2007 Christmas gadget countdown - the people's choice | AccountingWEB

2007 Christmas gadget countdown - the people's choice

Nintendo WiiThe Nintendo Wii games console (pictured left) has been crowned “Gadget of the Year” in this year's Christmas countdown.

Adding to the product’s cachet, the Nintendo Wii has been notoriously difficult to find in the shops in the run-up to Christmas.


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John Stokdyk's picture

Is the executive peripherals editor out of Touch?

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I notice that you're going for some pretty obvious choices early in the list, Nigel, but was shocked to see the iPods placed so low. So far, popular opinion is coming down pretty strongly in favour of the iPod Touch, particularly over on our sister site UK Business Forums. And from what I've heard about it, it is a very desirable piece of kit.

But it's up to The People to decide - so we'll see if they agree with you.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple of nominations I'd like to suggest - and to hear from other members whether they live up to the hype:
1. Ion USB turntable - I may be a technology nerd, but I also have an ageing collection of vinyl and historic cassettes. This baby can suck them all in and spit them out to your computer as MP3 files. (I won't mention the Doobie Brothers 8-track!).

2. Self-tuning Gibson Les Paul. Is this for real? The Observer Music Monthly says they've been working on it for 15 years and the "robot" guitar will automatically detect if notes are going out of tune and adjust itself. I'm curious, but frankly a little appalled. I thought one of the elements of being a musician was being able to hear notes and fit them into the sounds around you. Isn't a machine going to undermine this skill?

But I digress... I'm looking forward to seeing what you and the other AccountingWEB and Sift Media community members come up with - particularly devices that might prove helpful at work.

Happy gadget-hunting!

John Stokdyk
Technology editor


pdsegal | | Permalink

no comment needed!

Nintendo Wii

Anonymous | | Permalink

At the risk of being repetitive, the Nintendo Wii gets my vote. Its a fantastic console for adults and kids alike. We waited 6 weeks for one to become available earlier in the year but it was well worth the wait. But if you want a quiet Christmas don't buy one - the games on Wii Sports can get very competitive, with the adults being far worse than the kids. Happy Christmas everyone :-)


Anonymous | | Permalink


I haven't got mine yet but if these work as advertised, they will be a huge help to those of us that use wireless mice etc.

Even if they don't work, the idea is just fantastic, and they are 40 times cheaper (each) than an iPhone!


tim hervey | | Permalink

I understood that most stores were out of stock of the Wii because early buyers snapped them up to resell on ebay. Just look at the number of them available (being sold as new). Will HMRC cotton on and tax them as trading?

John Stokdyk's picture

AccountingWEB editorial conclave

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Some interesting nominations came from fellow AccountingWEB editors and contributors when we met on Tuesday. I encountered one colleague walking down Broad Street in Reading who exclaimed, "I've got a Wii, I've got a Wii!". Once we figured out that the comment related to consumer electronics, it was clear that Nintendo's elusive gaming platform had grabbed another nomination.

Another vote went to the TyTn II smartphone from HTC, a Windows Mobile device which offers telephone and web access, with support for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (limited to processing Office 2007 files, but good enough to read and edit). It was extremely instructive to have a look at AccountingWEB on a mobile device and looked to do most things you would need in a professional context.

The Eee PC from Asus got Simon Hurst's vote. This is the £180, 7-inch system that comes with built-in WiFi, Linux and OpenOffice installed. It's not glamorous, but looks like a more practical, workday alternative to Apple's iTouch. Simon also put in a word for BT Broadband sharing. Useful though this system may be for getting WiFi access to the Net without paying extortionate rates, does it really count as a gadget?

Keep your nominations coming in - we're getting closer to Nigel's top choices.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

Nintendo Wii

scasey.menzies.co.uk | | Permalink

Finally managed to get hold of one of these last week and it was well worth the wait.
Used it in the office today at a lunch we hosted for some local bank managers and it certainly added a different dimension to the usual networking gathering.
If the stock had only been available I could have sold several more on Nintendo's behalf following some fiercely contested events.
My only worry is I can see many more late nights on the horizon

My Vote - htc

ayjay3 | | Permalink

The iPhone is Apple's marketing hype, just like their various incarnations of iPods. In practice they are c**p - I've tried and got rid of before it was too late. Fashion comes at a price, so go for a bog-standard mp3 player like iRiver or one of the others that are highly rated.

But my vote is also the htc TyTan II - I've just replace its previous incarnation and it is a wonderful piece of equipment - Office, ebook reader, mp3 player, and SatNav all in one with a bit of extras - oh not forgetting messaging, e-mails, calender and contacts!

Just a quickie, sorry...

Anonymous | | Permalink

Stuart -
What Wii games do you recommend for the office?


scasey.menzies.co.uk | | Permalink

Still a mere novice at the moment and my knowledge of games is restricted to the "wii sports" disc that comes with most consoles. We used the bowling and golf games in the office but thought the boxing might be just a bit risky!

Ah, I guessed as much!

Anonymous | | Permalink

I am looking forward to the snowboarding!

John Stokdyk's picture

DVD camcorder - Objection from UKBF

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

The number 7 entry - DVD camcorders - got short shrift from "Objected", one of the members of UK Business Forums. Having lobbied for their inclusion in the countdown, I feel it is only fair to quote the post in full:

"The DVD camcorder? Not with a bargepole. I had a DVD recorder for less than a year - miserable pice of stop-gap equipment that was. Hard drive version maybe - solid state will be soon enough (allready here but I mean with reasonable capacity)."

I stand chastened and corrected - and several hundred pounds better off for this year. Maybe solid state camcorders will be worth a punt in next year's countdown.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

Wii games

Anonymous | | Permalink

G1 Jockey would be a good game to use in the office if it wasn’t so difficult to master!

Imagine the CEO of a company along with the office Senior partner leaping around trying to guide a horse around in a race?!

You use the nunchuck as the reins and the wii mote as the whip and have to bob along with the motion of the horse. As the final furlongs come around it can get very frantic