Deadlock with HMRC: Power to the practitioner | AccountingWEB

Deadlock with HMRC: Power to the practitioner

Dawn Marie DartBy Dawn-Marie Dart

This week members of AccountingWEB's community rallied around to help sole practitioner Karen Smith, who had been battling with HMRC since April.


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Any Answers??

Anonymous | | Permalink

If you go to the Any Answers section and enter a keyword in the search (such TMA S7) then you will get a list of previous "Any Answer" queries.

summary of case would help | | Permalink

we know the revenue are less than perfect and the problems to clients you mention, but what about telling us the basics of the intial problem.
no mention at all given of what Karen's problem was.

Easy Solution | | Permalink

Why on earth would you need to worry about something like this. Write to the person at IR concerned saying they are going to be made to look a laughing stock for such a ridiculous thing to say.
No need for Karen to seek extra backing just a great chance to show how silly this person has been and perhaps their bosses will give a yellow card to them for their ludicrous power trip.