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Self Assessment

I have a director of a Ltd company who is paid £670 per month salary plus dividends who wants to purchase a bike.


We act for an investment company , which owns two properties, one is a freehold interest in some ground rents, and one is the leasehold of a small office.

Hi Everyone


I have a client who became non resident many years ago.


Having read this very long thread with interest (from Oct 2014) I'm considering


Client is a subbie - invoices contractor each month for gross figure, shows tax deductible on invoice, contractor pays the net figure directly to his bank account 


If an annuity was purchased through a company for an ex-employee. What would the tax implications be for both the recipient and the company. Can anybody help please?


I am a UK resident for the last 3 years working as a permanent employee at Medical research Council. My only source of income is my salary from the above job.


Hi there, 

I am a very new self-employed. 


I have lately taken to completing online SA1 forms for new clients, and completing the declaration (honestly) using my own name as agent, although I have deferred submitting a 64-8 pending the issu