My client is in his late 60's, and a member of a pension scheme. He has not however made any pension contributions in the past few years.

We received a letter today regarding a self assessment tax return inspection for one of our clients. The second one we've received this week!

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I have a Limited company client who is under tax inspection. We are more than half way through it and have paid the corporation tax that has been under declared.

If a person has owned a second property which has been let as a residential tenancy (never lived in by the owner), is there any roll over relief available on sale?


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I'd appreciate some comments on the following:-

I have a client who works as a contractor for one main employer (both happy IR35 does not apply). He works in the same building and commutes weekly and stays over Mondays to Thursdays.


A small company with £20,000 Share Capital held by one person and £20,000 overdrawn directors loan account (same person).