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The chancellor occasionally makes immediate legislation changes on budget day - eg. last year's stamp duty rise, giving everyone until midnight at the end of budget day to complete.


The cleverest part of the Dispatches programme, How the Rich Avoid Tax, on Monday night was its use of an actual


Hi all,

Need some help with a situation I have been placed in, due to a managerial error.


I have a client who owns a private flat, currently, as a second home and she receives rental income from it in her personal capacity.


I have a Ltd company who want to buy a retiring IFA client bank.

I am becoming anoyed by the number of new online Government systems that tax agents/ accountants have been shut out of, as they can't access the system on behalf of thier clients.


I know this is strictly a legal question but i think there are users here that can probably point me in the right direction. 


Can a sole director set up a childcare voucher scheme to take advantage of the tax/NIC saving on the vouchers to the nursery?


I would be grateful for thoughts regarding this situation.