Self Assessment

I fielded a query from a client today.  His building company is buying stone, originally from Portugal, from an importer.


My clients is a limited company.  The sole shareholders and directors are husband and wife, the shareholdings being held 50/50


New company just commenced trading, no PAYE registration, 2 directors (non-spouses, non civil partners)

Director #1 was employed until May 2014, and has a P45.


How can I set direct debit for the clients where the clients sign the DD mandate and I can collect the monthly payments from them?


To simplify the situation:


I have a client who operates a workshop within a company limited by guarantee. They act as not for profit and never take any further funds out of the company, it's all invested back into the club.

I have a Client who subscribed for £70k share capital in a UK trading Company (unquoted) which was dissolved in September 2014.


Hi Roland, I have had a hard drive crash with all the data I have been working on.

It is now with a data recovery company who are getting the data from the dri


I have hopefully a simple question which I am wrestling with. Apologies if this is going over old ground for many of you.
A sole trader wishes to incorporate.


I had a Coding Notice issued to the employer on 06/02/14 but I ran a payroll on 07/02/14 before receiving the notice. There was no further pay in the tax year.