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The IRIS knowledgebase seems to be unworkable and I haven't got time to search the 250 pages item by item so I'm posting here.


A partnership client (husband & wife) have been trading as builders & decorators for a number of years.  They also let 3 properties through the partnership that they bought relatively cheap

I've been through this before but really need some help.


I have a client who has returned to the UK and is now UK resident but he continued to be paid in Hong Kong for his (now) UK based employment.  Can anyone confirm to me that the Mandatory Provident

Sole trader's previous accountant wrote his £23k van down in the first year by 100% AIA a couple of years ago.


I am a higher rate tax pater. I have made payments on account of my 2013/14 liability in accord with the previous years liability.


Hi, I have question about refundable and non refundable deposits. In case of operating lease I understand that item is treated as an expense and is not included on BS.


A director was employed by a limited company and unfortunately died. Whilst alive, the company was paying for BUPA for him and his wife.

Hi Everyone

Can anyone recommend a reputable accounts payable outsourcing company.


My client is non-resident and so is his spouse.

In purchasing a second rental property in the UK, rental income will reach above the free pay threshold.