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Self Assessment


I have a number of people asking me the same it beneficial to transfer rental properties which a personally owned to a limited company in order to save tax?


We were promised draft legislation last week, but the only bits that have appeared on the Revenue website relate to raiding bank accounts, DOTAS, transfers between Insurance companies and some capi


Many clients make payments to personal pensions from net dividend income.


If I have someone doing clerical work for me in exchange for receiving services I provide, are they liable for NI/ PAYE?  They are SA registered as they are a director of their husbands Ltd company


I have a sole trader client whose accounts for the year to 31st March 2015 show a profit of £190k.

I advised him to incorporate a year ago but he didn't.


What are the entries in the accounts for the release of an unpaid directors loan


My client has received an interest payment as part of his proceeds from a loan note disposal.  This, according to the big accountancy firm that worked out all of the numbers, is subject to a compen