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Self Assessment

So my laptop Is running IE 11 and Windows 7. The only browser security tick-box ticked is now TLS 1.2. It still fails the HMRC-signposted checking site test!


This morning I was checking my list of Clients online at HMRC's site to ensure that I wasn't about to prepare a return for anyone for whom HMRC had decided a return was no longer needed.


I have a client who is claiming to be non-resident in the UK for 2014/15.  He has spent 44 days in h UK in 2014/15 and I am hoping he will fit into the second automatic overseas test.


My company is thinking of paying for a corporate membership of a gym/heath club. I presume that this is tax deductible by my company but will I be charged to tax on my P11D.


For self employed clients selling services (not goods), do you claim the direct costs (e.g.


My client has been paying pension term assurance (an old S.226a policy). He has no actual pension provision and now wants to mop up the last three years' unused relief.

Husband and wife company both directors with wife as company secretary own 10 ordinary shares each.


Trustees have a charge over a property.  Initially £150,000 but when called in the charge is calculated as a value equivalent to 28% of the value of the property.



Dear Sir/Madam,


·         My client owns the property in UK which is worth of more than 1 million but less than 2 million (at present).