Self Assessment


I have a client who had a gap between 2 rounds of self employment.

The gap was 4 years. One year no work and 3 years under PAYE and provable as such.

Should the chemicals and solutions bought & used by a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company in applying their cleaning be classed as a cost sale?


Hi.  Friday afternoon and I get this question!!!  Please help.



Are there too many adverts appearing on AWeb ?  Banners now appear at the top of every page, and slow down loading and force me to scroll down.

I don't like them.



I have a couple of clients - the type you take on when you're first starting in practice and feel pressured to take everything offered


Just signed up with a 46 year old who has never in his life done a tax return.  Has never worked and just living off from dividend incomes from an inherited £1.5m worth of shares from his grandmoth


A parent died in December 2012 leaving the house jointly to her three children.


Does anyone use KashFlow Payroll? I'm considering using it for my clients but would like to know if you have had any problems with it or whether you would recommend the package.


Our client left the UK in June 2010 to retire in Spain. He had been & continues to pay gross premiums to an old style Retirement Annuity Contract.


Just looking into the new VAT place of supply rules for downloads etc that comes into effect 1/1/15.  Can't find anywhere that explains which VAT threshold apply for EU countries.