Self Assessment


Me and my wife are running a limited company (A) which provides it services to our clients.

Now my wife wants to pursue baking by forming a limited company (B).


One of my admitted "weak spots" is the taxation position re Settlements.


Client not issued with P60 or P45 as he'd left but exercised stock (Box Ai1) 2 years after. Tax suffered but as it would have gone in box 2 Ai2 where should it go now, employment pages?


I've just completed a tax return for a taxpayer who started to receive a state pension in September 2013.  The return was pre-populated with his state pension at £124 - one week's pension instead o


I have a client who is planning to sell their holiday home in France, which does meet the FHL criteria.  My question is whether they will have to pay CGT in France, at 34.5%?


Our practice usually makes a small charge (£25+ vat) when asked to gather information together to pass on to a new accountant should a client decide to leave us.


A client is running a charity golf day in aid of a local charity and is unsure whether or not VAT is applicable on the entry fee?



I have a client who has a FHL and in 2013/14 it was let for more than 155 days to one company.


I have a client that is about to take out a mortgage for a buy to let and he has posed a question that I should know the answer to but it has got me thinking.  The cost of arranging the finance is



I'm just after a bit of opinion on this one if possible please.