My client ceased trading on 31/03/14. (previous accounting periods in line with tax years, no overlap)


Taxpayer sells an asset - one of two scenarios:

"I'll give you £x. x is dependent on something happening, but x will be at least 10m" or



I was registered with NI as self employed on 3rd July 2014 started trading on 15th july 2014 .



Individuals A,B and C are partners in an LLP. Companies X, Y and Z are also partners, A owns 100% of X,  B owns Y,  owns Z.

I’ve never come across a client cashing in one before, but I now have a Non UK Dom client who is currently working outside the UK but will be returning (was here for 10 years previously) at some po

I have a client who runs a small limited company with his wife . He is the sole director.


A farming client acquired about 4 year ago land for use within the farming trading business.The vendor had opted to tax the land and the client reclaimed the VAT through there VAT return on the bas


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My client is about to become a shareholder and director in a tech start up company, I have concerns about a possible ERS issue and would be grateful for comments, the facts are as follows -

Two pharmacists who lied about exporting life-saving cancer and HIV medicines to Nigeria have been jailed for six and a half years for fraudulently claiming £300,000 in VAT repayments.