Is it possible to offset interest received against interest paid in this scenario?.  

A new client had a company car for a period of 10 months during which his business mileage increased (to 35K per annum), due to work changes.


I'm a sole trader and am planning to make a lump sum pension contribution into a personal pension before the end of the financial year.



I look after a number of small payrolls from one man companies to 12 staff and I have historically used Moneysoft Payroll which I have found to be very good.


I know that this been mentioned before but I still cannot get my head around it.


This year is going to be “interesting” politically, with a general election on 7 May 2015 which most commentators agree is 


I have a client who should have filed a 13-14 payroll return but hasn't (he declared the employment earnings on his personal tax return but didn't do any PAYE submissions)


A client of mine has engaged agents in the US to promote a possible cartoon idea to various US TV networks.