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Self Assessment

My problem is the drive towards the digital age and whilst I am all for it there are serious problems - Take RTI (I wish somebody would!!!).  As I say I think it is wonderful that we can do somethi

We have received a Late Filing Notice GNS for a client.


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The question relates to a private company limited by shares with two directors (who are also 50% shareholders).


I have a client who was an employee and received letting income for 13/14 tax year, a SA100 was submitted. In the 14/15 tax year his circumstances changed. He was employed to 01/6/14.


Sole director going on mat leave in August, paid at 883/month for now

I was wondering if it is worth setting up a bigger salary and then paying maternity leave.


Hi I rent rooms in my house.


I have elected to claim the 10% wear and tear, rather than 'renewals' claim for expenditure.