I keep seeing small company accounts whereby a claim has been made for home office expenses. Usually a nice round figure of 1000 per year.



I have a question about the tax treatment of an intercompany balance in Denmark.

Just to flag HMRC late payment charges [interest and 5% penalty] can be incorrect.

New client with one let property.  Unfurnished. First letting.  I wasn't around on purchase.


Help............I am trying to file an online return for a property management company ( buy to let).  Can anyone recommend what software to use that can be uploaded onto HMRCE website as the deadl


HMRC has launched five VAT taskforces in the Midlands as part of an initiative to bring in over £100m in the current tax year.

On 6 November AccountingWEB will host the

It's scary how quick a year flies, isn't it? It seems like just yesterday you were jetting off on your summer holidays, and now it's nearing the start of October.


A husband and wife are extracting salary from a company at 663 per month. The husband is a director and I know that payment date of a director can be the date it is credited to a dla.


A new estimate of the UK’s tax gap is “flawed and muddled”, according to HMRC.