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Self Assessment

Hi all,

I am doing a bank reconciliation in Sage50, but having a bit of a problem.


Have a new start up client who just submitted his first VAT return showing a reasonable refund to recover


I have acquired a client who owns a property jointly.  During their period of ownership extensive refurbishment works were necessary on the property which cost £200,000.

I have just reached the end of the accounts section of the HMRC CT600 software and wish to print the Accounts as I have in previous years, prior to sending to Companies House.  However view and pri


Parent company sells all of shares in subsidiary to directors of subsidiary.  Price payable was lent to the directors under a loan agreement and a separate share pledge with the shares offered as s


Are all legal firms regulated by the SRA? A potential client of mine states they are not regulated by the SRA. They don't call themselves 'solicitors' but provide legal services.


Five years ago Old lady dies and leaves her croft to two daughters and two grandsons. One of the grandsons lives in the house while decorating and repairing it, 


My friend lives and works in UK, and pays Taxes in UK.

However he also owns a small company in India (he is basically an Indian).


The term "use of home....." seems to have been replaced with "working from home" in HMRC guidelines.