Self Assessment

I have just completed a client's partnership accounts x 2 and have missed the 'paper' filing deadline. I need a software package to download to send the SA800 online before the 31st January '15.


I have a revived gain from a previous EIS deferral

Where and how is this information entered on SA tax return CGT pages?

Does anyone know if i can get a online state pension statement for a client?

what happens if i put my agent code and password in the e service??


Some accountants have expressed outrage at recently learning they cannot pay  some self assessment bills at a Post Office.




I am looking to purchase block of fees and looking for a reasonably priced accountancy solicitor.


Can anyone kindly give us the details please.


Hello There,


Client moved to Australia in the 60's and returned to the UK in April 2013 permanently.

She receives pension income from her Aus pension fund, which isn't taxable in Australia.


I have a new client who has over £3,000 tax to pay. Last year she received a refund. I have found out previous accountant put in provisional return with estimated self employed income.


Is it necessary to obtain HMR&C's prior approval before claiming "Negligible Value" claim against shareholder's (my client) income for subscriber shares in a company which is going to be struck