 20 August 2012 until 15 February 2014.


Anyone else fed up with the changes to Companies House and HMRC since the switch to I am at serious risk of repetitive strain injury having to click through three or four different screens


Client company has ceased trading. Balance Sheet shows cash of £100, creditor of £10,000 loan from director, share capital of £100 and P&L reserves £10,000 in deficit.


If a director of a company (paid through PAYE) needs to do more than the 10 KIT days work while on maternity leave, do they still lose their entitlement to SMP if they do not get paid for the work?