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My question is probably easier to explain with an example...

A letting agent collects £1000 in rent which is paid into their client bank account by the tenant.


As I am getting a lot busier I am away from office more and was using my home phone as home based. I am thinking of using a virtual PA or similar


Hi All,



Hi everyone. Couple of weeks ago I purchased SA Submission Pro software and yesterday tried to submit my first SA. Unfortunately my submission was rejected.


I recently checked a retired client's SA record and was surprised to see an amount due for repayment - £1400'ish.

I have been approached by a client, a UK registered company.


First year property development client bought a plot of land and over the year built 6 flats.


Always good to annoy the scammers.

NOTE: A refund can be delayed a variety of reasons , for exemple submitting invalid records or applying after deadline.


A client has income below his personal allowances for 2014/15 so no tax has been deducted from their income.  In the tax code for 2015 was an underpayment of £2,058 from 2013.  Calculation result f