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2 directors own 50% each of a company but 1 wishes to sell their shareholding and the other director is interested in purchasing.


I have a married couple with just the wife having a buy to let property in her name.

The PPR is their main home which is solely in husbands name.


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Can someone please confirm the correct procedure for the following:

If you are a sole trader, you have a business and personal bank account.



A client had two companies, both jointly owned 50:50 with Mrs Client.

A Ltd was a (fairly) established business, B Ltd was new and speculative.


I would appreciate some help.  New client.  Partnership with 20 year lease on business premises.  Paid a premium at the beginning of the lease 11 years ago and ongoing rental.

My client owned a joint property with his wife when they were married and the cost was £Y.


Can a LLP become a partner in a partnership firm?

Are there any specific provisions allowing it or not allowing it to do so??


I have a client who jointly owned a number of properties with his wife and children (tenant in common). He is 72 and we decided to move the properties out of his name into the children's names.


Ltd Co Client contractor left UK in June 2013 to work in UAE.  He comes back every now and again for a few days.  He has a home in the UK and stays in a hotel in UAE.


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Just got an email from a new client in which he has stated: Why GoCardless? Why not Direct Debit?