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Can anyone clarify the correct way to deal with class 2 NIC when reducing payments on account.


If a director wants to take advantage of Personal Savings Allowance by charging the company interest, does it have to be commercially justified?




pop down to the Post Office and buy postage stamps 1st + 2nd class -  these are VAT Exempt


My client is a sole trader in the construction industry.

For several years, his workers have been treated as employees. I do the monthly payroll (as well as his SATR).


Is there any software that anyone can recommend calculating the different tax benefits of incorporation using multi-scenarios.


So, today Moneysoft keeps telling me that my RTI submissions are "outstanding".

I thought they were fairly normal, and nothing special at all.


Over the last few years I have looked at a few fee banks from retiring accountants and to me the deals don't stack up at 1:1 of GRF.


Most "one-man" Companies have a Director paid just under the NIC contributions rate, but I have a couple where the Company does pay some employer's NIC.


One of my clients sadly passed away on 21/05/13. He left behind 3 businesses. His widow is currently dealing with the estate.


Deceased Person’s accounts: