Self Assessment

How do I decide which version of the CT600 is needed?  I have looked at the Corporation Tax Guide, but unless I have missed it, I cannot see under which circumstances the Short version is used as o


Have a husband and wife limited company. both directors and shareholders. Company loaned £20k to directors brother and agreed to charge 5% interest per year whilst loan outstanding.


We have a client whose company A (100% shareholder) has been locked in a dispute over VAT with HMRC. The most likely outcome is that HMRC will win the day and there will be a VAT liability to pay.


A client is to sell his home together with 12 acres of land. Obviously his home is exempt from CGT however am I correct in thinking that the 12 acres of land is subject to CGT?


For a sale of services where the supplier is a UK small company and the customer is a large company in another EU country, the customer's accountants have told us that they will pay the VAT in thei


My business partner died a while ago and my company hit a bit of a standstill for twelve months.


I am halfway through my ACCA quailification and I work full time in practice, however my workplace mentor qualified overseas and his qualification is not recognised here.



If someone transferred the previously let out property then will outstanding mortgage be deducted from the chargeable gains ?


Due to growing family needs we had to move from our two beds flat to a three bed house that we are renting but could only do that if get rental money from the flat - any less and we won't be a