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I have a Client who subscribed for £70k share capital in a UK trading Company (unquoted) which was dissolved in September 2014.


Hi Roland, I have had a hard drive crash with all the data I have been working on.

It is now with a data recovery company who are getting the data from the dri


I have hopefully a simple question which I am wrestling with. Apologies if this is going over old ground for many of you.
A sole trader wishes to incorporate.


I had a Coding Notice issued to the employer on 06/02/14 but I ran a payroll on 07/02/14 before receiving the notice. There was no further pay in the tax year.


I am preparing the SA return for a client who has earned interest income from Funding Circle.  My question is - what is the status of the "Funding Circle servicing fee" as shown on their annual tax


Hello, I've been reading up on the Samadian decision. 

What effect does it have on on self employed student support workers? 


Advise please. (none furnished property let)



IFA client decided he wanted to incorporate his business back in December 2013 to take advantage of a large goodwill valuations.  This query isn't about valuations as we can get a third party valua


Hello All & Good Evening


I understand that employees of companies can make contributions to registered pension schemes of up to £40k annually which can be used to gain tax relief and rescue their personal allowance (i.e.