Self Assessment

I have recently been removing clients from the self-assessment system after the 2012/13 submissions but in some cases HMRC have written back to say that it is too late and the Tax Return run has al


Just noticed a reference to the new Second Incomes Disclosure Campaign

I have just completed my first SA return of the year (smug me???) using HMRC's software and notice that the detailed tax calc which used to be available is no longer present.

A director & 50% shareholder in a company has given birth to a beautiful baby boy! She wants to know if the company can provide childcare vouchers.


A director of a company has won a business competition as an individual, not in the name of the company but for her efforts in creating that company.


could anyone refresh me on the relevance of each of the loan balance/beneficial loan account rules?

everyone seems to take a different angle on this. 

beneficial loan rules:


If the members of a partnership earn less than £2500 can they avoid self assessment by collection through their tax codes or do they have to produce SA's because they are partners?


I have an Italian Client who is thinking about moving to the UK for a couple of years to join his Girlfriend.