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Has anybody had an email from '' asking you to download file regarding unreported income(Fraud).


A village social club (unincorporated association) has recently ceased. It owned a residential property that was originally occupied by the steward bit has been let out in recent years.

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I have read BIM47080 with regards to training expenditure and would like to run it by you guys to check that I haven't missed anything.


Hi, can anyone tell me please what formula is used by HMRC to determine, from the opening and closing balance and maximum amount overdrawn, at what point they become interested in replacing the ave

I am due to start (a very short!) maternity leave soon (I am a sole practitioner) and although I should be in a position to submit a VAT return which has a submission date very near to my due date,


I have a company client who has been trading for many years and has significant unrelieved trading losses.


I would appreciate any help as I find HMRC penalties so confusing and I don't want to say the wrong thing to them.

If a company has a debt, say £100k,  that it will capitalise for shares, what are the tax differences (if any) if the issue is 100,000 new £1 shares or a single £1 share with prem


Mr A pays £10,000 for an EIS qualifying investment in 2014/5. His investment qualifies for  CGT deferral relief for 2012/3 .


If you submit a return for 14/15 that has a lower liability than the previous year, resulting in the payments on account being too high.