Self Assessment

If a taxpayer dies in, say, December, does the full year personal allowance for income tax still apply, or is it in any way apportioned to the date of death?


UK resident is in receipt of a US pension for which Federal tax was deducted at source, presumably under the Savings Clause.


HMRC informed that client is self employed but have not yet supplied UTR. I have completed accounts and client is due tax refund for the PAYE on her employent which ended in the year.


I am not a chartered accountant, and deal mainly with sole traders and partnerships.  I do have one limited company which proves to be an absolute pain each year.  The accounts ar


Can you please explain to me what a Tronk System of payroll used in restaurants and clubs is all about ?


Hi we are trying to register an EMI scheme with HMRC for the first time online. We have a holding company with a trading company sub.


What's the fine/ penalty in this case? Just 5% after 30 days?



I am a sole trader.  I made loss of  £1,932 in Year 2012/13  and have made loss of £14,687 in Year 2013/14.   I owe inland revenue £1,300 in tax from earlier


I have been approached by a potential client who has his own white van and has been offered a new "job".



I have been looking at the CGT nature of the Severn River Crossing 6% Index linked debentures that were redeemed in July 2013.