Self Assessment

The B&B rules are usually illustrated using a S104 holding from which a sale is made followed by a single purchase within 30 days.


Hi I'm renting out my old house as landlord and relocating to a new area where I will be renting as a tenant.


Hi all, I've been approached by a Rugby player concerning an image rights company separate to his playing contract.


Just picked up a client who's allowed his tax affairs to get a teensy bit behind - his last return was for 2008.


One of my clients, who has been in business for many years, recently remarried following a divorce some years ago.


I have been re reading all the CIS bumf in the HMRC CIS booklet point 2.11 it states


I have a client who has one employer

The majority of his work is carried out overseas and sufficient Foreign Taxes are paid to not result in a UK liability on this element of his income


Client is self employed consultant in the field of product design/development, setting up supply chain for manufacture and marketing.  Just doing the first year accounts and there are a couple of t