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Self Assessment

I know it didnt cross George O's mind to even think of asking us before he made his announcement (thats coming later apparently) but does anyone have a view of the practicalities with regard to fut


I am getting myself confused. Client is of Spanish domicile and arrived in the UK to work September 2010.


We found a client should have registered for VAT and hasn't, limit breached in September so i applied for registration from 1 November.  Was waiting for an answer to one of the questions from the c


Here's the situation.

Company director of a wholly owned OMB located in the North of England won a 12 month contract based in London.





I am planning to start my own business later this year, not actively looking for any business for the time being, but one or two people have approached me anyway.  So I thought I would get myself r


Our client will be non-resident for 2015/16. He is liquidating his UK company and, as I understand it, given his non-resident status, will not be required to pay UK CGT.


Hi everyone

I have made mistake submitting the FPS on HMRC RTI PAYE tool.


Dear All,

Firstly, I must apologise for not being on for a while and hope to remedy that in the near future. All I can say is, I apologise for being busier this year than last!