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Darling to launch tax evasion clampdown in Budget

The chancellor is expected to announce plans that will close the net on those evading tax in some of the least co-operative tax havens.

The Budget machine is firmly in motion this week with predictions emerging left, right and centre, but one of the most recurring forecasts is that Alistair Darling will launch a series of measures designed to clamp down tax evasion.


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johnjenkins's picture

Hang on

johnjenkins | | Permalink

we go from Tax evasion to tax avoidance. There is a difference you know.

Please tell me how we go from off-shore tax evasion (illegal) to Andrew Hubbard's tax avoidance income shifting(legal as proved by the House of Lords).

Ah yes, if people see the two together they might think that they are one and the same.

Two cheap and easy ways to reduce tax evasion...

Trevor Scott | | Permalink

reduce the number of MP's and force those remaining to declare all their financial activities to an independent body.