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Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a finance newb, so please bear with me!! 



Hello everyone

Could I please get some advice on what my legal (if any) obligations are for reporting the following:


Client owned a piece of plant, a work boat used on the canal. Original cost £5000 many years ago, tax wdv NIL, proceeds £10,000.


Husband died in 2010 and left his half share of the main home on discretionary trust.

Hi. Please can someone provide some information on Tax Award Schemes (TAS)? A client has provided its staff with non-cash vouchers during the last tax year as a reward/incentive.

Sorry but AWEB wouldn't allow me to copy info from another page to this one. My friend is now seeking help from a solicitor.

We are based in the UK and are selling promotional gift items to a customer in the USA. Our customer requires the goods to be delivered directly to their customer in Poland.


I’m once again considering having a go at the CTA exams and this is the first time I’ve looked at the syllabus since the merger with the institute of indirect taxation.   


Company sold land for say £5m, Assuming that transactions in land applies, the value pre-intention value was say £2m so my understanding of the basic mechanics of TIL is that the £2m remains charge


Good morning, here’s what happened while you were sleeping.

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