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Self Assessment

Hi everyone,



I have recently taken over a client, and their affairs are a bit all over the place. Last year they did a PAYE scheme as usual up until April.


I have a client who has a large-ish portfolio of properties. The properties are owned jointly with her husband.


 In order to raise funds for a charity  a  car washing event was been arranged.

Car owners who have their car washed were invited to donate to the charity £441. was raised.


My client has a Ltd company and is the only employee. He is based in Edinburgh but works mainly for clients in the Glasgow area.

I understand the budget said that ER was only available for shares in trading companies, but I thought that was always the case?  What has changed exactly?

I want to check whether certain online payments were made so I can chase any clients who did not get payslips from HMRC (great new policy) but HMRC's site still shows data as at 29th January.


Our firm (small, two director practise) needs a part-time book keeper to do VAT returns via Sage/excel, payroll and Annual Returns - any members recommend a way of finding a one, i.e.


Xero has a beautiful web service for book keeping / accounting / payroll.

Is there a similar web service for simple ixbrl tagging - and if so why not?


I have recently formed  a few companies in January for some new start ups I have been working with.


My client is a self employed consultant in the aero-engineering industry. He works and lives in the UK but on a contract basis for a Spanish company with no presence in the UK.