Self Assessment

UK resident and ordinarily UK resident client (though Irish national) was resident in the UK throughout 13/14 but worked in Ireland for an Irish employer for six months, coming ba


Can pension payments made during 14/15 be used to reduce taxable income for 13/14 to reduce/eliminate a High Income Child Benefit Charge?


I have a client who has been using her student daughter to help her with her admin and typing .


The client bought some plant which needed some significant electrical installation work as the circuitry was not up to standard to operate it.


With respect to HMRCs Let Property Campaign, I am completing a Form DO2 submitting undeclared rental income for  a client.

I was wondering what is the likelihood of HMRC investigating?


My client is considering transferring some land to a pre existing discretionary trust.  No payment will be made by the trust for the land.


Please has anyone any ideas? HMRC seem to have lost the last SEVEN paper 64-8s I have sent them!



Good evening all,

A client, who is the sole Director of a profitable Ltd company is looking to invest in property and then rent it out.


Not-for-profit company which has now been closed down, with no tax liabilities, but an outstanding corporation tax return is due to be delivered by 31 December.