Analysis: Technology powers HMRC's efficiency drive. By John Stokdyk | AccountingWEB

Analysis: Technology powers HMRC's efficiency drive. By John Stokdyk

Efficiency improvements and better IT systems have helped to increase the tax take and bond HM Revenue & Customs into a unified organisation, the department claimed in its 2007 departmental report.

Laid before parliament on 17 May, the 84-page report says total receipts for the year were £423 billion, a £25 billion increase in receipts on the previous year.


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KenKLM's picture

IT efficiencies ?

KenKLM | | Permalink

Fair to say I can see an improvement in SA ; CT is pretty good but the fact remains that Revenue IT is amongst the worst I have experienced . If they were a bank they would have had to close by now . CIS online remains none existent for us as an agent . Why on earth can they not admit problems instead of pretending everything is rosey ?

and I quote

RICHARDBIBBY | | Permalink

The bigger the lie the more people who will believe it.

A Hitler

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If they call this progress....

memyself-eye | | Permalink

then my house now has only three bedrooms!
The point about paper garbage is well made. I don't automatically become an agent for some clients (the ones I know won't be around in a year) to avoid all the guff HMRC send out.

Oh Yes?

nickmiles | | Permalink

They might have made an additional £25 billion in tax receipts but if my practice is anything to go by I would guess they have spent about £30 billion extra in postage costs for unmitigated garbage that their £12.2 billion IT system automatically sends out. GIGO works with inverted economies of scale I would estimate.