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Self Assessment

Has anyone seen the email from Digita detailing errors in tax calculations 2013/14 for CGT, HIBC, Loss relief and remittance base charge.



My company sells products to people with a disability, so under Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people they do not have to pay VAT on eligible goods they purchase from us.


An individual in employment receives a bonus, which suffers tax and NIC at the time of payment.


A client has closed down her business.   One of the employees was on maternity leave and continued to be paid SMP for the rest of the 39 week term.  She is now being made redundant.


In his last completed tax year one of my clients took too much money out of his company creating a debit balance on his directors' current accounts and paid a 25% tax charge on the balance.


Hi everyone,

We announced over on the blogs today that is going to be undergoing a makeover.



I have a potential payroll client who is using Royal London for auto enrollment.


I am going on maternity leave in a couple of weeks.  Another small local accountant is taking on 3 of my clients while I am off.  They will be required to do bookkeeping, VAT returns and payroll an


A client has approached us to say he is considering buying the van below for solely business use in his own company.