Self Assessment

I know that I've seen recommendations for Taxfiler on AccountingWeb before, but I'd appreciate an update from people who've looked at it or who use it.


Hi everyone. I have the first of my clients using a peer-to-peer lending site (Zopa) and has income for the 2014 tax year.


Van purchased 4 years ago when client not VAT registered. Cost included VAT. He is now VAT registered & has sold old van & bought new one.


I would like to sell my only property which I owned since 2003 in London, but has been rented out since 2005 up to May 2014, and I was living and renting in another city.


I have a query relating to the carry forward of losses in a company where the time limit has elapsed for submitting an amended return.  The original corporation tax return was sub

I am about to sign up a new client who is currently a sole trader.


We have a client who has sold his Spanish property for 40,000 Euros, making a capital loss. When he transfers the funds to the UK, will there be any tax implications.


A limited company client which is a small manufacturing business operating from their home address wants to drill a new well (they're not on the mains water).


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