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I am looking for payroll software that has the feature to calculate the pension contribution (minimum rate) under 'salary exchange' deduction.  Any recommendations?  

George Osborne has given the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) more teeth with new penalties in the Autumn Statement 2015.

George Osborne boasted in his Autumn Statement that under his guidance, the UK will have “the most digitally advanced tax administration in the world”.


Approached by potential new client (person known to me for many years) wishing to form Newco however for commerical reasons one potential shareholder wishes to remain anonymous which until the Smal

I have a prospective client who is only resident in Portugal but would like to open a UK limited company.


I have a limited IT company where I contract out my time to businesses. I am also looking to setup a separate limited company for old and classic car restoration.


if client failed to disclose receipt of child benefit in 13/14 - how long do HMRC have to demand the repayment? 


Can any one help?