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CHARTERPELAGO !!! by Simon Sweetman

Simon Sweetman has been looking at HMRC's work to engage young people - who are the taxpayers of the future - in the design of the new HMRC Charter. He is not impressed. Perhaps members have alternative ideas on how to go about this?

Young people are being encouraged to get involved with the creation of HMRC’s new Charter, with a special internet site launched yesterday. You can find it here.


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Word association

mikewhit | | Permalink

I must say the first thing that came into my head when I saw Simon's article title was Gulag Archipelago - I imagined that there must be some more extreme form of punishment awaiting errant taxpayers ...

I believe the correct "young people" response would be: WTF?

What waste of money

rc.falconer | | Permalink

Surely HM Government should be tightening its belt and stop throwing away money.


Anonymous | | Permalink

Prhps da nu chrtr wll B in txtspk.

If so bllx 2it

bookmarklee's picture

It really is quite bizarre

bookmarklee | | Permalink

or naive
or stupid
or ill judged
or box ticking

I shared my views about this in an uncharacteristic 'angry old man' post on my Tax Buzz blog last week

Mark Lee
Tax Advice Network