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Self Assessment

The situation is as follows.

A partnership (two equal partners, husband and wife) has ceased to trade.

They have been trading for 10+ years.


If a contracting company is sold for an agreed price of £800,000 - 100% of the shares are sold - but, by prior agreement between the vendor and purchaser, £200,000 is left in the company bank accou


One of my clients had a profit in y/e Dec '13. They had 40k of QCD's and 100k of interest in '13 and we're going back and doing a R&D claim that's going to send them into a trade loss position:


Has anyone had to deal with client receiving income from "Simulated Patient Work".

My client "works" on a part time basis for a red brick University in medical role playing.


Client arrived in UK during 2013/14 from US and is non UK domicile and a citizen of both France and the US.  They still have a flat in the US.  Lived in rented flat whilst in UK and their child wen


My farming client was in dispute with the Rural Payments agency about their single farm payments over a number of years.



Client will be renting out his main residence (flat) in the new few months and move into a new home.



I am a trustee of a private discretionary trust.


Our client came to us in November 2014 - he had Furnished Holiday let losses for a number of years which he never made a sideways claim against other income, which from April 11 he can't now set si